This detailed consultation is recommended for individuals who are seeking comprehensive insights of their astrology chart focusing on personality traits and challenges that might influence personal growth. Additionally, during the consultation, May will go through in detail the forecasts of significant events that might occur within a 2-year timeframe.


What is included in the consultation:

  • 2-hour detailed chart consultation
  • 2-year forecasts & timeline of significant events
  • Detailed interpretations in the written report
  • An audio recording of the session


Suitable for:

  • First-time or subsequent consultations
  • General and overview perspectives
  • Yearly Planning
  • Detailed insights on specific and multiple life areas
  • Detailed insights on upcoming significant events


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How Can A Consultation Help?

In an Astrology Consultation, it would cover a detailed chart interpretation and profiling component where it would accurately describe personality, motivating aspirations, talents, etc. The second component of the consultation would highlight psychological complexes that might be hindering your life – generates insecurities, fears, blocks, and identify the positive and constructive use of that energy.

Potential Focus Areas

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Booking instructions:

  • Step 1: Select a type of Consultation service
  • Step 2: Request for a timeslot / Select a timeslot
  • Step 3: Send us your birth information: name, birth date, birth time and birth city (Please use the information on your Birth Certificate)
  • Step 4: Make payment for the consultation
  • Step 5: Receive confirmation of consultation appointment
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We typically allow one postponement with a valid reason. This is because the preparation work and the consultation slot has been reserved prior to the appointment, we would hope to avoid unnecessary changes to the appointment schedules.

For most people, the birth information would be on your birth records or on a Birth Certification.

However a good astrologer should be able to do rectification, which is a process of working backwards to find a client’s birth time. However, this is a process which will take May hours to do – consider how one day is 1440 minutes, which is also 1440 possible birth times. May does this only for consultation clients, and rectification is service are chargeable. The charges for rectifications starts at an additional $30 on top of consultation fees. This is not a significant fee as rectification really takes several hours to do.

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