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Let Me Show You How My Predictions Have Been Spot-on Accurate

January 7, 2023
Let Me Show You How My Predictions Have Been Spot-on Accurate

In 2020… Even before the existence of ‘COVID’…

In December 2019,



Everyone was looking forward to a successful year in 2020…

But this was what I said in Facebook Posts:

On 18 Jan 2020,

I ran a 300pax live event, in an auditorium to prepare and warn my audience to expect:

  • A roller-coaster ride for construction, petrochem, retail, finance industries
  • Fall of the aviation industry
  • Major job losses across different industries
  • Sudden acceleration of businesses transiting online
  • To see many major drastic changes that will change the way that we work and live from 22 Dec 2019 onwards.

In Apr 2020, people thought “the storm was over”…

In Apr 2020, Singapore was in ‘Dorscon Orange’ status.

Case numbers were under control.

Everyone thought this was a temporary situation.

The world rejoiced and waited to ‘go back to normal’.

On 14 Apr 2020,

But on my 14 Apr webinar

I warned that from 15 Apr onwards

Expect stringent restrictions, rocketing case numbers
alarming retrenchments and financial problems

At notable rates until end Jul 2020.

The very next day on 15 Apr

Covid-19 case numbers escalated significantly.

Retrenchment numbers rose to more than DOUBLE from the last 10 years…

In Aug 2020… It seemed like the ‘worst situation’…


In Aug 2020, case numbers were at a historical high

People were extremely worried about the situation…

Everyone thought the situation would get worse…

But on my webinar on 8 August 2020,

On my webinar, I said that case numbers would go DOWN for the rest of 2020.

I told my audience they won’t need any updates until 2021

From Aug onwards, case numbers stagnated.

Things died down… Until Jan 2021…

On 10 January 2021,

My warnings resumed in 2021

In my 10 Jan webinar

I warned that from 21 Mar onwards….

Health problems would resurface…

Jobs would ‘melt away’…

And that the WORST DECLINE would be between Jun to Nov 2021

In Jun 2021… I narrowed the ‘Worst Decline’ period to Sept – Oct 2021…

On 19 June 2021,

Once Sep-Oct hit, cases charged to an all-time high…


That Nov in 2021…

On 20 Nov 2021,



When cases were still high, I told my audience that Covid-19 as a world chapter will end after Feb.

And in Feb the Singapore government eased Covid-19 restrictions even though case numbers were high


Even on issues which were non-Covid related

The changes to UK’s leadership…

On 19 Jun 2021,


On the webinar, I presented these in relation to the leadership of the UK

  • ‘From May 2022 onward, new growth in leadership’
  • ‘Could be the emergence of new leaders’

This is was what I said even though Boris Johnson was NOT up for re-election at the time.

And that the Queen was still good health.

I also said that there would be:

  • ‘Bigger demands on leaders’
  • ‘If leaders show up at this time, it’s not what people expect… leaders will not follow the traditional path’

The actual change in leadership happened…

I saw that the period from May to Jun there would be a ‘change in leadership’

And that ‘This leader is not Boris Johnson’

Boris Johnson resigned on 7 Jul 2022.

I insinuated that the queen would be ‘removed from the English pound note’ from around this time.

And unfortunately, the Queen had passed.

Not only was leadership affected, but the British Pound too…


I warned the webinar audience to expect that the Pound would have ‘sudden exposure to vulnerability’

From the astrological charts, it presented the interpretation of having a ‘New form of money – against a conservative, skeptical public’

Seemingly like an ‘aeroplane that doesn’t get off the ground’

In the webinar, I also mentioned that ‘the last time this happened, the pound went under’

China’s zero-covid policies and the changes…

On 14 May 2022,


I predicted that China would drastically increase isolationist policies from Sep onwards and that the rules would hit hard from Oct onwards.

I predicted that China would drastically increase isolationist policies from Sep onwards and that the rules would hit hard from Oct onwards.

There’s significant ‘push back’ and unhappiness from the ground regarding the zero-covid policies.

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