Your Astrology Career Profile

A 2-Hour Short Workshop

Ever felt lost and uninterested in your daily work? Do you find your job to be mundane and tiresome? Career In The Stars workshop will be useful for individuals who have difficulty identifying a suitable career or are considering a career switch.

Event Details

26 March 2016, Saturday

96 Club St

3-5 pm

Ticket Price: $30 per pax

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You Get To Learn

Your Career Profile Defines Career Satisfaction


You spend more than  50% of your life at work, and work is no longer just about bringing in the bacon – but how FULFILLED are you?


If you are:

  • Unclear about your career direction
  • Feel stuck in your current position
  • Itching to make a move but not sure how, what to and where to
  • Helping others to chart their career direction

This workshop is for you!


Find out more about:

  • Career and Work are NOT the Same Thing
  • Can Someone be Suited to More Than ONE Career Path?
  • Starting Your Own Business


Some lucky participants may also get free on-the-spot readings! Come prepared with your birth data! (Birth Date, Time, City)

Snapshots Of Our Workshops

What To Expect?

  • How to identify better clarity in your career directions
  • Self awareness and application of your strength and weakness in a work environment
  • An interactive 2-hour workshop covering various topics on career development.
  • Case studies and real life examples to help participants understand how to apply the knowledge that they pick up from the workshop.

Who Is This For?

  • Business and career professionals who feel that they have unsatisfactory careers and are pending career change.
  • People who are starting a business or individuals who have difficulty choosing a suitable career.

Why Should You Join

By adopting a systematic approach to astrology, participants are able to analyse their career path and identify ways to help themselves achieve their career goals.

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