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In a Timeline Consultation, it would cover a detailed chart interpretation and profiling component where it would accurately describe personality, motivating aspirations, talents, etc. This would include the psychological complexes that might be hindering your life – generates insecurities, fears, blocks, and identify the positive and constructive use of that energy.


The 2-year Timeline Forecast is a graphical table with coloured bars. It provides significant directions on the important areas of life to focus and work on. This is especially useful for individuals who are planning for personal projects or for those who are in transitional phases in life which may be particularly stressful and uncertain.


Included in the 2-year Transits & Timeline Forecast, are exact date ranges and time periods which will be given and each of these occurrences will be described and covered in detail during the consultation.  The purpose is less focused on “predicting” or “forecasting” events, but rather to understand the upcoming situations to have mental preparations as well as a means for controlling behaviors and manage expectations.


To prepare for each Timeline Consultation,  the Astrologer requires preparation time (up to 2hrs) for the extensive work necessary to calculate and prepare the written report prior to the consultation. The Timeline Consultation is also a 2-hr session as compared to the other types which are shorter in duration at 1-hr each session.

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There is no limit to what is being discussed during a consultation. However, each Timeline consultation is 2-hrs which we highly recommend for you to focus on 1-2 significant areas in your life to work on as a priority. Should the need arise that you may require another session to review the discussion, you may get back in touch with us and we will be able to advise accordingly.

To do so it may require quite abit of extensive work for the Astrologer to make the necessary additional calculations. And that is why Astrologers do charge for such services. Secondly, 18 months is a comfortable timeframe for most clients to remember the discussion during the consultation and to effect changes to attain the intended objectives.

With each consultation, there will be a full written report including the descriptions of each specific time periods and what exactly is being affected. An audio recording of the session will also be sent to you after the consultation, for you to playback and reference the discussion. Alternatively, you may choose to arrange for a review session to have certain areas relooked or for further clarification purposes.

We typically allow one postponement with a valid reason. This is because the preparation work and the consultation slot has been reserved prior to the appointment, we would hope to avoid unnecessary changes to the appointment schedules.

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