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STUDENTS-ONLY MEETUP: Overcoming Personal Barriers In Dating (18 Sep 2019)

September 5, 2019
STUDENTS-ONLY MEETUP: Overcoming Personal Barriers In Dating (18 Sep 2019)

18 Sep 2019 (WED), 7pm @ Selfstrology Academy, 15A Bussorah St



Dating. It’s the stage of getting to know someone else, but also importantly, to also know yourself. Each of us have our own individual criterias in our preferred partner, different expectations as well as our value and desire to receive in return in a relationship. Sometimes, it may manifest as limitations which may prevent us from getting into, or even staying in a relationship. In this session, we’ll examine how we can help individuals overcome personal barriers to create and achieve desired relationships.


In this event, we”ll examine:
– Identifying astrological indicators of how we form, build or maintain relationships
– Sharing session on ideal relationships, current barriers and resolutions
– How to create a desired relationship future and adopting healthier habits


Title: Overcoming Personal Barriers In Dating
Date: 18 Sep 2019 (Wed)
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Fee: $20
Venue: Selfstrology Academy


To RSVP: via Eventbrite Link Here


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