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Does a “dream job” even exist?

December 17, 2022 Insights Career Lifestyle Tips
Does a “dream job” even exist?

Students often ask me about how to get a “dream job.”

The problem with thinking about a “dream job” is that the word itself suggests that IT IS NOT REAL!

When people think about it, they often conjure up images of high salaries, travel and a lot of time off. It’s not something most people actually think about happening today, tomorrow or even next year.

If you’re like most people, you’re likely thinking to yourself, “I’m never going to have a dream job.”  

By this idealistic definition, does a dream job really exist?

If you take an honest look at the jobs most people have around the world, few people have this definition of a “dream job.”

This is not meant to be a depressing realization. Rather, it’s the opposite. In astrology, we believe that each person has something completely unique to offer to the world.

Therefore, what I advocate is shifting your focus away from the unrealistic ideals of a “dream” job

Instead, focus on understanding yourself and what you offer. What job would be ideal for your skills and talents? 

That’s a better ideal to have in your sights.

When you have a better understanding of what you uniquely offer the world, you are better equipped to find a job that aligns with you.

That’s also why many of my students confess that it’s the reason they choose to attend my astrology courses. They often seek to get a better understanding of what they need to look for in a job to feel more fulfilled.

It starts with a change in vocabulary.

I suggest my students replace the word “dream” with “preferred.” 

This empowers them to actively start working towards a fulfilling job. Suddenly, the idea of a specific “preferred” job feels identifiable, actionable and completely achievable. It’s no longer something out of reach as an unattainable fantasy. Instead, it’s a real idea.

In fact, even taking small steps could transform anyone’s current job into their preferred job.

A student, Sohlia, expressed in class that she had a job as a childcare teacher in an institution that serves children with special needs. 

She had applied because she wanted to help people with special needs. However, in the actual job, she had to teach children how to do basic mathematics, which was not specifically how Sohila wanted to help them. 

This left her feeling unfulfilled by her job.

In the astrology course, Sohila uncovered that what she specifically wanted to do was help people with special needs integrate into society

After understanding that she needed to have a bigger impact and significance in her job to help them with social integration, she had a conversation with a boss about adding life skills to her teaching curriculum at the institution. 

As a result, she was able to transform her current job into something even closer to her preferred job.

It is possible to shift closer to your “preferred” work with this simple approach.

That’s why in our PA course, astrological profiling is so important for individually defining fulfillment for you. With that, you can look at the many forms a “preferred” job could take and you can start making plans for yourself.

But…it’s clearly not as easy as just showing up at a company and saying to your boss, “here’s my profile and this is my preferred job.”

However, it is also not necessary to quit your jobs when you feel unfilled by it.

Often, you can have these conversations about how your roles could shift slightly to align your passion, skills and talents to your current work. It simply requires you to be open to various ideas about how you can take steps to find fulfillment within the work you do have.

With your unique skills and ideas, you may be able to help your company solve something that they hadn’t looked at yet. 

The current era is a time when a lot of people resonate with this idea of solving problems in meaningful ways. When you apply this mindset, you might be surprised about the inspired changes that talent, skills and passion can bring about.

The truth is that when people say they are seeking a “dream job,” it’s really that they are seeking a sense of fulfillment.

Over the many years that I have been doing this, I have seen countless students and clients reach positive, fulfilling and aligned outcomes based on what they learned in psychological astrology.

In some cases, you may have the revelation that there isn’t a job out there for you.

You might decide that a better match for you is to create something for yourself, possibly even working entirely outside of your original field of study. As an astrologer, I can relate. 

Your career focus might even shift to something outside of what your family would find suitable. Choosing astrology, that’s something else I’ve also faced.

However, I also think there couldn’t be a better time than right now to explore less traditional career options.

However you go about it, you can find work that really ticks all the boxes for you. It might not look anything like society’s “dream job” but it will make you happy and fulfilled.

To explore more of what may be possible for you as fulfilling work, you can learn more about your unique PA profile here.

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