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Top 5 Most Popular Consultations

January 6, 2015 Insights
Top 5 Most Popular Consultations

Here’s what our clients wanted most from Astrologer May Sim in 2014

1. Birth / Natal Chart Consultations

The classic mainstay. Most first-timers begin with the Birth Chart Consultation for a glimpse of where astrology can take you. If you’ve never had your chart read before, you will be amazed what planetary placements can reveal about strengths and weaknesses and how they manifest in your life. Most people know your Sun Sign, ‘I’m a Gemini!’ or ‘I’m a Sagittarius!’ but that’s only just the SUN.

A western astrology chart is cast for the exact time of birth (to the minute) and the map coordinates of your birth city, hence every chart is unique, and definitely totally different from the charts of the other people who happen to be born within the same 30-day period as you, even if you BOTH are Geminis.

2. Relationship Consultation

What’s unique about May’s relationship readings is that both parties are required to be present. If you’re coming alone, no worries, the Natal Chart Consultation will suffice – it already reveals much of what your romantic and social life is like on its own.

For couples, May reads both persons individually, then put your charts together to look at inter-relations between you two. The Relationship Consultation also includes the Composite Chart, which is the chart of your relationship.

3. Yearly Overview / Solar Return

Repeat clients don’t need the whole shebang. Typically you already know what you want to do, and you seek confirmation or perhaps a second opinion. The Solar Return features the focus for the next 12 months, and as part of the review May also pulls up the transits and progressions affecting you for the next 2 years.

4. Astro*Cartography

You big globetrotters, you. Singapore is truly unique in that its inhabitants are residents of the world – many of us have spent significant time overseas, or we actually are from a different country and we want to explore moving on from Singapore.

The Astr0*Cartography technique reveals which parts of the world are most advantageous for what you want to achieve. Want to pursue a fashion career? –  Go to Chicago if your Venus culminates there. Want to have a safe home? – Don’t move to Sao Paolo as your Pluto rises there.

5. Date Selection / Electional

Just as birth times determine so much of our makeup and our lives, we want to give good ‘birth times’ to the important events in our lives – your marriage, your new home, the launch of your company and/or your new product. May selects a date and time appropriate for your chosen activity, then cross-checks it with your natal chart to adjust for the best factors to help you achieve your desired outcome.

No electional can guarantee an outcome – after all success is based on individual effort, BUT having the right factors go your way will help you get there quicker and easier.


Piqued Your Interest? Try out a chart consultation here.


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