How To Do What You Love, Work With People You Like and Get Paid Well by Harnessing The Insights of Astrology!
You’ve arrived here because you’re possibly interested in attending my upcoming event "How To Do What You Love, Work With People You Like and Get Paid Well!"

Before you jump on to reserve your seat, I’d love to see if this event is the right fit for you.
This is for YOU if you are:
  • Frustrated with your current job / it’s not what you really want to do
  • Have a dream career in mind but do not know how to start / afraid you can’t make a living from it
  • ​Sick and tired enough of the current state of your career that you are ready to make a change in the next 6 months
If the above sounds like you, I am going to show you how your Astrology Chart guides your life purpose by:
  • Pinpointing what makes you truly unique
  • Enhancing your under-utilized talents that we will discover together
  • ​Incorporating your purpose into the dream career you have been missing out on
  • Eliminating uncertainty and indecision about your next career step
  • ​Helping you feel confident and authentic in pursuing your dream career and in presenting your identity to others
So you can finally be free to DO WHAT YOU LOVE, WORK WITH PEOPLE YOU LIKE and GET PAID WELL!
How To Do What You Love, Work With People You Like and Get Paid Well by Harnessing The Insights of Astrology!
7.00 to 10.00 PM
Selfstrology Academy, 15A Bussorah St
#02-00, Singapore 199436
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May Sim is the first Asian to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology (IAA). She is the founder of Selfstrology Academy, Singapore's premier Astrology school with students from 11 countries. Her unique method of interpreting astrology chart for Psychological Astrology (PA) profiles have been credited with personal and career transformation for hundreds of individuals. 
"She made me see that making a career switch is doable and that, to me, is priceless!"
– Hui Ming Au
Spiritual Practitioner - Higher Consciousness 
"My interest turned into something concrete. I can price myself much higher now!"
– Yun Qing Liau
Teaching Tarot Classes for Self-Mastery
"In two days, she helped me turn my dream into reality!"
– Sohila Biczadehtakori
Educator for Special Needs
"The course made me see the value I can provide, and highlighted who my target audience should be!"
– Gabriele Goh
Practitioner, Astrology, Tarot & Channeling
"If you want to dramaticaly increase your income by 10 to even 100 fold, this course is for you!" 
– Jia Hua Chia
Holistic Educator for Teen
"May is very honest, down-to-earth and pretty straight-forward."
– Alfred Lim
"May keeps you focused and won't let you digress from your goals."
– Tristan Lim
Sales Training Professional
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