Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology

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Relationship profiling beyond just ‘compatible’ signs

What determines if two people can get along, run a business, live together, start a long-term relationship? The Relationship Astrology takes things to the next level – the ability to combine charts and assess relationships.


What you will learn from this course

  • Differentiate assessment criteria for different types of relationships (Romantic, Business, Friendships, Familial)

  • Build individual Relationship Profiles

  • Assess preferences, red flags, alignments, areas of divergence

  • Identify what each person brings to the table

  • How to deal with PA misalignments

This course is for students who

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Learning astrology from most online sources can be piecemeal and disorganised. This course takes students through a proven and reliable method of organising multiple charts to form a clear analysis of relationship and interaction dynamics.

Not Just ‘Compatibility’


Most online Relationship Astrology content is focussed on ‘compatibility’, rendering most people helpless in the face of ‘incompatible partnerships’ or surrendering personal freedom of choice in the fruitless search for ‘the right partner’. This class centres students in the roles that both partners play in a relationship to generate and maintain a shared purpose and meaning, to build sustainable and powerful partnerships.

How the class works

Selfstrology Academy’s focus is on practical applications and understanding how astrology plays out in real-life situations. We combine hands-on learning with an interactive online environment for students to learn best.

Participate In Live Sessions

Participate In Live Sessions

Live online classes are the most effective ways to see chart interpretations and life applications in action! Experience how charts can be applied into multiple real-life contexts in student-instructor interactions. Classes are recorded and all students receive recordings for their review.

Learning Kit (Course Package)

Learning Kit (Course Package)

Prior to the course, you will receive your course package which includes your course textbook in both printed and digital copies, along with pre-recorded lessons on the digital Learning Management System (LMS) with your own personal login.

Learning And Interaction With Fellow Coursemates

Learning And Interaction With Fellow Coursemates

Astrology is best learnt from seeing the behaviours and reactions from real people. In class, you get the opportunity to see and hear from other participants when they share their experiences and perspectives. You get to discover how the astrological chart comes to life.

Q&A And Telegram Chat With Course Leaders

Q&A And Telegram Chat With Course Leaders

On the course Telegram group, you’ll be able to ask questions as well as interact and discuss astrology with other fellow coursemates. The instructor and course administrators will also be available to provide any additional guidance and support on the chat.

Course Syllabus


The Relationship Profiling (Romantic, Business, Friendships, Familial)

Begin with building the relationship profile based on the gender and sexual orientation of the native.


House Overlays

An understanding of how two individuals will view the different areas and aspects of life with different perspectives.


Synastry Charts

What are interplaying aspects between two individuals and how it has an impact or significance to the other person.


Composites (Davison and Mid-Point)

What are the traits of the relationship and how the basis and fundamentals are experienced by both individuals.

Unlock the secrets of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others

Upcoming Course Schedules & Details

If the upcoming class schedule does not align with your availability, or there are currently no visible class dates, please email us at with your interest. As soon as new dates are available, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have 1-year access to the Learning Management System (LMS) which includes online resources such as pre-recorded videos that you can rewatch at your own pace and course assignments that you can apply to your own astrological chart.

For further support, students can opt to join Jupiter Circle, Selfstrology’s student community, for access to regular astrology workshops, events and masterminds, where we take the education further and have them applied to life.

The intermediate courses require a very solid foundation in astrology and most self-taught hobbyists are not expected to be able to keep up with the content – the instructor will not be rehashing basic techniques if you miss out on the basic syllabus.

Students who have completed programmes with the International Academy of Astrology (IAA), London School of Astrology (LSA), Kepler College, and other established astrology institutions may be eligible for exemption from the basic classes. Do contact our administrators at to check if you can qualify for an exemption.


Unlock the secrets of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others