What Students Say

Basic Astrology Course (BAC)

I can highly recommend May Sim’s astrology course. Her teaching style is enthusiastic, fun, inclusive and non-judgmental, and her knowledge of the subject – which she conveys in an easy to understand way – is extensive.

Her course has also taught me how to identify talents, strengths and weaknesses from the birth chart, and thus how to understand myself and other better. I think this is a great life skill. She is definitely a very gifted teacher and a good referral partner.


– Rayn Lim, Founder of Forex100 Academy Pte Ltd, Astrology Student & Client

It was a great learning experience and May is a fantastic and effective teacher. I would recommend the course as it benefits a person in many ways. I think many students will advise their close ones to learn also.


– Pope, Astrology Student

The course has provided me with knowledge to decipher lives and be more aware of myself. Spiritually, i’m more attuned with myself and note more potential conflicts within my life. May is an excellent teacher with very clear examples. I would recommend the course because the practical aspects of the course are value for money.


– Willis Tarn, Astrology Student & Client

I come completely with no knowledge of Astrology and after the course, I’m abit more confident in reading charts. May is very knowledgeable, organised and makes it easy to understand. Helps us understand ourselves and how to improve our lives.


– Felicia Chan, Astrology Student & Client

The activities during the class helps me to make improvements on where I am weak e.g. aspects. The course provides a lot of practice for students. That helps beginners to understand quickly. The course is very intensive 4.5 days course which provides activities for students to practice. Students had the chance to study with real life examples since she asked students to share based on their charts.


– Claire Chan, Astrology Student & Client

I had some exposure through interaction with May and the course gave me the technical knowledge. The course was fun and the teacher is interesting, lively and knowledgeable. I would recommend the course. Great course, great knowledge. Nice crowd.


– Hawk Liu, Astrology Student

2nd time taking the extended course. Felt the information stuck a bit better. Still a lot of information to absorb and there are concepts that I don’t understand or fully know how to articulate. May is great at explaining concepts and ideas.


– Matthew Rubin, Astrology Student

The course exceeded my expectations. May’s vast knowledge, structured approach and ability to captivate the audience’s attention is impressive. With May, “What you see is what you get”. She is genuine, passionate about astrology, keen to share, grounded, pleasant, balanced. I have no doubt she will go far with her business.


– Bettina Arnet, Astrology Student & Client

I could now use astrology to explain some people’s characters or actions. I’ve confirmed that I’m a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none and i’m a Sagittarius Sub-signature. I feel that astrology is a very “Chim” subject and not something that you read in “Horoscope” section of magazines. To learn astrology is useful for psychological profiling and understanding oneself.


– Felix Chia, Astrology Student

I have been a hobbyist for 8 years, but with this 4.5 day course learnt way more than I did in the past 8 years combined. I learnt how to synthesize different chart placements/aspects to put together a comprehensive chart interpretation, and the many examples covered in class were very useful in helping me understand how the astrology manifests in the real world. Through covering the topics less commonly covered on the internet like yods, Chiron and the nodes, I also discovered new things in my chart that have helped me in my personal growth. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would highly recommend this course to anyone!


– Christopher Tan, Astrology Student

I learnt how people perceive me and also know about my character from other’s point of view. It was a very interesting and eye opening course.


– May Tan, Astrology Student (Mar 2018)

The course helped point out patterns in my life and might be a good start towards awareness and change. The course is interesting and engaging, it about reading charts but its also about learning about yourself.


– Betsy Goh, Astrology Student (Mar 2018)

I learnt about myself in ways that I never thought I would in this course. The course brought up stuff that I have been keeping to myself. Knowing about myself allows me to better understand what I had to go through in order to set my life path, and I am very thankful for that. To be successful, i believe you need to truly know yourself; your weaknesses and strengths that will make it easy for you to develop your path. Taking this course could help you do that, and you can help others too.


– Sohila Biczadehtakori, Astrology Student (Mar 2018)

Astrology is not as simple as reading the Sun, Moon or even Ascendant. Its is the interaction of the planets and signs in the various houses.


