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Do you have big plans but keep procrastinating?

December 29, 2022 Tips Insights Career Lifestyle
Do you have big plans but keep procrastinating?

Many years ago, I watched a French film about a man who told everyone that he was about to embark on a really grand world tour. He had planned it as the most inspiring tour ever.

He did all the research, bought all the travel gear, planned the long route and knew exactly where all the planes connected to each other.

Everyone around him became excited for him, but they also kept asking, “When are you leaving?”

His responses changed each time. 

“Oh, I have a new job…so I can’t leave yet.” 
“I have to take care of my sick mother first.”
“I have a new girlfriend and it’s not the right time to leave.” 

There was always one excuse or another to not get started on his journey.

By the end of the film, he died without having ever left France.

That’s a sad ending to the film. But it reflects something very true in real life.

It’s actually very common for people to have big dreams but then never do anything about them.

Some of you might be thinking: “Wait a minute. You’re exaggerating. That was just a film. Procrastinating like that is not so widespread…”

Are you sure? If you’re really honest and take a look around, you’ll start to see a pattern.

You might recognize this from more common examples.

  1. Someone says they’re going to start a charity that benefits a specific group of people. They’re going to raise millions of dollars so that those people do not have to suffer anymore.
  2. But then, they’ve actually been saying that for years and you’ve noticed that they have not actually taken any action to start the charity yet.
  3. Maybe a friend dreamt up a certain major career change, saying they were planning to go back to school to retrain but haven’t registered or done anything about it at all yet
  4. Or maybe you’ve even had some big plan for yourself that has been bouncing around in your head for years…and you have yet to get started on putting the plan in action.

No matter what the big “dream plan” itself is, there’s a clear pattern. These “dreams” are exciting and even sometimes fully planned in someone’s mind…

But over here in “real life”? Not so much.

In real life, the person keeps procrastinating…and, too often, the plans never happen at all.

So, why all of this procrastinating?

In Psychological Astrology, there is a profile called the Mars-Neptune or “The Idealist.”

Individuals with this profile are usually inspired by very inspirational goals, and also often dream about very compassionate projects.

However, they tend to have problems with procrastination and difficulties getting their projects off the ground.

As their name suggests, Idealists love focusing on grand “ideals.” They think about the bigger picture and often skip thinking about their dream’s finer details entirely.

When they visualize their big dream, they focus purely on the end result. They think about the millions of children who are being fed in Africa because of the charity that they founded.

However, they don’t think about the fundraising, the marketing or any of the logistics involved. In the event of the charity in Africa, they don’t think about the details in between now and when the dream is brought to life.

Who’s going to deliver the food? 

Where’s the food going to come from? 

Who is going to fund it all? 

Instead of thinking about these to start the dream, the Idealist feels more comfortable with the dream simply living in their imagination as an unrealized possibility.

Thinking about the real world details of their dreams, and the work required, often kills the spirit of the idea for these individuals.

Even when they do think through the details, like the man in the French film, they are less interested in doing the actual work to get them to that end resultand that’s where the dream dies off.

If you have this particular profile, some of this talk of procrastination might especially resonate with you.

If you’re a coach or a mentor, some of what I’ve mentioned might also explain the idealistic dreams and behaviours of a client you are coaching or mentoring.

They may have a big plan but have been delaying, or are very successful at getting started on it. As a coach or a mentor, you might be able to apply what you learn in Psychological Astrology as a way to diagnose the key issues behind their inability to take action.

Psychological Astrology works as a great diagnostic tool, helping to highlight some of the key obstacles that stand in the way of certain individuals when they are attempting to make their dreams become true.

Once a person is able to pinpoint the root causes that prevent their dreams from happening, then it is easy to identify what are the tangible, actionable steps that can be taken to progress towards that dream and make it an actual reality

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