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A Western Astrology Take On Elemental Strengths Of Today’s Billionaires And You

September 4, 2023 Insights Career
A Western Astrology Take On Elemental Strengths Of Today’s Billionaires And You

Astrology is a fascinating lens through which we can understand personalities and tendencies. While many people in countries like South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines turn to the Chinese zodiac, with its animals like dragons and dogs, to determine their life’s fortune, Western astrology has its distinct approach.

Earth Element and Money: Not Always Hand in Hand

For those familiar with Western astrology, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the earth element. Intricately tied to money and material, many believe having a strong earth presence in your chart could denote financial success. Take the example of Bill Gates. Surprisingly, the number two richest man in the world has no earth in his chart. Lee Kashing, one of Asia’s wealthiest, boasts just one Earth planet. For those with low earth attributes, don’t lose hope. As seen with Gates and Kashing, other elements in your chart can play a crucial role in defining your success.

The Shift from Earth to Air

Air, representing concepts, ideas, and communication, contrasts the solidness of the earth. While one might expect tech CEOs to have a high air influence, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma, both monumental figures in the tech world, have no air in their charts. On the flip side, Michael Bloomberg, with his media empire, and Elon Musk, known for his revolutionary ideas, exemplify the air element’s attributes.

Fire: The Element of Action

Many associate the fire element with success due to its attributes of competition and action. But does having low fire mean a lack of success? Not necessarily. Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, and Warren Buffet each have only one fire planet in their charts. Their success, influenced by other elements and factors, defies this assumption. Looking at the Chinese zodiac, those born under the dragon sign, a symbol of luck and good fortune, might find parallels in Western astrology’s fire element. Dragons, with their fiery energy and intense personalities, have often been seen as leaders and pioneers, much like many billionaires.

Water: Sensing the Pulse of the Public

Many assume that high-water individuals, with their introverted tendencies, may not be as successful. Yet, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, and Jack Ma each have a significant water presence in their charts. Their businesses, whether it’s Facebook, investment strategies, or Alibaba, rely on understanding public emotions and psychology, perfectly aligning with water’s characteristics.

Cultural Perspectives and Elemental Influences

It’s intriguing how different cultures perceive the world through unique astrological perspectives. In Chinese culture, the concept of balance, represented by yin and yang, is a foundational principle. It’s not just about what element or signs you are but how these energies interact, create balance, and sometimes lead to trouble or happiness.

For instance, the Chinese zodiac has the metal element, which doesn’t find a direct equivalent in Western astrology. Metal, in Chinese belief, is associated with attributes like rigidity, persistence, and determination. This brings to mind successful personalities who’ve shown resilience in their journey, much like metals that withstand pressure.

Colours and Emotions in Astrology

Colours like blue and green are often associated with calmness, serenity, and growth, respectively. It’s similar to the water and earth elements in Western astrology, suggesting a deep-seated connection between colour and element-based personalities. For example, individuals influenced by the water element might find solace in blue, seeking peace and emotional depth in their lives.

Jade, often associated with good fortune in Chinese culture, further intertwines the concept of luck with one’s astrological signs. Those with a strong earth element might be drawn to jade, not just for its green hue but also for the grounding energy it provides.

The Role of Relationships and Success

In the business world, building solid relationships is crucial. Some believe that people with a strong water element in their chart are particularly adept at fostering these bonds, tapping into their innate understanding of human emotions. Zuckerberg, Buffet, and Ma have leveraged this to sense market needs and customer sentiments, ensuring their businesses thrive.


From earth to water, the elements in Western astrology offer unique insights into personal tendencies and potential life paths. Whether you’re looking at the elements in your chart or examining the Chinese zodiac and the luck associated with dragons, one thing is clear: Success isn’t determined by any single factor. Understanding your unique elemental makeup can guide you in leveraging your strengths and navigating challenges, regardless of your cultural or astrological background.

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