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Do you crave being busy all of the time?

January 5, 2023 Career Lifestyle Tips Insights
Do you crave being busy all of the time?

Some people dream of lazy weekends or days with nothing to do. They consider it the perfect way to spend their time.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some people consider days like that to be a bit of a nightmare.

Are you one of those people who would start mentally jumping off of the walls if you had nothing to do?

If you’re one of those people who prefer always being busy, it’s possible you have the Warrior as your Psychological Astrology profile.

Warriors intentionally fill up their days and to-do lists because they’re terrified of having nothing to do.

Essentially, this type of person feels restless and doesn’t like to sit around doing nothing.

When they do, it drives them a bit crazy.

To keep themselves busy, Warriors end up taking on extra work, signing up for activities and generally adding task after task to their never ending to-do list…

When you are a Warrior, your entire day – including your personal and work hours – is full. As the name suggests, you often need to have a lot of physical activity in your life.

Maybe you regularly rock climb, bike, kayak or dance. Whatever it is you are doing, you are basically seeking to keep your body moving just as much as your mind – all day.

But… sometimes you overdo it. And this is where the more challenging side of having this PA profile presents itself.

If you’re a Warrior, you could face one or even both of these two common challenges.

1. Feeling burnt out

When you’re on the go or working non-stop, it’s natural that the body can start to break down.

You might get home after working or being on the move for 18 hours straight and feel like you’re on the verge of collapse when you walk in the door.

You may even catch a cold or worse.

It’s more than simply feeling tired. As much as you enjoy being busy, you’ve taken on too much.

Now, you’re burnt out and exhausted…physically and mentally. But your to-do list has no end in sight.

2. Feeling unproductive

This is actually ironic, as you’re actually trying to fill up your time with as many things as possible.

However, at a certain point, you start to realize that you have so many things to do that you’re unable to actually complete anything on your list.

There’s usually too many items on the list and each one is too big a goal to reasonably complete in the given period of time.

It’s at that point that you start to feel unproductive – and even that some of your efforts were a waste of time.

So, if you identify with these classic descriptions and think you may have a Warrior profile, how can you learn to manage these challenges?

1. Create space in your days with more flexible activities.

For a Warrior, it makes more sense to have a flexible, rather than a rigid schedule.

You can still fill up your schedule, but allow some of your to-do list to have more flexibility.

When you add items to your list, allow some activities to be on your own time.

Rather than always committing to a scheduled fitness class or signing up for something with fixed regular times, do these activities when you have extra time for them.

Instead of going to a scheduled dance class, sign up for a drop-in class when you have extra time. Instead of going for a run with a running group, reserve a couple days each week for going for a run on your own when you have extra time.

Rather than signing up to volunteer for committees with fixed meetings, volunteer for organizations on a voluntary drop-in basis when you have extra time.

Basically, when you have flexible activities on your list, you can taper off your activity when needed.

You don’t have to have any guilt about letting that item drop off your list when what you’re already doing is making you feel tired. Those flexible items are intended for when you have time and energy to fit them in.

That way, you’ll have some breathing room in your days, and you won’t always feel burdened by your schedule choices to the point of burnout.

You’ll feel less of an obligation to follow through on everything on your to-do list when it’s less fixed. And you can allow yourself to opt out whenever doing something starts to feel like it might be too much that day.

Ultimately, this more flexible approach to your time may help you avoid reaching the point of burnout.

2. Allow objectives to create the items on your to-do list.

To feel more productive either at work or at home, it also makes sense for a Warrior to rethink how they are approaching the goals for each time period.

When you want to be busy but also feel productive, fill your time in terms of the outcomes that you want to produce during that given period.

Your intention becomes to fill the time with activities that work towards those outcomes.

Before adding something to your to-do list, think about how adding that item contributes to your goals and objectives for that period of time.

Think about how an item contributes to what you want to accomplish in a day or a week.

Then, from there, you can either filter your to-do list according to your goals or you can work backwards from your goals to fill your list based on them.

When your to-do list has several diverse items that are each attached to separate goals, it can become difficult to feel productive.

When you focus on connecting your time to fewer goals instead, you feel more productive. Many items on the list relate to the same goals.

When you approach your time this way, no matter what you’re doing, your to-do list keeps you working towards those goals.

That way, at the end of the day, even when you’re busy, you can feel your time had a positive outcome.

If any of this sounds like you, Psychological Astrology could be a great diagnostic tool for you and help you highlight some of the key challenges your profile faces.

When you are able to pinpoint the root cause for any challenge, you can more easily identify ways to manage it in your life so that you can reach your greatest potential.

If you’re interested in a PA program to learn more, click below to get started.

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