‘What’s The Next Step?’ 
Our astrology consultations have answered this question for thousands of clients in the last 16 years
If life is a choose-your-own-adventure experience, then decision-making is the most important process we go through.

While most decisions we make can be trivial and inconsequential, some have outcomes that determine life and death, happiness and unhappiness, satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

This applies if you are making decisions about:
  • Career decisions that are aligned with your purpose, self-value and to contribute in the most productive way
  • ​Relationships that make you feel supported, appreciated and are in line with your independent purpose
  • Personal and family decisions that lead to stable and firm foundations
  • ​Business decisions that align with long-term goals, objectives and your personal vision
  • ​Financial decisions for peace of mind and personal confidence

In short, you are at a crossroad in your life.

You want to make decisions that are true to your purpose and well-being.

If this is you, read on.

Over the last 16 years, we have consulted for thousands of individuals who have gone on to rewarding paths in their life by making the right choices.

Our Consultations 
Bring People Forward

"May is highly detailed - helpful and valuable to me as a business owner to plan the way forward"

– Zachary
CEO of Underdog Strategist, 33
"I found out how I can address and rectify my psychological issues - I feel much relieved after the consultation"

– Shah
Professional Trainer, 30
"Makes me question how I have acted and behaved in my daily dealings. I now know how better to harness my strengths to progress in life"
– Wayne
Professional Investment Trader, 35
"I discovered something new about myself, and can now explore my options without feeling stuck. Truly a unique psychological astrologer"

– Wendy
Teacher, 36
"Straight forward and no nonsense approach offered me clear directions and helped me better understand myself in totality. I now understand my strengths as an individual"
– Joan
Director of events company, 37
"I am in awe of accuracy and detail of the readings through the session. Love the straightforward introspection about my strengths and more importantly my weaknesses
– Jessie
Tutor, 27
After our consultation sessions, clients move away from unworkable, unrewarding situations in their lives to choose strength, freedom and self-expression.

Sometimes they embark on exciting new opportunities after clearing away self-doubt, concerns and worries.

Let’s be clear:

These consultations are not ‘yearly transit readings’ or fortune-telling sessions.

They are not ‘Oh wow astrology is so cool!’ readings.

Our consultations address problems that frustrate or distress our clients.

Our clients are intelligent professionals who want practical solutions and insights to their decision-making.

More importantly, our astrologers have used our own methods to pursue happy and fulfilling lives.

Our work has been described by countless clients as ‘transformative’, and we think that’s an accurate description.

The Underlying Crisis

Most people just live life as it comes.

They do their jobs, run their homes, manage their resources and their relationships.

We are told all our lives what constitutes ‘success’, and many of our goals are set, benchmarks are assessed, activities are scheduled according to a generally cookie-cutter mould that more or less everyone else follows.

Few actually realise that this life is not always what they personally want.

Over time, we lose bits and pieces of ourselves.

We accept jobs that aren’t rewarding, and we stay because the job pays the bills.

We overlook bad behaviours and hidden problems in relationships, because having one is better than having none.

We take on back-breaking responsibilities, because saying ‘no’ is socially unacceptable.

We set goals to earn more and more money, because apparently having more money = happiness.

We feel pressured to keep ‘upgrading’, to keep up with others who are doing it too.

We turn our back on hobbies and creative interests, because it’s indulgent and doesn’t contribute to career and professional results.

Over time, we forget what we envisioned when we got started.

Over time, even if you remember your original vision, your confidence in your ability to pursue it seems to languish lower and lower.

Over time, we settle for a lesser life.

How to break out of this pattern?

Astrology Gives Clarity of Purpose with 
Accuracy and Speed Like No Other Tool Does

Astrology does something unique that no other coaching or profiling tool does. 

Astrology is based on your specific birth date, birth time and birth city – right down to the minute and down to the city coordinates.

The process is based on YOU – nobody else.

Unlike other books or courses or programmes that preach a one-size-fit-all, your astrology chart reveals objectives, character traits and life purpose unique to you and no one else.

Our astrologers use this chart as a basis to address your situation, and applies a tool called ‘Psychological Astrology’.

We developed this profile-and-dialogue method from studying unhappiness.

We catalogued experiences, responses, problems, astrological indicators from thousands of astrology clients over the past 16 years.

From problematic family histories… to relationship problems… to career dissatisfaction... to addictions…

We discovered that unhappiness came down to very specific astrological indicators that we all have, and results in behaviours and decision-making that deny personal power.

To understand happiness, we studied unhappiness.

When our clients understood the root cause of their unhappiness, they were motivated to REMOVE that barrier immediately, and attain happiness.

It is a simple formula.

Only when you see clearly what is blocking your door, can you remove it, rather than wasting time planning long detours, resigning yourself to staying stuck.

It’s a simple formula that has worked on professionals, business owners, students, men, women, old people, young people.

We’ve done this for thousands of clients.

If you are ready to address your problem, seize opportunities that come your way, astrology is your tool.

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Consultations Work Best When 
You’re Facing Personal Crossroads

A personal crisis is like a dormant disease that is finally showing symptoms and causing difficulties.

Receiving a major opportunity is like standing at the edge of a cliff, debating if you dare to lift off and fly.

Whichever type of crossroad you are facing, decisions you make now are more impactful than at any other time.

It determines if you choose resignation and status quo, or a breakthrough.

We do this in a session just for you, 
based on your birth data

Consultations are conducted live online, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

All communications are in plain English, and doesn’t require you to know any astrology at all.

The Psychological Astrology profile-and-dialogue method isn’t available in any book or anywhere online, so you are assured that you won’t find this anywhere else.

We converse with all clients before offering you a consultation time slot, so if this is what you seek, register for a diagnostic call with us below.

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Serious People Only

Before you fill in the form below, we want to state a few things.

First, please do the diagnostic call only if there is an issue you want to solve, or you have an important decision to make.

We deliver results, so we only want clients who desire specific results.

We don’t do ‘just curious’ consults. This isn’t entertainment for a lazy Saturday.

Second, we don’t dispense magic-elixir solutions.

Real world results come from real world actions and commitment.

If you wish to avoid practical action and prefer to pray, meditate or buy a magic crystal, we do not recommend signing up for a consultation.

Third, by signing up below you understand that you will be contacted by one of us, and we will be making an appointment to converse with you on the phone.

If you're not 100% sure you'll reply when we get in touch with you… do us a favour and not register.

We have great astrologers, and we only serve those who genuinely want to move forward in their lives.

Should You Do This?

Only you know if this is a crucial time for you.

If the decision you need to make forms a pit in your stomach, a consultation will give the clarity and confidence you need to proceed with your decision.

By signing up below, what happens next is merely a phone call.

You don’t commit to any consultations until you’ve had a chance to speak with us.

And we don’t offer consultations until we’ve had a chance to speak with you.

The issue may always be present until you do something about it.

Every year it remains unaddressed, is a year you can’t move on to the next thing.

We hope you choose to address it now, and we know astrology will help

It’s in your hands.

May Sim & The Selfstrology Team

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