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WORKSHOP: Chart Patterns

19 Jul 2018, 7.15pm @ Selfstrology Academy, 15A Bussorah St



If trying to put the whole chart interpretation is too difficult and complex, you can choose to start of by understanding the different chart patterns. In the session, we will discover that just by quickly identifying and describing the characteristics of the chart patterns, you can tell and interpret quite a fair amount of the person’s personality.


In this event we’ll examine:
– How to identify the different chart patterns
– What are some personality traits and challenges associated with each of the different patterns


Included in the event:
– Your Astrological Chart Printout
– Handout on chart patterns


Who Should Attend
– Individuals who have been trying to study astrology
– Individuals looking for a detailed profiling tool
– Individual who want to understand themselves on a much deeper perspective






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