Discover the Secret to May Sim’s
Precise & Accurate Astrology
Chart Interpretations
If you have been trying to learn astrology, you probably want to:
  • Get a structured education - learn astrology properly from a professional
  • ​Understand parts of yourself that no other profiling tool has been able to uncover
  • Help family and friends get clarity about issues in their life
  • Acquire an ultra-reliable tool for adding to your metaphysics toolbox
Astrology is frustrating and difficult
to learn online by yourself 
Many self-learners and practitioners of other metaphysics disciplines
have raved about my structured teaching approach. Find out why!
My name is May Sim, and I am a professional astrologer with 17 years of field experience.

I am the first Asian to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology (Cleveland, Ohio). I am now a member of their faculty, and the author of their syllabus for Psychological Astrology.

I specialise in private consultations for self-employed individuals, and I am the founder of Selfstrology Academy, Asia’s #1 western astrology school, based in Singapore.

The Academy’s main programme is Psychological Astrology, where I teach students my secret to incredibly accurate and insightful chart interpretations.

If you fit our student profile, and you seek the skill to deliver meaningful and impactful interpretations, let me show you how Psychological Astrology can get you there.
Here’s What Our Students Say

Derrick Chew
Director at
Sightlines Entertainment

“Just as I think I have a new layer of understanding, Psychological Astrology (PA) reveals an even deeper and more intense layer.

Brendan Ng

“May teaches original content.
In all my life I have never seen a trainer teach personal research discoveries and original ideas.”

Francis Yeo
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

“May is the best metaphysics teacher
I have experienced...
...And I have studied with many,
many experts”

Astrology is a Tough Discipline to Learn
While the internet seems like a vast, unending source of easy information…

...learning astrology in a structured way is extremely difficult.
Common obstacles learners like yourself face...
Let’s Be Clear -
Why Do You Care for Astrology Anyway?
Before I became a professional, I spent years buying astrology books, reading websites…

Everyone thought it was just my ‘hobby’, but I knew it was more than that.

I could sense that the chart held a story, a message, a wisdom beyond my current understanding.

At first I only cared about my own chart, but it soon became clear that if I learnt this well, I could really help others.

I see the same story in my Serious Learner students.

There is something about astrology that drives the desire to learn more.
You want your interpretations to make a transformative difference to others.
And it’s frustrating when:
  • Your studies don’t get you the understanding you seek. 
  • You read for others and you can tell there is no value-add for them
  • You read online info about your chart over and over again, but never find solutions to repeated problems
Why Psychological Astrology Works
The Psychological Astrology programme is a unique combination of many factors that makes it so effective at delivering personal transformations for our students.
#1 You Get a Rare Objective View of Yourself
Unlike other interview- or quiz-based profiling systems, the astrology chart is not based on anyone’s subjective opinion, but on the factual positioning of planets at the time of our birth. It’s like reading a medical report or an X-Ray. The issue is either there or it’s not.
#2 Find the Words to Say What You Experience
Astrology is a unique language that helps you find the specific words to describe intangible concepts like life purpose, psychological behaviour and personal beliefs. You’ll finally be able to articulate to others the intentions within you.
#3 Always Applied to Real Life
We get very quality individuals attending this class. The value you get is not just from my teaching, but also from the sharing of real-life experience by the other students. Clarity and personal transformation can come from seeing similar behaviours played in other people’s lives.
#4 Alignment to Your Personal Purpose
No two students will have the same astrology chart, not even twins. This means the outcomes you get from this class are unique to you. You can see clearly how your life has drifted away from your true objectives, and can now take action to realign yourself.    
When We Learn it Well,
Astrology Helps Us Help Others

Kevin Khoo
Math Tutor

“As a maths tutor to teenagers, I find that astrology helps me to have meaningful conversations and address problems.

My students open up to me in ways that they don’t to other adults”

Jeremy Tan
Psychological Astrologer

“I always liked astrology, but it was Psychological Astrology that gave me the confidence to do this as a career.

I saw its power to address trauma and bring real transformation to people”

Xin Hong Tan
Relationship Coach

“I use PA in my coaching now because all my coachees resonate with the profile it describes.

