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Pluto Enters Aquarius: How This Transit Impacts The World & You

March 25, 2023 Insights Career
Pluto Enters Aquarius: How This Transit Impacts The World & You

In my last prediction webinar, I made a huge deal about Pluto entering Aquarius. This is important now because this shift occurred few days ago on 24 Mar 2023.

Pluto represents transformation, but also fear, crisis and intimidation.

The last 2 times we saw Pluto changed sign, we got years of terrorist threats beginning with Osama bin Laden (1996), and years of financial fall out from the Lehman Brothers and USA sub-prime mortgage collapse (2008).

Events That May Unfold in 2023 -2024

In Aquarius, we should expect that instead of religious wars (1996, Sagittarius) or financial collapse (2008, Capricorn), we may see these events unfolding from 2023 and maybe stretching to next year:

Fanaticism, revolutions & rebellions from people on the ground

Failures in tech — either in the tech industry or a failure of a tech or online system that everyone has grown too reliant on

Massive emergence of climate threats that are far bigger than before

Complete perspectives and mindsets shift — decisions are data / logic driven, instead of material profit or big organisations driven (including banks)

“These changes are not specific to any particular country, but its impact affect the whole world, just like the terrorist threats and the Lehman Brothers collapse.

With these events possibly unfolding in the near future, it’s important to know how it may impact you and how you can be prepared ahead.”

May Sim, Astrologer

4 Tips To Help You Navigate Through Uncertain Times

With these events possibly unfolding in the near future, here are 4 TIPS on how you can crisis proof and navigate through uncertain times:

1. Speak Up & Convey Your Beliefs

Now is the time for people to speak up and really convey your beliefs. Extremists are expected to be very loud now, as they are, but it’s time for even the moderate people who believe in peace, acceptance and collaboration to speak up instead of remaining as the silent majority.

2. Collaborate, Address & Adapt To Climate Change

Start taking the threats to agriculture, water quality and availability, as well as threats to city infrastructure very seriously. Start working together to find practical solutions to help everyone adapt to the new reality. Reversing climate change is too late now and very futile.

3. Back To Fundamentals: DO NOT Be Over Reliant On Tech

Be aware of how reliant your life is on specific tech platforms, and go back to fundamentals. Be clear what the important touch points are and never lose the ability to function without tech, so you don’t panic if tech fails on you.

4. DO NOT Be Over Reliant On Banks Or Financial Institutions

Don’t assume that the world will always support banks and financial institutions e.g. bailouts. Pluto is no longer in Capricorn, but moved to Aquarius. If some institutions will be ‘allowed to fail’, it will happen from here onwards.

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