– Michael Chua, Astrology Student & Client (Mar 2018)

This course lets me understand a lot more about myself, on top of what I already learnt through 11 years of self-learnt astrology. The Basic Astrology Course provides in-depth learning and transformation! Thanks May & Jeremy


– Lovine Tay, Astrology Student (Mar 2018)

I was able to read charts and understand myself and other better. It helped me with alot of issues and things I can do and achieve. Awesome course! Very detailed and easy to understand.


– Dave Gor, Astrology Student & Client (Mar 2018)

After attending the BAC, I have a much better understanding of the dilemmas I face in life. Knowing these and being able to know where it comes from makes its easier to come to terms with the short-comings and move to a better situation. For anyone sitting on the fence, I’d like to urge them to take the lap of faith and invest in a new knowledge and language that will not only help themselves but also people around them.


– Philip Ho, Astrology Student & Client (Jun 2018)

The most significant takeaway I can apply in my life is to look into charts and understand why some subconscious motives are present. I am able to look myself from a different perspective and why I felt that some parts of my career is not fulfilling. It is a useful knowledge to learn about yourself and others.


– Andrew Lim, Astrology Student (Jun 2018)

Attending this Astrological workshop proved to be more than just acquiring a new set of knowledge, but was very therapeutic as well. I had zero prior knowledge before attending my first class and thanks to her super structured and patient way of teaching, I left with the fundamentals of putting together a chart analysis. Her approach was practical, linking Astrological knowledge with psychology and not some woo woo subjective assertion, and very engaging. The best part, apart from knowing how to read the chart, she engaged us on a personal level were we explored our own inner worlds through learning from our own charts. Hence, leaving with not just mere Astrology knowledge but deeper awareness of ourselves.Had a few courses before this. As with every recourse, I re-learn certain things, pick up new one and reinforce some. Her class is never dull and she keeps nothing back.


– Calvin Teo, Astrology Student

I have learnt so much about myself and how to improve the quality of my life from her readings and classes, helping me to identify areas of my lifewhere I may face the most challenges, that had not occurred to me before. I would recommend May’s consultation and classes to anyone.


– Matt Rubin, New York (USA), Astrology Student & Client

Course has been enriching and you would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate teacher. It is a fast-track to applying knowledge to read charts at a reasonable level of proficiency.


– Bert Goh, Astrology Student & Client

I started at zero and I learnt the basics finally! May starts from scratch and is very patient.


– Indira Vergis, Astrology Student & Client

I started at a beginning level and now at least I’m able to read some basic natal charts. May is an awesome teacher and the course is fun.


– Lim Xin You, Astrology Student & Client

I did self-study before joining the class. I feel like part of a larger community of astrologers now who i can discuss and communicate with. The information is extensive and I learnt better with guidance. May is expressive and not afraid to share! Her course adopts a very practical approach and would disprove / impress disbelievers. To me astrology is more science than divination. May has taught it perfectly.


– Lisa Lee, Astrology Student & Client

I did a little self-study (online) a few months before I embarked on this course. The course provided much more depth and insights into planetary signs. I had trouble understanding aspects and house rulerships, but this course clarifies these for me. The course is a little crushed and intensive, but ultimately progressive and enriching.


– Jeremy Tan, Astrology Student

I began at level zero. The course advanced me with basic understanding of the subject. Overall experience is good and May is passionate in sharing the knowledge.


– Kek Joon Kee, Astrology Student

I had almost zero understanding of astrology readings. After the course, I had managed to grasp the principles and knowing how to read the chart. Might be better to have the class apply what we learn at each part with more frequency. I would recommend it as it’s a useful tool for everyone to understand themselves.


– Siau Pey Chi, Astrology Student & Client

I started at zero to reasonably competent to read charts. May is nice, very structured, helps to form a framework for me to hold the new information to read charts. It would be good to have additional workshops to read charts. I will recommend it as it is a structured system and it’s very important for novices.


– Tong Mun Kit, Astrology Student & Client

I learnt how to read birth charts, major planets and their significance. I would definitely recommend it as a program to go to, to learn to read birth charts.


