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WORKSHOP: Your Career Profile

13 Jun 2018, 7.15pm @ Selfstrology Academy, 15A Bussorah St



Are you experiencing an unsatisfactory job or career environment? Uncomfortable with the uncertainties of switching careers? Is there something else that you eagerly yearn to be doing but is experiencing self-doubts of your abilities and performance? This workshop will allow you to understand these such concerns and help you to craft your ideal and the right direction to work towards to.


In this event we’ll examine:
– The astrological indicators of where you are valued for
– The astrological indicators of your skills or talents
– Putting together a clear understanding of your detailed career profile


Included in the event:
– Your Astrological Chart Printout
– Keywords Reference List
– Worksheet Activity


Who Should Attend
– Individuals who have been trying to study astrology
– Individuals looking for a detailed profiling tool
– Individual who want to understand themselves on a much deeper perspective






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