This allows us to tackle the core problem instead of wasting time going in circles”

How this works
The Psychological Astrology course takes place in two stages:
1) The Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course
2) The Psychological Astrology Course

All classes are conducted live by me, May Sim, online via Zoom.
Start at Beginner’s Intro
We’d love to have everyone go straight to Psychological Astrology, but unfortunately you must learn to read astrology first!

The 2-day Beginner’s Intro class allows astro newcomers to assess if you like the astrology approach, and also allows us to ascertain if you are the right fit for the Psychological Astrology course.

In the Beginner's Intro class:
  • Be introduced to chart symbols and their interpretation
  • ​Extract Temperament and your Core Personality from the chart
  • Focus is on applying astrology to real life
  • Build career and relationship profiles
We’ve had many students who are professional astrologers attend and be impressed by the practical value of this class!

Psychological Astrology is the Main Course
If you are cleared and choose to commit to the Psychological Astrology course, you will attend a 2-day Bonus Weekend and a 6-day Psychological Astrology class.

In the Bonus Weekend, we reveal deeper details about pain, inadequacy and life purpose from your astrology chart.

In the 6-day Psychological Astrology class, you’ll be introduced to the 25 Psychological Astrology profiles (or what my students call ‘PAs’) and the effects they have in every area of your life, from emotional reactions, relationship patterns, self-worth issues… etc.
  • See your life thus far through a new, objective lens
  • Identify where you are misaligned with yourself
  • ​Articulate where your purpose and contribution is
  • Build tasks and objectives moving on from here
You’ll be amazed how accurately your chart echoes what is happening in your head.
Why do I care whether or not you can read charts properly?
I studied astrology on my own for 8 years before I pursued proper education. I understand the pain of not getting results for your efforts.

I finally began structured studies with the best astrologers in the world, but although they were masters of technique, I wasn’t always taught how to actually use the chart for practical purposes.

Now, I aim to give students the double benefit of learning technique and application at the same time.

This is the education I wished I had when I was a student.

The hundreds of students I have taught are already making a difference to people in their personal and professional lives.

Teaching astrology that benefits students gives meaning to my work.

Should You Do This Course?
Based on our experience, students who are less suitable for this course:
  • Seek magical fortune-telling abilities
  • ​Expect to obtain chart interpretations without putting in real effort
  • ​Want fancy techniques and astrology terms but not interested in practical applications

Conversely, the students who get immense value from doing the course have:
  • Been seeking a quality astrology education
  • ​Practical avenues in their life where astrology skills can help others
  • ​Prepared to put in effort to learn a complex
    but rewarding skill

OK I’m Ready - What’s The Next Step?
Astrology is a powerful tool when used with a directed focus.

When you have a strong intention to live a meaningful life, Psychological Astrology can take you onto a new trajectory. 

Don't waste any more time studying on your own.

I’ll see you in class.

Beginner’s Intro Astrology
Course Details
Course Outcomes & Objectives:
  • Learn chart symbols and their interpretation
  • ​Extract Temperament and your Core Personality from the chart
  • Focus on applying astrology to real life
  • Build career and relationship profiles
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: I am an international student outside of Singapore, will I still be able to attend the class?
A: Yes, our classes are conducted online via Zoom so a student from anywhere in the world is able to log on with a reliable internet connection. The only consideration would be whether the timezone difference works for you.

Q: Will there be a recording of the class?
A: Yes, students will get access to the recordings after the class. But this is primarily for students to review it to catch up on parts of the class they wish to revisit. This is not meant as an alternative to attending the class live.

Q: I do not have accurate birth data. Can I still attend the course?
A: Most of the techniques taught are dependent on accurate birth data. If you do not have an exact birth time, some of the interpretations will not have the pin-point accuracy that astrology is capable of. Students are strongly advised to retrieve your birth information from your birth records.

Q: Does this course certify me to be a professional astrologer?
A: No. Selfstrology Academy only endorses graduates of our Professional Astrologer’s Programme as being professionally competent to see clients. Do contact us here for more information.

Q: Can I take the Psychological Astrology Course directly without going through the Beginner’s Intro Astrology Course?
A: The Beginner's Intro Astrology Course is a prerequisite for the Psychological Astrology Course.

Q: What is the size of the class?
A: The maximum class size is 30pax.
For more FAQs, click here