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It’s Okay If You Don’t Really Want That Promotion

December 22, 2022 Tips Insights Career Lifestyle
It’s Okay If You Don’t Really Want That Promotion

What if you don’t actually want a promotion?

This is something that doesn’t get talked about very often…

But… What if you’re truly not celebrating your latest promotion?

Traditionally, getting a promotion has been understood as something to which you should aspire. When you achieve one, people congratulate you. There’s a sort of prestige that comes along with them.

Yet, in my classes, I’ve increasingly heard my students confess, “I was offered a promotion multiple times but I’ve turned them down.”

Now, typically speaking, you get promoted because you are doing a good job. However, instead of carrying on with the great work that earned you that promotion, it often requires you to change roles. As you get promoted, a natural progression occurs that takes you further and further away from that great work you previously did.

For some PA profiles, this kind of rise in rank can be a welcome job change.

However, through years of career consultations with thousands of astrology clients, I’ve seen that there are many common instances in which a job promotion has not resonated with an individual.

Reason #1: People are afraid that they’re not up to par

Even when you work hard to get there, you may fear that you’ll disappoint someone, including yourself. There are many reasons for this thinking, which is explored more in depth in the course.

However, the basic point here is that promotions make some people worry that they’re not up to the required standard for the promoted level at work.
Certain PA profiles are more prone to this than others, such as the Teacher and the Achiever.

Reason #2: People are nervous about managing other people

Many promotions require you to manage other people. Let’s just say you were a bartender but now you’re the restaurant manager… You might be afraid of having to manage your former co-workers now.

You may worry, “what if my new role and work scope makes me unpopular?”

Reason #3: People are hesitant to take on more work

Quite often, promotions come with more work. Overall, it is also common for promotions to change the actual work scope.

When you earn more money, your responsibilities usually increase. You may have to work till late hours, which can further annoy you. You might even struggle with the increase in required work activities and think, “I can’t even catch a break anymore.”

Certain PA profiles struggle more than others with this additional activity level brought on by promotions.

Reason #4: People don’t want to become a disciplinarian

Typically speaking, when you get promoted to a higher level, you can be expected to uphold and model certain company policies or good behavior. It may even become part of your new role, as a sort of disciplinarian, to make sure others uphold company policy.

However, you may not want to uphold policies that you don’t necessarily believe in yourself. For example, you may need to keep watch and enforce people getting to the office by 9am… even when part of you thinks that’s not necessary as long as the work gets done.

Perhaps you’re a bit rebellious yourself. Individualists or the Humanitarian PA profiles are most prone to this way of thinking.

Reason #5: People don’t actually feel aligned with the work (or with the company)

Sometimes, the simple truth is that you don’t believe in your job, company or organization.

If this is true for you, then quite frankly, a promotion would likely mean doing more of the work that you already don’t like.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, when you are not aligned with the work, you don’t want to take on any more of it.

In many of the above cases, it can be helpful to communicate with your employer about your interests and motivations within your job.

In my experience as a psychological astrologer, I have seen quite a lot of people go off track through accepting work or promotions that were not aligned to their unique profile.

While I don’t think anyone really objects to the idea of earning more money or gaining recognition for work well done, it may be worth considering alternative opportunities to reward people for their excellent work.

If you’re an employer, a boss or even a team leader, this is worth thinking about…

The traditional hierarchical promotion approach does not always result in happy workers. Ironically, it can actually take people away from the specific role and work they excelled at – and the work they were happiest doing. 

Another consideration is that in recent years, workers have felt less urgency for rising higher in a company’s hierarchy to feel supported within the organization. This started with the millennial generation and has continued to other generations.

Workers have been finding long-term happiness within organizations without a promotion up a responsibility ladder.

The bottom line is that not everyone wants their work, or scope of work, to change

If you’re unsure what work or promotions would make you happy, studying Psychological Astrology can help give you the direction you need.

Through studying your own unique profile, you will get clearer on your personal abilities as well as how to reach positive outcomes by applying them in your life.

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