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The 2-Hr Consultation session includes a Consultation Report & a 2-yr Timeline Forecast.

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What Clients Say

  • The session with May was an insightful and frank one, allowing you to discover and rediscover more about yourself. Greater awareness on your behaviours and attitudes in different aspects of life. May had been very patient throughout the session and gave logical advice to help overcome the root problems for challenges 🙂

    thumb Goh Si Hui

    I had a 2hour consultation with May Sim and it was mind blowing. She was on point on both my strength and weaknesses without me telling much. I also found out how I can address my psychological issues and rectify them. I felt much relieved after the consultation. What's more important is that I really can understand where my career and future is headed. Especially the type or kind of profession that is well suited and best for me. I strongly recommend people to see May Sim to understand more of their astrology and how it affects their own psychology and behaviour and how they can work around it to improve their current situation or lead a better life.

    thumb Shah Sappari

    5 star review  I love speaking to May as she can always get me to discover something new about myself and give good suggestions on how I can go about exploring my options instead of feeling stuck. She is definitely a unique psychological astrologer who helps people to increase self-awareness, such that we are able to improve & better ourselves. Thank you May for the great session... �

    thumb Wendy Ng
  • May is very detailed and “nice” — sometimes speaking the truth hurts, but knowing and recognizing it let one improve, be a better person and have a clearer direction. Every minute of the 2h session is useful, highly recommended!

    thumb Shu Wen

    5 star review  Excellent teacher and a self made woman on her quest to expand the astrology industry in Singapore.

    thumb JL Lee

    Helpful n very insightful consultation. Thank you

    thumb May Tan
  • I interviewed May as part of a school project. Being a general skeptic myself, I always found the reliability of things like Astrology to be rather contentious. I would never consider myself easily convinced. Yet after the 4-odd hours I've spent with her - and especially after she did a reading for me, I'm amazed. While I may not understand fully how the practice works (I would definitely have to enroll in her school to really understand), I firmly believe that May has the necessary ability and charisma to help you get your life together. The pinpoint accuracy of her readings is definitely bone-chilling, but coupled with her warm, and at times, frank disposition will definitely set you back on course. Quality service by a quality person - I don't think it gets much better than that.

    thumb Brenan Yeo

    Succinct , accurate and informative . The information helps me to be informed and how best to map out my next steps in life. Best astrologer in Singapore. Highly recommended.

    thumb Cassandra Chan

    4 star review  very good workshop.

    thumb Koo Robin
  • The consultation is very helpful in helping me understand about what's going on in my life as well as what is going to happen in the near future. May acurrately describe what I am going through and is very helpful in providing advices in the situations I am facing. She is warm and approachable.

    thumb Leong Jiaqi

    May is detailed in her readings and accurate for me on past events that have happened. Good clear directions were also given on the future and also for this current year what’s expected. Highly recommended for a 2hours consultation

    thumb Kenneth Lau

    It`s amazing on how astrology reading could help people to have a much better understanding of the things that they have experienced in their lives as well as what are the things and or challenges they will face later in their lives so that they could make adjustments or the necessary changes to have a smoother path in their lives.

    thumb Danny Lim
  • Had my consultation with May last week, it was awesome! Not only did May accurately pointed out some of my key personal traits (yes just by looking at my Birth Chart!), she gone through the part of Psychological Astrology with me. She makes me question why I act and behave in my usual daily dealings - family, business / work, friends, other relationships etc. Of course, I gotten advices from her how to avoid the pitfalls that are associated with my Chart and how to better harness my strengths to progress in my life. I highly recommend May Sim to those who are seeking directions in their life or those who wish to improve their current situations.

    thumb Wayne Yia

    She's someone who can understand you on a personal level. She's caring, understanding and amicable. If you're seeking clarification or guidance in any phase of your life, I strongly believe she's the one who can help.

    thumb Ben Bushido Soo

    5 star review  I had a great consultation with May on my chart, helps me to focus better and embrace my my current situation.

    thumb Marilyn Tan
  • 5 star review  Helped renew my interest in astrology. Workshops are really interesting! I also had a great consultation that helped me to make sense of my birth chart. =)

    thumb Riley Stein

    It is never an awkward session whenever I visit May. She makes me feel comfortable with the environment. Not only does she evaluate the readings. She gives really great advice on how i should handle certain situations. Every session with May is amazing. I would always walk out with a much clearer mind on life.

    thumb Rachel Sng

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We typically allow one postponement with a valid reason. This is because the preparation work and the consultation slot has been reserved prior to the appointment, we would hope to avoid unnecessary changes to the appointment schedules.

The Timeline Consultation requires extensive work (up to 2hrs) for the Astrologer to make the necessary calculations to prepare the written report prior to the consultation. The Timeline Consultation is also a 2-hr session as compared to the other types which are shorter in duration at 1-hr each session.

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