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May Sim

Founder, Psychological Astrologer and Speaker

Known for her direct, practical approach to astrology for personal development and career transformation,

May Sim is the region’s premier Psychological Astrologer. With her dynamic personality, stage presence and razor-sharp wit, May has been involved in speaking engagements with audiences of hundreds at Facebook, Fortinet, Omega, RADO, Hansgrohe and government organisations like the Health Sciences Authority and E2i.

She is the first Asian to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology (Cleveland, Ohio), she is now a member of their faculty, and the author of their syllabus for Psychological Astrology.

Founder of her own astrology academy, Selfstrology Academy, is Asia’s #1 psychology astrology academy, and has trained hundreds of astrologers around the world, from as far as Brazil, Ukraine and Switzerland.

Her personal experience the courage to move away from a successful career as a General Manager at the age of 24 in Height Safety company, to pursue a unique profession in Astrology has inspired many others to have the similar confidence to do so in their careers.

May is extremely passionate about topics relating to careers and how unique individuals should fully pursue and use their strengths to achieve personal fulfillment, as described in their astrological profiles.

Many of her clients and students are top executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches who currently find dissatisfaction in their careers wishes to move towards empowering and transformative growth in their work.

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