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Yes, You CAN Earn A Fair Living As A Helping Professional

December 8, 2022 Insights Career Lifestyle Tips
Yes, You CAN Earn A Fair Living As A Helping Professional

“Are you on your journey to work as a helping professional?”

“Are you still attempting to figure out how you are going to earn your living in this career?”

When thinking about your career, the topic of money can be stressful and many people try to avoid thinking about it. 

However, not giving money the right attention at the outset in your career can actually be detrimental.

Whether you are choosing to be a coach, a therapist or perhaps even an astrologer like myself, you are most likely choosing to be a helping professional because you want to do something meaningful as a career. 

However, to realize a meaningful career, your work also needs to be financially sustainable, allowing you to maintain your personal  responsibilities and obligations! 

Otherwise, you might even end up needing the help that you set out to provide!

No matter what your topic of focus is, you deserve to earn enough money to support yourself in your career choice. 

In my career as a Psychological Astrologer, I’ve observed that many helping professionals face difficulties earning money successfully. 

They often continue to plod along at a very low income or go broke and quit…  

These professionals often feel guilty asking someone to pay for their services. They’ll say, “I’m here to help. I’m not here to make money.”

It might be ingrained in their minds that making money is somehow taboo.

The reason many helping professionals are not earning enough money is quite simply based on this flawed logic. This common disconnect leads people to think that one cannot earn money while “helping people.” 

In fact, I often get asked how I am able to survive being a professional astrologer for eight years now, full time. They ask, am I ever worried about not being able to make money?

You need to have the right mindset

Not earning enough money to support yourself in your career as a helping professional should never be in question.

To effectively shift your thinking, you simply have to decide at the outset that it is your career decision.

If you are choosing a helping profession as a career, it is very important that you differentiate your thinking from that of having a simple charity mindset.

Volunteering/ Charity mindset
If you are motivated to help people genuinely out of the goodness of your heart, rather than expecting any form of payment or renumeration, you need to separate it from your career and identify it as merely being a volunteer endeavor.

It’s not your job.

That also means completely accepting that you are not earning your living from it.

Choosing this approach frees you up from spending your professional time on it so that you can pursue other income-generating work.

You only volunteer when you have the time and financial resources to do so without it having to impact your survivability.

Taking It On Professionally

Transitioning to making an official professional career for yourself as a helping profession requires having a full career or business mindset.

Option One: Work as a Helping Professional within an organization

Working for a charity or similar government organization allows you to get paid a real salary for your work as a helping professional.

Through this work model, you are able to offer help to people you feel need it, without feeling guilty about them having to pay you for it.

The people receiving your help are usually completely subsidized without needing to pay out of their own pockets.

These organizations pay you directly and to cover the costs, they raise funds through corporate and public donations.

Working for an organization, you won’t have to worry about earning enough pay to cover your own bills. While not offering top CEO-like salaries, these professional jobs do offer fair salaries that will allow you to sufficiently support yourself. 

Option Two: Work as a Helping Professional as your own business

Many people attempt to become a helping professional as a consultant, coach and so forth, without choosing to officially look at what they’re doing as a business.

In my opinion, when you don’t make the decision about your work being set up as a business, it is not going to be emotionally, psychologically and financially sustainable.

You need to be clear at the outset about how you are going to earn revenue and manage costs

A fundamental TRUTH of any business

So long as you are providing work that has value and contributing toward positive outcomes for the person receiving the help, you should get paid sufficiently.

The real reason most people can’t survive long-term helping others is that they have not charged a legitimate fee for their services.

When you truly want to help people, you cannot discount your worth

However, many helping professionals do this.

If the normal value is X, they discount it to something like X minus 40%.

Over time, that minus 40% starts to snowball and severely impact profitability, to the point that the business becomes unsustainable.

Following that model too long, you’ll close down sooner than later…and that’s not going to help anyone in the long-term.

The bottom line is that if you’re providing your services as a business, typical business rules apply.

Businesses have costs to consider.

These business realities may include running a website, advertising and possibly renting your office space.

To cover these costs and the value of your time/efforts, you need to charge a reasonable price for the product or service provided.

Even if you are in a helping profession, someone does actually have to pay for the product or service offered.

If your motivation for working in a helping profession is to be able to make a difference to people in your career, your efforts deserve fair compensation to be sustainable.

If you do not clearly set out a sustainable compensation model, it can lead to your own financial, mental and emotional suffering. As a further negative impact, you may be unable to provide help to others at all.

How Astrology and understanding your personal Psychology can help

Understanding your profile can help you shift your psychological perspective towards your truest earning potential

For instance, diving deeper and looking at your astrological indicators can help you better understand how you provide value.

Understanding your own personal psychology may provide insights to help you recognise where you may not be as confident to charge for your services. 

Additionally, it may show you how you might be allowing others to take advantage of your compassionate nature.

Ultimately, each person’s astrology chart is unique and unlocks a wealth of possibilities when you get clear about your core personality, your strengths and weaknesses.

The end result is that you’ll be able to contribute in a more meaningful and purposeful manner.

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