Speaking Enagagements

Introduction to Astrology and Self-profiling

Speaking Engagements

Health Science Authority (HSA) – Astrology Talk

Devan Nair Institute – Astrology Talk

CoAssets Investments – Astrology Talk

Walton Land Investments – Astrology Workshop

AVIVA Insurance – Astrology Lunch-Time Talk

Financial Alliance – Astrology Lunch-Time Talk

KeyQuest Mortgage – Astrology Talk

RADO Switzerland – TRUE STAR SIGN Limited Edition Timepiece Product Launch

FRESH – Zodiac Oval Soaps Product Launch

Suggested Topics

Career & Money

  • Right Persons For The Right Jobs
  • What Will Satisfy You In A Job?
  • Your Relationship With Money
  • Managing Risks And Expectations
  • Your Career Satisfaction


  • Who Is Your Ideal Partner?
  • Past, Present & Future Opportunities
  • Healing The Heart
  • Happiness In Relationships
  • Your Romantic Profile


  • Your Personal Life Adventure
  • Power And Domination
  • Your Security Blanket
  • Are You Giving Yourself A Hard Time?
  • How To Stop Setting Yourself Up For Failure


  • The Parenting Journey With Astrology
  • Handling Divorses And Children
  • Psychology Of Family Dynamics
  • Redirecting Family Interactions
  • Siblings: What Works And What Doesn’t

Private Group Events

Would you like to have a private group session with May? See the available workshops below that are suitable for groups of friends, ladies night, or even sales and project functional teams.

Professional & Career Profile Workshop

Been switching out careers often or find difficulty in having job satisfaction? The Career Profiling Workshop would be able to identify and define what is it in a job that you truely need…

Learn More

Romantic Profile Workshop

Finding a suitable partner or even identifying what attracts you most in a relationship is a constant topic on people’s minds. The Profiling Workshop would be able to pinpoint exactly…

Learn More

Personality Profile Workshop

If you believe that each person has a life purpose, how can we identify it quickly and be able to chart a roadmap to achieving it? Astrology will be able to guide you to your adventure…

Learn More

Astrology, Speaker, Consultant

Founder and Chief Astrologer of Selfstrology

International Academy of Astrology (IAA)



May has been invited as a speaker on the use of astrology as a valuable profiling tool for dating and business profiles at various events conducted by dating agencies like CompleteMe, as well as corporate and education entities such as Walton International Group and Singapore Institute of Technology(SIT).


Featured in:

  • Article in International IAA Journal (Dec 2013)
  • Article in The Finder Magazine
  • Article in CLEO (Online Magazine)
  • Love & Light Festival 2013 & 2014
  • Heart, Mind & Body Festival 2015 – 2018

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