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Unleash Your Intellectual Potential: Why Sun-Jupiters should consider going Solo

May 20, 2023 Insights Career
Unleash Your Intellectual Potential: Why Sun-Jupiters should consider going Solo

Are you wondering if your research and expertise is having enough impact?

Within the Psychological Astrology Matrix, you may identify with the Sun-Jupiter profile, also known as “The Teacher.”

This profile has a love of research and developing a subject area expertise. However, as part of the great resignation happening right now, many Sun-Jupiters are wondering if by leaving their more traditional roles, they could have a greater impact with their expertise.

A significant part of The Teacher’s life purpose is sharing your discoveries and knowledge with the world. They want the fruits of their expert studies to go further than their own notebook.


Classic Teacher Profile: Winston Churchill

Churchill started out as a soldier.

Following a formal path into a specific vocation is typical for Sun-Jupiters. They most commonly establish themselves within conventional institutions that allow them to work and contribute with their subject expertise.

While you may find Sun-Jupiters working in positions that emphasize expert knowledge – becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer or something along those lines – I am cautious to associate them with specific positions. Rather, they inevitably arrive somewhere they can be experts. As for the type of institutions they might end up in, they’re usually in a conventional institution or organization such as a law firm or hospital. For them, this just feels easier than setting up on their own.

However, most Sun-Jupiters quickly excel in one area, to the point of becoming known for their superior intelligence and expertise. 

Churchill stood out among his peers as more than just a typical soldier. He became known for his high level of intelligence and extraordinary ability to analyze battlefields along with large-scale wartime strategies. 

For Sun-Jupiters, when they excel, this is when they start to feel restricted within their role. The boundaries attached to conventional institutions feel limiting to their ability to learn and expand their knowledge.

Being highly engaged in expert topics, The Sun-Jupiter profile (The Teacher) is as much a great student as anything. They love learning – and then sharing what they learn, but on their own terms and in their own style.

In fact, sharing knowledge is the utmost expression for this profile. Unfortunately, institutions are riddled with rules and procedures.

When Sun-Jupiters find themselves in roles within institutions, they are also usually answering to a hierarchy. Yet,  Sun-Jupiters desire the freedom to take up intellectual projects of personal interest without anyone dictating to them what they can and cannot spend their time studying – and sharing.  Equally, these institutions limit their opportunities for learning as their exposure to outside ideas is also limited. 

Overall, many of the rules – controlled by the organization and their superiors – are not always rules that make sense to them. This can lead Sun-Jupiters to feel at odds with the organization. 

Given his aversion to standard rules, it is quite surprising how long Churchill managed to stay in the military. There are few institutions more rigid than the military. Before becoming a politician, Churchill had to respect clear boundaries for where and with whom he could share his expansive military knowledge.

Beyond the bounds of the military, Churchill found the freedom he desired to set his own rules. As history now writes it, he was ultimately someone who marched to his own rules.

Outside of a fixed institutional role, Churchill was finally able to thrive. It took creating a new flexible role for himself as a politician and author for Churchill to feel fully expressed. When he was able to write many books and, as an author, his expertise was also able to extend its reach globally and these texts have become timeless resources.  

Like Churchill, Sun-Jupiters usually do want to share their discoveries with people. Yet, in most roles, they cannot actually share their knowledge with the world. 

As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Churchill also became remembered for raising to a higher level the political standards of the time. 

When a Sun-Jupiter doesn’t align with the values or overall ethics in the organization, it can be very hard for them to stay there.

Overall, it was when he broke out on his own as a politician that Churchill made his greatest contributions to society and really fulfilled his purpose.

As in the case of Churchill, when Sun-Jupiters set out on their own, it can provide them with a greater sense of purpose. It can also be their opportunity to set rules themselves and establish their own standards.

If you are having a bit of an “aha” moment reading about Churchill and this profile, it may be worth looking outside your current situation too. You could surprise yourself at the number of sustainable opportunities to share your expertise, set your own rules and maintain your own standards.  

I have seen doctors decide to set up their own practice, deciding a medical specialization that makes more sense to them personally. They might also apply for their own research funding to be applied into knowledge or treatments where they feel they can contribute expertise.

Lawyers, engineers and accountants are able to do something similar. They can start their own firms and set up processes and research in the way that personally speaks to them. 

Someone deciding to freelance can find ways to contribute their knowledge through writing a book or creating content on the internet, on Youtube and any number of other places.

In terms of knowledge and intellectual contribution, it is clear that Sun-Jupiters do have a lot to offer society – especially outside the confines of sometimes limiting institutional roles.

Setting up on their own, Sun-Jupiters ultimately enjoy a personal freedom unavailable in more standard roles. In the end, as it did for Churchill, that change can contribute to a very positive outcome and increase their impact.

Even if you identify with this profile, there are other expressions you may exhibit. Each person typically connects to between 9 to 19 of these profiles, to varying degrees. Discover your unique PA profiles to discover how you can unleash your potential and make the biggest impact in this lifetime.

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