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Build High Performing Teams: Providing effective feedback using Astrology Profiling

March 23, 2023 Insights Career
Build High Performing Teams: Providing effective feedback using Astrology Profiling

“Have I done it correctly? Is it good enough?”

When you’re leading a team, it’s often up to you to provide them feedback.

People want to feel their efforts at work are appreciated and contributing to a positive outcome.

However, in many work environments, feedback is limited to annual employee reviews.  While these types of reviews may have their benefits for the company, what if your coworkers or team members thrive on different styles of feedback communication?

Not everyone responds to the same type of feedback.

Depending on the person, the same feedback styles may not be as effective as for someone else on the team. Therefore, it can be useful to learn how to communicate feedback in a way that each individual feels their work is appreciated…and that it has been successful.

Fortunately, using Psychological Astrology, you’re able to better understand what motivates each person at work and the types of feedback communication they would appreciate.

The Achiever (Sun-Saturn) 

You will never have to worry if an Achiever on your team is getting their work done.

If anyone is worrying though, it is them. “Have I done it correctly? Is it good enough?”

They are super hard working individuals and want to get the job done…and done well. Therefore, despite their hard work, they worry that their work has been done correctly and that their superiors or coworkers are satisfied with it.

Someone with a Sun-Saturn profile will continue thinking about their work even after it is completed and handed over to someone else.

In the past, reports and other projects were passed on in person and it was common to get immediate approval or praise on the spot when handing something over. In a digital age, work isn’t passed along in person anymore. Instead, completed work is submitted by email or uploaded onto a system. There is no immediate feedback and approval. This leaves individuals with Sun-Saturn astro profiles wondering, “did I get it right?”

In the current world of digitized communication and processes, people have to wait for that confirmation of approval. That waiting can build up anxiety and create a lot of stress for these individuals.

If you’re managing someone with a Sun-Saturn profile, how can you provide them with the instant feedback and assurance this astro profile requires?

The solution is to let them know your response to their work as soon as possible. Simply tell them if it was well done or not. Having any simple notification systems and procedures in place can help.

Even if it looks like a project needs improvement, let them know right away. Whatever the response, they simply need to receive one. Even if you have to tell them areas for improvement, they’ll usually receive this information graciously and get to work on the improvements. Individuals with this profile have a strong work ethic and don’t mind working any time of day to make sure the project is done right.

The bottom line is that someone with a Sun-Saturn profile is very attached to signals that the authority figure approves of their output. 

The Curator (Venus-Saturn) 

Individuals with this astro profile really like seeing the tangible results of the work.

They appreciate knowing that their work has been produced into something.

They like pressing print and seeing their work take physical form. This is the type of person who is very used to having stacks of paper and piles of folders or files on their desk.

In the past, working with physical documents was the norm and this was very fulfilling for anyone who has a Venus-Saturn profile. They could finish their report, press print and see it in front of them on their desk. This also allowed them to review the physical copy of what they created before passing it along to someone else and actually seeing them receive it. 

However, as we move into this digital era, it has been a major mental adjustment for these individuals. Everything that once would have had a physical form is stored virtually on computers and in the cloud. Instead of printing things for review, work is being reviewed directly on the screen. So much of today’s work remains digital and never sees a physical form.

The mass digitization of work is not something that is going to be changing anytime soon…

So, how do you provide someone who has this astro profile with the sense that their work has been produced into something?

The solution is to remind them of the value of the digital work they create. Also, it’s worth reminding them of the ways in which their work looks digitally and how it positively contributes to the company and its projects.

Even though their work may not be printed out, it helps to allow them to see their work. 

Something I’ve seen work well for anyone with the Venus-Saturn profile is having a user-interface in the workplace where employees can log on and see their work submissions on the screen. They can see that their work has been submitted and that they have completed several items on a list.

“I’ve completed this and this and this…”

Having a progress bar can also be very useful, psychologically, for these individuals. That way, they can see how much they’ve accomplished and how it has contributed to the overall project. I’ve seen this work quite well.

The main point is that those with a Venus-Saturn astro profile thrive on visual and tangible results.


At the end of the day, to feel satisfied at work, many individuals still require tangible feedback and assurances of their positive contribution. If leading a team or on a team, finding effective ways to provide direct or tangible feedback to others on your team can be very useful for helping everyone feel fulfilled in the work that they are completing.  

In fact, learning different feedback styles can also create a more harmonious and fulfilling work environment for the entire team.

In the current work environment, so much work gets completed and submitted in isolation. Even when working in offices, the bulk of the work is digitized and never passes through anyone’s hands.

Creating feedback loops in this environment simply requires looking beyond traditional feedback methods. Utilizing Psychological Astrology as a tool will also help identify more ways you can work together to highlight each team member’s strengths and working style.

Want to go deeper into astrology profiling?

If you are interested in using Astrology for profiling human behaviour and produce a breakthrough in your team dynamics, click here to join us in our upcoming session!

A profile has many layers and diving deep into each nuance helps you understand how they show up in the context of your life and career.

The course is the perfect place to learn more about your own unique mix of PA profiles. Identifying how it impacts your life negatively, while also recognising your strengths, enables you to actually tap into it as a professional asset.

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