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How Individualists Can Best Thrive In Their Career

May 4, 2023 Insights Career
How Individualists Can Best Thrive In Their Career

“Why is everyone else so set on sticking with the status quo…?” 

If you find yourself having a natural ability to see outside of the box, you might have the Sun-Uranus profile.

Also known as The Individualist in my Psychological Astrology Matrix, these individuals often have a boldness that sets them apart. They have the courage to break out of traditional ways of thinking to ask really bold questions. In fact, this profile type often expresses itself through a rather strong personality as well.    

Even before the current great resignation, those with a Sun-Uranus profile have often felt compelled to pursue less traditional roles. Ultimately, they look for somewhere they can fully express their individualism.

So, if you identify as this profile, does your employment status affect your self-expression?

Surprisingly, many individuals with this profile find themselves in more conventional settings. While self-employment or entrepreneurship might appear the most obvious choice, they usually follow the education system and first land in a typical company. However, it’s also quite common to see them go through a career trajectory as they grow to better express themselves. 

To see how this could play out, let’s look at a classic Individualist.

Classic Individualist: Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen has become known as an award-winning actor, director and producer.

It is almost hard to imagine him in standard roles but before his breakout years, Cohen spent many years working in fairly cookie-cutter roles. In that regard, he fit in the box with most aspiring entertainers, taking any role to get his career started.

In his earliest years, rather than standing out, he was actually more of a chameleon. He blended into any role he could get, working as everything from a fashion model to a tv host and weatherman.   

However, like most Individualists, Cohen started to realize he was a bit of a misfit.

Sometimes Individualists even feel completely uncomfortable in their environment.

While other people would ignore their discomfort, Individualists do not hold back their thoughts. They start to speak up when something doesn’t quite make sense, or when they do not feel aligned. Sometimes in these traditional environments, they can gain a reputation for being uncooperative or difficult.

In Cohen’s case, his comedy allowed him an outlet to more easily speak out. Before going on his own, Cohen’s comedic skills began to seep into the more traditional roles he played. Increasingly, he began making appearances in comedy sketches. Increasingly, they began to overlap as being more like social commentaries than just comedies. This is when other producers really picked up on his talents and started offering him more opportunities.

Where the Sun-Uranus really begins to shine is when they start looking at the world around them and at ways they can offer something different. They are able to spot scenarios where something is missing or falling through the cracks – and they are able to stand up with the courage to offer it. In that regard, they have a lot to offer the world.

They’ll ask, “can I offer something that the world doesn’t have yet?” 

Something magical happens when this profile starts to notice the many situations where they can fill a gap with their unique offer.

Cohen’s most famous productions involve him playing the Borat character, a comedic character who also offers a critical look at society. This work filled a gap in the entertainment industry when he began offering comedic social commentary through film.

Rather than merely entertaining, Cohen’s films really got people to think about much deeper topics. Given his rebellious nature, he is not shy about touching many hefty subjects such as racism, politics and more. While now being highly acclaimed, this work would never have been greenlit within a conventional film studio.

As Cohen did with his Borat films, Individualists come up with some wonderfully eccentric, and highly unconventional, offers.

They’ll say, “there’s what everybody else is doing, but here’s what I offer.”

As an Individualist, working on projects of your own creation, you will quite likely feel your most purposeful and find your greatest pride.

Eventually, Cohen chose to branch out and create work that went entirely against the grain in the film industry. The breadth of his work now clearly centers around criticizing society and even governments.
All of this has worked out quite well for Cohen, whose voice in his industry has become welcomed and awarded as providing a much-needed alternative view. Through breaking out the box, he became much more than just an actor, as he is now a well-respected actor, director, producer and activist.

The bottom line is that someone with the Sun-Uranus profile is a free spirit. Even when they start out in more conventional environments, they do crave the space to do things their way. They sense that they could do more when not stuck in a box.  

Ultimately, a significant part of The Individualist’s life purpose is offering a new perspective. When they find where they can offer it, that is where they are usually able to make a much bigger contribution to society. 

If you have this profile, you might be wondering how you could apply this to your own career and industry?

The fact is that many industries around the world have gaps that require someone with the courage of an Individualist to step up, ask bold questions and create new offers. With an open mind, the opportunities are essentially boundless.  

The next step may also be to look into what other profiles describe you. Even if you have this specific profile, you will find that other profiles also apply. Each person triggers between 9 – 19 profiles within the 25 profiles in the Psychological Astrology Matrix. It’s your unique combination that really defines what you offer the world.

If you’d like to find out more about how astrology can help you in your journey to find out what you have to contribute to the world, join us at one of our upcoming session here.


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