– Jonathan Tan, Astrology Student

The course had taught me how to identify some key personality traits from a person’s natal chart. Astrology is a useful tool for personality profiling.


– Larry Wong, Astrology Student & Client

The course help me identify oppositions which reveals the tug of wars and missing points to help resolve the issues in my life. I’ve also realised why I am able to to pick up small little information and conceptual things so much easier than other people. Highly recommended course to take up to learn more on oneself and your loved ones. Super accurate and spot on!


– June Tang, Astrology Student & Client (Mar 2018)

I came to Selfstrology with the intention of learning more about myself, and as a bonus, I also get to learn a new skill; learning how to read an astrological birth chart. What came out of it was a new interest / hobby that I did not expect to have previously. This new interest has sparked my curiosity to learn about how other people behave in an unique type of methodology. I learnt that there is more than meets the eye and astrology can prove it. Nobody is one-dimensional even though they show only one side of himself / herself. The course is very well-paced and I gained a new skill / language in just this short period of time. It can be easily applied in my life and i will definitely recommend to someone who is interested in learning about themselves.


– Darilyn Koh, Astrology Student & Client (Mar 2018)

The takeaway i got was understanding the reason why I behave the way I do. This could be applied to how I feel, think and the rationale behind every action better. I learn that I am much more Virgoian than I imagined. Would have thought that I am more Leo / Sagittarius. This course is more than just an Astrology course. It is more self-discovery and counselling therapy session – where the course can be very psychologically-related.


– Clarissa Chia, Astrology Student (Mar 2018)

This program opened my eyes on how to read an astrology chart. Amazing understanding of myself and where I should paying attention, especially after the personal consultation too. I highly recommend the course!


– Jonathan Tan, Astrology Student & Client (Mar 2018)

I was able to understand myself better and spot some of the difficulties that I have and put a “reason” to it. It is mindblowing that putting planets together can mean so many things at one go. Its definitely worth spending the money as the value you get back is much, much more than what you expected. Mind blowing, interesting and definitely useful in your life in many ways (just be creative!)!


– Chloe Fang, Astrology Student (Jun 2018)

I can understand my chart better now. Make improvements and change where required in the way of thought processes. The course is very useful if you really want to change your life for the better.


– Arora Sajal, Astrology Student & Client (Jun 2018)

I now have the chance to read charts in translation. It was an eye-opening experience in Astrology and its more than just horoscopes.


– Gordon Lu, Astrology Student & Client (Jun 2018)

Intermediate Astrology Course (IAC) – Psychological Astrology Course

The Intermediate Astrology Course (Psychological Aspects) really hit home run in catching myself in the act. It is useful and serve as a constant reminder what is serving me and what’s not.
I am an avid learner of enneagram but nothing come close to the PA accuracy in spotting the mental movies that’s been running in life


– Tong Mun Kit, Astrology Student & Client

May is intense with 6 days of class, explaining painstakingly on her unique techniques of Psychological Astrology. I would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to be honest and ready to make a transformation.


– Felix Chia, Astrology Student & Client

After the course, I am more aware of my own psychological issues and catch myself before I fall into similar thought patterns and behaviours again. It’s a very useful tool to achieve self-realisation and a powerful way to solve your inner troubles.


– Larry Wong, Astrology Student & Client

The course has help me understand my own PAs and that of my family. This will help improve my relationship with them. I would recommend that when you know you own PAs (Psychological Aspects) and that of your loved ones, you can handle issues and understand yourself, your motivations and how you can better relate to and accept others.


– Felicia Chan, Astrology Student & Client

The most significant takeway from the course was understanding that I had assumed that whatever I wanted would be denied and that I shouldn’t be too self-conscious of what others think of me. From the course I also realised that I have a propensity towards detachment and keeping others at arms length and that hinders in the development of more genuine relationships and emotional bonds. The course is a great way to identify unconscious behaviours.


– Christopher Tan, Astrology Student

It has got me to have a better awareness of who I am and why I repeat some patterns in my life. The course is definitely a great way to gain awareness of yourself and understand why people behave the way they do, can help understand family and friends on a different level.


– Matthew Rubin, Astrology Student & Client

The course is on a different level, it provides deeper knowledge as compared to BAC. It identified how the PAs (Psychological Aspects) caused in childhood can manifest in adult life. The course is a good opportunity to open up and ‘heal’ / ‘transform’ to learn more about yourself and others.


– Vina Sim, Astrology Student

The course is about discovering unconscious patterns and thoughts that leads to self-sabotage and frequent destructive occurrences in our lives. By coming to terms with these habits, it empowers us to make better decisions and form more meaningful relationships. It is a very structured course with in-depth examples to help students understand how each aspects manifest.


– Jeremy Tan, Astrology Student & Client

What Clients Say

“Back in Oct’ 2015 when we had a project that seem too good to be true, we consulted you. U had been remarkably spot-on with your assessment on the situation, and advised us not to take on the project as you expected a “fire” to occur. However this was an offer that was difficult to refuse at that point of time. Thus we made a business decision to raise our costs to accommodate for the unseen risks for this exceptional project. Eventually the negative scenario predicted came true months later. Fortunately, we had remunerated well for our risks”


– Jayden Ooi, CEO of 33 Digital Group, Astrology Client

By far the most invested, passionate, articulate, persistent and insightful. I am utterly convinced.


– Joshua, Astrology Client

What i appreciated most about consulting with May was her ability to clearly articulate and explain her readings. She listened to my every concern and gave her sound guidance. Coming out of consultation, I was more sure about myself, my business, and more confident of the path to take for the future. It is without hesitation that i recommend May to future clients.


– Ivan Chong, Astrology Client

I love speaking to May as she can always get me to discover something new about myself and give good suggestions on how I can go about exploring my options instead of feeling stuck. She is definitely a unique psychological astrologer who helps people to increase self-awareness, such that we are able to improve & better ourselves. Thank you May for the great session.


– Wendy Ng, Astrology Client

I am writing this letter in token of appreciation for bringing incredible skill, depth and insight to your work. You are very gifted as an intuitive astrologer. Your objective and non-judgmental analysis left me empowered and I thank you especially for the warm, trusting environment that is created in your presence. I gained clarity and understood more about myself after our session that day. I will highly recommend you to anyone who wants to see what astrology can really do in the hands of a profoundly gifted reader. Thank you once again for everything.


–  Sui Yan, Director and Chief Coach, Brilliance U Coaching, Astrology Client

May is an outstanding and very committed individual. My wife Libin and myself have found her to be very sincere, and professional at her Astrology readings as well. We found May’s readings and consultations to be extremely accurate, and have since taken actions to remedy and improve our relationship with my parents-in-laws. We strongly recommend her services to anyone who might be in need of advice, be it for career choices, relationship issues, business development or even relocation plans.


– Daniel Tay, Managing Director EZB Pte Ltd, Astrology Client

Thank you very much for the eye opening consultation May. And wish you all the best 🙂 for your business.

While some were sceptics about astrology, you need to just see and hear it to believe. And if you decide to use hers, be sure to have your birth time (exact hour and minutes) for better accuracy.


– Agung Tresna, Astrology Client

I would heartily recommend May for the accuracy and sheer depth that she goes to in her consultations. She always seems to hit the nail right on the head, providing clarity as well as deep psychological insights on all those unconscious blocks of the psyche that hold you back in life. Transformation is totally possible with her technique – which I actually find quite astounding. Be prepared to have your entire worldview turned on its head, and just submit to it – it will really empower you!
I also love her prediction style: She gives you plenty of information that makes sense, and which also links in credibly with current experiences, so it can be used as a tool to help prepare for any changes coming in. During my consultation last week, she really put my mind at rest in relation to what I can only describe as an incredibly strange and isolating time in my life – confirming what I am currently feeling, and also, importantly, why this is happening. It always feels good when astrology can mirror back what is going on for you – and May always does this seamlessly.
Now I’m looking forward to seeing how the next 12 months will play out, and am generally feeling way more aligned within myself.
Thanks again May!

– Karen Farini, Astrology Student & Client

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