Personal Astrology Consultation

“Astrology is a Language.
If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you”
– Dane Rudhyar

Our Personal Astrology Consultation is suitable for you if you are looking to build something new in your life – developing yourself in career, relationship and/or personal development.


Going for a consultation with our Astrologers is a great way that can help plan your life, problem solve, and create actionable plans.

How To Get The Most Value Out Of A Consultation

If you’re considering an astrology consultation, you probably would want to watch this video below first.

This video would help you to get clear on how you can effectively use and make the most value out of a consultation session.

Request For A Consultation

To get to fully understand your concerns and ensure that a consultation will be able to effectively address your concerns, we’ll like to hear from you.


As there are currently several consultation options with varying fees available, understanding your situation and concerns will allow the team to put you to the recommended options.


Kindly put in a request for a consultation using the form. Our typical waiting time for a consultation slot is between 1-2 weeks (peak periods: up to 5-6 weeks).


Once the request has been put through, the Team will get back to you (within 3-4 working days) to help you to make the appointment.


Booking Process:
Step 1: Put in a consultation enquiry using the form
Step 2: Team Selfstrology will follow up with a phone call together with the available timeslots & booking instructions
Step 3: Follow the booking instructions to secure your timeslot
Step 4: Show up for the consultation appointment


Learn Astrology To Understand
Yourself And Gain Clarity Of Your Purpose

Discover yourself through the Art of Astrology birth chart interpretation. Equip yourself with the world’s most accurate profiling tool and gain clarity of your life purpose and embrace the life you were meant to live.


Learn the secret to interpret charts through a proven and structured system taught by our professionally trained and certified astrologers.

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