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"You cannot transform what you don't understand"
- May Sim

Hi this is May Sim and I am a professional psychological astrologer with 17 years experience.

I am Asia's #1 western astrologer, with more than 2,000 clients from 26 countries.
I currently teach astrology not just in Singapore but am also the only astrologer from Asia on the faculty of the International Academy of Astrology (IAA). The Psychological Astrology syllabus at IAA is written and taught by myself.

Rather than simply stick with mere planets, signs and houses, the kind of astrology I teach is based on human behaviour, motivations and reactions. I call this Psychological Astrology.

Psychological Astrology
For my students, it is not enough to only know personality traits from a birth chart, they also want to know:
  • How to attain personal growth
  • What conditions cause people to feel stuck in situations
  • Which forms of stress are present and how to deal with them
  • ​How to build a personal direction and purpose
  • ​​What causes insecurity and how to address it when it emerges
  • ​​Ultimately, what people really want and how they can contribute best in their life

This is totally different from useless astrology memes and vague free chart generators that provide no actual value to the person whose chart is being read.

If you are the kind of person who wants astrology to produce some real benefit beyond entertainment, you are the kind of student I want.

Students Of Psychological Astrology

You may see yourself in one of these categories of my students:

#1 Self-Learner: You may have tried to learn astrology on your own, through websites and books, but still cannot read astrology charts in ways that are useful to the client or for yourself.
I have had students who self-learnt for up to 11 years, but said they learnt more on Day 1 of studying with me than everything they learnt in 11 years.

#2 Totally Newbie: Perhaps you know your Sun sign, and possibly a few more of your 'signs', but nothing beyond that. The way I teach astrology begins from setting a strong foundation you won't find anywhere else, so it's totally ok to come in with no experience at all.

#3 Professional Experience in Helping Professions: My students include school counsellors, psychology degree holders, special needs teachers and employees of welfare organisations. Whether you are currently in, or aspire to join, any of these professions, Psychological Astrology is a powerful diagnostic tool for getting to the heart of any issue.
"At first I thought it was just a personality assessment, but it went way deeper into your early life and found out what is it that shapes your behaviour right now"
– Sohila Biczadehtakori
Educator for Special Needs
"I tried to learn astrology on my own and it wasn’t getting into my head until I took the class and went through it step-by-step in person, to ask the questions in class"
– Yun Qing Liau
Digital Marketer
"Everything was so detailed! It was really about understanding myself even more, the birth chart reflects and gives insights to a lot of the struggles I face in life"
– Joel Low
Actor (Theater)
"The course helped point out patterns in my life and might be a good start towards awareness and change. It's about reading charts, but it's also about learning about yourself."
– Betsy Goh
"The takeaway was understanding the reason why I behave the way I do. This course is more than just an Astrology course. It is closer to a self-discovery and counselling therapy session"
– Clarissa Chia
Brand Manager
"This has sparked my curiosity to learn how other people behave using this unique methodology. I learnt that there is more than meets the eye and astrology can prove it. Nobody is one-dimensional"
– Darilyn Koh
Treasury Analyst
"Her course taught me how to identify my talents, strengths and weaknesses from the birth chart, and thus how to understand myself and others better. This is a great life skill."
– Rayn Lim
Founder of Forex100 Academy
"I am able to read charts for friends and yet maintain neutrality. I now understand why I act the way I do and how the circumstances in life, shaped who I have become and use it to my advantage."
– Chia Jia Hua
Tuition Teacher
"The chart can identify life focus and purpose, to give a sense of direction and meaning to experiences and natural tendencies."

– Wendy Ng
Without the benefit of Psychological Astrology, most people just drift through life, going with the flow.

Or just go with whatever everyone else is doing.

Even if they already know it's not what is right for themselves.

They don't speak up or take a different action because they can say that it feels wrong, but can't articulate what then would be the right plan.

Participants in my courses always get their breaths taken away when they experience how specific, accurate and deep-reaching a good astrology delineation can describe their life, their desires, their inner workings.

For many, it's FINALLY understanding why you do certain things, or feel upset over things you can't explain, and also why some things give you a deep immense satisfaction.

It's like getting an instruction manual to How You Tick.

Who I Don't Want
Astrology classes can be transformative experiences, but this can be ruined if we have the wrong people in the class.

Here are the people who are NOT suited to studying with me:
  • The Party Reader: If you just want to pick up a few tricks to attract attention at gatherings and treat astrology like a clown act, you can get what you need for free on Instagram and YouTube.
  • ​The Client Who Mistakes A Class For A Personal Consultation: If you are only interested in signs or houses that you personally have in your chart, and if you drift through any portion of the class that discusses placements you don't personally have...
    ... then you are an astrology client, not a student. It might be cheaper and more convenient to make an appointment with one of my astrologers here
  • The Never-Reader: If you don't foresee yourself ever reading a chart for another person (family, friends, colleagues, clients) for their benefit, you may not need to learn astrology at all - it's possibly too much of an investment of time and effort to learn astrology if you'll be the only person benefiting from this skill.

Come Assess For Yourself

I am running an upcoming event, complimentary, at my school, for those looking to get more information about becoming a student of Psychological Astrology.

I will cover:
  • An explanation of exactly what astrology is
  • Examples of how astrological profiling is more deep-reaching than any other profiling tool in the world
  • An introduction to Psychological Astrology and how it reveals the basis of nasty behaviour, thought process and a fulfilling life purpose all at the same time
  • ​​The specifics of my course syllabus and what to expect at Selfstrology Academy

When you come, you will see why many intelligent and insightful people are choosing Psychological Astrology over other alternatives like numerology, bazi, zi wei dou shu, vedic astrology.

No other profiling tool hits right to the heart of your purpose in this world.

If self-discovery and transformation is what you seek, you do not want to miss this.

This is astrology that helps you break out of the mould and be the person you were meant to be.

It is the reason why I do astrology, and why I have devoted my life to Psychological Astrology.

I am deeply and personally affected by watching people trying to squeeze themselves into society's cookie-cutter mould, trying to be good enough for an imposed standard, trying to fulfil goals set by someone else.

And turning your backs on the value and purpose you are capable of.

Of living a life that is truly in line with the person you want to be.

Astrology gives you a map of who you are; Psychological Astrology tells you what needs to happen in your head to achieve your potential.

Join me in my upcoming event. Let's start this journey.
Equip Yourself With The World's Most Accurate & Insightful Profiling Tool!
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May Sim is the first Asian to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology (IAA). She is the founder of Selfstrology Academy, Singapore's premier Astrology school with students from 12 countries. Her unique method of interpreting astrology chart for Persona Astrology (PA) profiles was developed from applied experience through seeing more than 2,200+ consultation clients over 16 years.
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