‘When you don’t follow your nature
there is a hole in the universe where
you were supposed to be.’

– Dane Rudhyar

Astrology classes at Selfstrology Academy are designed to be more than just learning astrology. Away from education history, profession, social status, you discover who the real person inside really is, and provides crucial information on how to direct a life that is true to your nature.


    Taught by Professional Astrologer May Sim

    May Sim believes that true happiness comes from living a life that is aligned with your nature.

    From 16 years of experience consulting for thousands of clients across the world, she has discovered that when people live lives that correspond to the blueprint of their astrology birth charts, they are happy, at peace and able to contribute more in ways that are meaningful to themselves.

    Her research and professional experience have directly contributed to the development of Psychological Astrology (PA), an astrological diagnostic tool, which she now teaches in Selfstrology Academy, as well as at the International Academy of Astrology (IAA), based in Cleveland, Ohio.


    Sohila Biczadehtakori
    Educator for Special Needs

    “At first I thought it was just a personality assessment, but it went way deeper into your early life and found out what is it that shapes your behaviour right now”

    Yun Qing Liau
    Digital Marketer

    “I tried to learn astrology on my own and it wasn’t getting into my head until I took the class and went through it step-by-step in person, to ask the questions in class”

    Joel Low
    Actor (Theater)

    “Everything was so detailed! It was really about understanding myself even more, the birth chart reflects and gives insights to a lot of the struggles I face in life”


    Astrology courses open to the public are conducted at two levels: the Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course, and the Psychological Astrology Course.

    Students can choose to do only the beginner’s level, but more than 80% of all Selfstrology students choose to go on to the Psychological Astrology Course.

    Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course:

    A 2-day preparatory course that provides a foundation for chart interpretation. Students learn to form interpretations, identify traits and imbalances and draw conclusions from an astrological chart. This course is suitable for complete beginners as well as self-taught astrologers who have learnt bits and pieces of astrology on their own.

    Psychological Astrology Course:

    This is the magnum opus of Selfstrology Academy. Based on 16 years of astrological research by professional astrologer May Sim, the Psychological Astrology course introduces students to the 25 Psychological Astrology (PA) Profiles that determine human behaviour, thought processes, and their respective modes of self-disempowerment that lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Highlights of the course include instruction on chart indicators for personal purpose, pain, fears, inadequacies, trauma history but importantly, also in-class demonstrations by May Sim on how these issues are addressed and reframed using a profile-and-dialogue methodology. Students report massive personal breakthroughs from attending this course, and those in consulting and coaching professions have also gone on to add PA methodologies into their professional toolbox. This class requires a good foundation in astrological knowledge, and the Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course is a pre-requisite to do Psychological Astrology.


    Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course:

    1. Planets, Signs, Houses – An understanding of parts of your psych relating to various areas of life such as careers, work, relationships, etc.
    2. Elements and Modes – An analysis of the balances between your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Archetypes: Dominant & Sub-Dominant – A method to getting to the heart of your true personality apart from just your Sun Sign
    4. Chart Patterns – An overview of the way you choose to operate in life

    Psychological Astrology Course:

    1. Basic Understanding of the 25 Different Psychological Profiles: Ways of identifying the psychological profiles from the astrology chart
    2. Psychological Profiles in relation to impact and behaviours: Comprehensive descriptions and explanations on the impact and behaviours that could manifest from the profiles
    3. Indications of Self-healing & empowerment: How to identify areas of self-healing and empowerment, and direct it to contributions to others
    4. Aspects & Chart Indications for Personal Development: How to identify and recognise internal personal tensions and challenges, for self-development and focus areas.


    Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course:

    • Your Professionally-generated Astrology Chart
    • Textbook & Learning Resources (including In-class exercises)
    • Dynamic live examples & class interaction 

    Psychological Astrology Course:

    • Your Professionally-generated Astrology Chart
    • Textbook & Learning Resources (including In-class exercises)
    • Dynamic live examples & class interaction
    • Additional Bonus Day after the Beginner’s Course
    • Additional Practice Chart Assignment (Mystery Chart)
    • Additional Mystery Chart Review Session
    • Set of 4x Essential Reference Books
    • Exclusive Access to Students-Only Facebook Group

    Betsy Goh

    “The course helped point out patterns in my life and might be a good start towards awareness and change. It’s about reading charts, but it’s also about learning about yourself.”

    Clarissa Chia
    Brand Manager

    “The takeaway was understanding the reason why I behave the way I do. This course is more than just an Astrology course. It is closer to a self-discovery and counselling therapy session”

    Rayn Lim
    Founder of Forex100 Academy

    “Her course taught me how to identify my talents, strengths and weaknesses from the birth chart, and thus how to understand myself and others better. This is a great life skill.”


    Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course:

    30 & 31 January 2021
    Saturday & Sunday
    10am-6pm (Singapore Time)

    *Additional Bonus Day (PA Students Only):
    20 February 2021 (Saturday)
    10am-6pm (Singapore Time)

    Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course:

    27 & 28 Febuary 2021
    Saturday & Sunday
    10am-6pm (Singapore Time)

    *Additional Bonus Day (PA Students Only):
    13 March 2021 (Saturday)
    10am-6pm (Singapore Time)

    Psychological Astrology Course:

    27, 28 March, 3, 4, 10, 11 April 2021
    Saturdays & Sundays (3 Weekends)
    10am-6pm (Singapore Time)

    Mystery Chart Review Session:
    30 April 2021 (Friday Evening)
    7pm-10pm (Singapore Time)



      The vast majority of Selfstrology Academy alumni are professionals who seek a structured curriculum to understand the complex and rich language of astrology.

      Our students include:

      • Wellness practitioners and coaches who want a reliable tool for profiling their client’s strengths and challenges
      • Aspiring astrologers who seek a structured and proven curriculum to attain practical and transformation results with astrology
      • Individuals who wish to unlock the wisdom of astrology for deeper self-discovery

      Selfstrology Academy attracts quality and growth-oriented students who generate valuable class insights – a course highlight that is greatly appreciated by all our participants.

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