Tip-toeing around dictators. Selling oil reserves. Living with the virus.
World events are happening at break-neck speeds... And the leaders can't keep up.

The Rules Have Changed But No One Is Talking About It...
It Is Time For A No-Bullshit Forecast So You Can Strategise For An Erratic 2022-2024


14 May 2022, Saturday
10:00am - 1:00pm (SG Time, GMT +8)

The crisis is over...?

Seems like everything is going back to normal. 

Companies are resuming business. 

People are returning to the workplaces.

It should feel that the crisis is over…

Are you convinced?
  • Global Aggression & Disputes - How will the events and situations of global conflict affect and impact the rest of the world?
  • ​​Unstable & Destabilized Economies - What are the effects of prolonged economic instability?
  • Reopening of Country Borders & Travel - Will there still be smooth transitions for safe travel lane plans?
  • ​Shortages & Supply Chains - How will the world deal with global shortages and its long-term effects?
  • Disruption in Communications - How can we distinguish information we can trust vs wide-spread prevalence of ‘fake news’?
  • ​People’s Welfare - Is there sufficient support for emotional and mental wellbeing for the people?

The biggest problem in the world now is not fear.
It is uncertainty.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is:
Will there be a global war?
With supply chains disrupted and prices going haywire,
Can the economy hold up?
As conditions and resources get tighter,
How do we prepare?
The Astrologer
I'm May Sim, and I have been the go-to astrological advisor for many CEOs, directors and business decision makers for the last 18 years

For the past 2 years, my public webinars have explained why the world is moving in unprecedented patterns and what to expect next.

More than 40,000 people, from more than 28 countries have benefitted from the groundbreaking insights shared during the webinars.

If you have been following my webinars, you will know that what I have forecasted since 2019 has been spot-on accurate.


18 Jan 2020

Everyone was looking forward to a successful year in 2020... 

But this was what I said in a Facebook Post:
And then Covid-19 hit, people lost their jobs.

14 Apr 2020

In Apr 2020, people thought "the storm was over”...

Cases were under control...

Everyone waited to ‘go back to normal’

But I warned that from 15 Apr onwards

Expect stringent restrictions, rocketing case numbers alarming retrenchments and financial problems…
The very next day on 15 Apr

Covid-19 case numbers escalated significantly.

8 Aug 2020

In Aug 2020, case numbers were at a historical high…

Everyone thought the situation would get worse…

But on my webinar on 8 Aug 2020

I said that case numbers would go DOWN for the rest of 2020.

I told my audience they won’t need any updates until 2021...

From Aug onwards, case numbers stagnated.

10 Jan 2021

In Jan 2021, my warnings resumed

I warned that from 21 Mar onwards health problems would resurface…

And that the WORST would be between Jun to Nov 2021

19 Jun 2021

In Jun, I narrowed the 'Worst Decline' period to Sept - Oct 2021
Once Sep-Oct hit, cases charged to an all-time high

20 Nov 2021

When cases were still high, I told my audience that Covid-19 as a world chapter will end after Feb

And in Feb the Singapore government eased Covid-19 restrictions even though case numbers were high

May has been correct for the last 8 webinars...
You cannot afford to miss her next forecast...

The Covid-19 chapter is over.

It's time to shift our focus to the REAL global developments...

This is not the time for going "back to normal".

The world is shifting to a new Era.

You need to be aware of what’s happening.
You cannot afford to be left uninformed.

Raise the SIREN

The Second Wave: Raise The Siren
Webinar Topics


Putin Vs The World: Is It World War III?

The Russian-Ukrainian War seems a harbinger for a long-drawn conflict. How will other countries react, and will this war be the only major conflict in 2022-24?


The Other Power Struggle: 
Global Finance & The Energy Crisis 

What are the threats to US economic stability, and will economic developments of 2022-24 spell a major shift in the global power balance?


Digital Tech Developments,
Food Supply 
and the Post-Pandemic Job Market

2022-24 will see drastic changes in the way we live our lives: What are some of the upcoming transformations, and which countries will be leading the revolutionary new trends?   

Who Should Attend 

  • Team Leaders/ Business Owners - As captain of your ship, you must know which direction the wind is moving. Plan the next move for your team and make the right decisions.
  • ​New Entrepreneurs - Understand the new business landscape and pivot your business in the right direction.
  • ​Freelancers - Position yourself accordingly and effect change quickly. Adapt your offering and serve the needs of your community.
  • ​​Team Players - Become a powerful member of your team and develop abilities to tackle new goals and challenges.

Hear From Past Webinar Attendees 

"May has been accurate in predicting Covid & overall situation for 2020.

It is helpful for everyone to plan for the future"

"The regional predictions for USA, UK, Hong Kong Malaysia and Singapore will benefit many key decision makers and business owners, to prepare them for upcoming challenges"

"Her own extensive research is a paradigm shift in our realities.

May's webinar is definitely worth 3 hours of your time"

"Her information influences the decisions and actions I’m taking personally to prepare. The 6 hours is worth it"

"This is the time to be prepared and not sit idly by while things change rapdily among us"

Don't Sit around for the 'replay'

Am I going to upload a replay? Yes.

CAN I GUARANTEE that I can upload a replay? No.

My ads have been blocked by Google before.

My replays have been blocked by Facebook before.

While I intend to upload the webinar replay, I would attend it live if I were you.

If the replay gets blocked, you might kick yourself for not making time for this.

Very few people are able to access the insights that astrological analysis can provide. Not economists. Not traders, and not the law-makers.

2022-2024 Will Be Explosive Years.
This Is The Forecast You Won't Get Anywhere Else
Online Webinar
14 May 2022, Saturday
10:00am - 1:00pm (SG, GMT +8)

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