Career Transformation Weekend

Apply For The Career Transformation
Weekend Programme

*Applications will be considered based on the quality of your responses. Please be as specific as possible.
The team will respond to you within 4-5 business working days.


Only fill up this form if:
1) You already know that what you are doing now is not working.
2) You had the intention to make a major change anyway in the next 18 months.
3) You have a specific unfulfilled career dream.
4) You want to serve people, solve problems, impact community.
5) You can commit fully to all three days.
6) You understand you are committing to a “give first, earn later” air career.

What Clients Say

“In two days, she helped me turn my dream into reality!”

– Sohila Biczadehtakori
Educator for Special Needs, Astrologer

“May keeps you focused and won’t let you digress from your goals.”

– Tristan Lim
Sales Training Professional

“May is very honest, down-to-earth and pretty straight-forward.”

– Alfred Lim
Scientist, Animal Whisperer

“She made me see that making a career switch is doable and that, to me, is priceless!”

– Hui Ming Au
Spiritual Practitioner – Higher Consciousness

“My interest turned into something concrete. I can price myself much higher now!”

– Yun Qing Liau
Practitioner, Astrology & Tarot

“The course made me see the value I can provide, and highlighted who my target audience should be!”

– Gabriele Goh
Practitioner, Astrology, Tarot & Channeling

“If you want to dramatically increase your income by 10 to even 100 fold, this course is for you!”

– Jia Hua Chia
Holistic Educator for Teens


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