Free Workshop: How Do You “Turn On” Motivation & Get Results In Life


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Discover Mars In The Houses - Action, Motive, Desire & Results

With insights from your unique astrology birth chart, discover how you can dive deep into your psyche, use your skills and serve a meaningful purpose.

Where do you find motivation?

What is it that fuels your drive?

What gets you out of bed each morning?

When you’re working on a project, and you just can’t find the energy to take action and wonder: “How do some people manage to complete a mountain of tasks in a day?”

But for you, why do you sometimes drag your feet? Why does pushing for things seem so hard sometimes?

Mars In The Houses – Action, Motive, Desire & Results

How do you wake up that part of you that’s competitive, that wants to drive for an outcome? How do you stop filling your day with repetitive, grinding tasks that don’t yield the results you’re after.

In this workshop, I will be examining Mars, not just the masculine aspect of ourselves, but something that digs much deeper – your motive, desire and ability to push for results.

We will look at ways to use it to make ourselves a lot more productive in our career, personal lives, relationships and even things we want to pursue in our lives.

So join me for this workshop and we will cover these really cool stuff.

See you in class.


Generate Your Free Astrology Chart Before The Event

To best understand the influence of the Mars in your life, we encourage you to download a free astrology chart from here prior to the workshop. You’ll need your exact birth timing in order to determine which house Mars occupies in your chart.

About May

My name is May Sim, and in 19 years of my professional astrology practice, I’ve had thousands of clients and students who seek to discover their personal strengths and to align with their personal purpose. My specialisation and the Academy’s main programme is Psychological Astrology, where I teach students my secret to incredibly accurate and insightful chart interpretations.

I have taught astrology to students from more than 24 countries, and my students come from a large range of professions, including coaches, managers, teachers, accountants, lawyers, spiritual practitioners… just to name a few.

Our students seek the skills to read astrology charts in practical and impactful ways, and to use astrology to help themselves and people around them on the journey of self-discovery.

Here is what my students say: