Here’s What Our Students Say

Derrick Chew
Director at
Sightlines Entertainment

“Something always felt off, despite being successful in running restaurants and consultancy projects.

Astrology helped me come to terms with the fact that theatre is my true passion.

I am now a full-fledged theatre producer pioneering hybrid theatre and gaming projects”

Joan Tan
Director of
Switch Productions

“How do I move from events to coaching? It feels like I lose a part of myself if I have to give up one or the other.

This class validated my instinct that I was always meant to juggle two careers.

Today, I continue running a successful events company while building my coaching business”

Tonya Shaw
Founder of
Big Yellow Balloon

“Moving from a banking career, I doubted and wasn’t confident to pursue my new career in wellness

Psychological Astrology showed me I was not broken and what my specific role is.

I am now a cancer survivor and am excited about guiding others to wellness and transformation”

Jeremy Tan
Psychological Astrologer

“I always liked astrology, but it was Psychological Astrology that gave me the confidence to do this as a career.

I saw its power to address trauma and bring real transformation to people”

Xin Hong Tan
Relationship Coach

“I use PA in my coaching now because all my coachees resonate with the profile it describes.

This allows us to tackle the core problem instead of wasting time going in circles”

Yin Din Foo
Psychologist, Counsellor

“Psychological Astrology had made a significant difference for my work and clients.

Despite being unconventional from most other counsellors, it is very rewarding when I incorporate the techniques during my sessions.”

Lacie Ong
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

“I know I was dissatisfied with my business and my relationships, but it’s very hard to pinpoint what was causing this.

I am blown away by how accurately astrology describes the problem I experience. Now that I know what is wrong I can go and fix it!”

Sheeli Kuang
HR Professional

“I didn’t realise how much my parents’ relationship affected my life.

I look back at my past relationships and I can see the same story repeated again and again.

 This class has helped me appreciate my current partner so much more.”

Kaishan Hu
Financial Consultant

“After going through so many charts in class, I have learnt to be much less judgmental about others - there are so many possible life stories.

Also, I can see that the quality of people in the Psychological Astrology class is very different from those who didn’t continue after the Beginner’s class.”

Joel Low
Actor (Theater),
Vocal Coach
“I struggled with expressing myself and not having a voice of my own since I was young.

The course made realised why I had felt that way and the negative impact it has on me and my life.

That had inspired me to go on now to become a vocal coach to help others with similar issues of self-expression.”

Francis Yeo
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

“May is the best metaphysics teacher
I have experienced...

...And I have studied with many,
many experts”

Kevin Khoo
Math Tutor

“As a maths tutor to teenagers, I find that astrology helps me to have meaningful conversations and address problems.

My students open up to me in ways that they don’t to other adults”