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Feature: The Finder – 26 Jan 2016

Your 2016 Astrology: Does Your Child’s Career Depend on the Horoscope?


Credit: TheFinder Magazine


How do children learn, play and encounter the world based on their astrological chart?


Truth be told, I seldom do children’s charts. There are already too many influences trying to mould children using conventional cookie cutters, and I’m a believer in allowing individuals to grow their way, in their own time. After all, I’m a proponent of a profiling tool that charts each person as a unique individual!

Having said that, if you’re open to allowing your child to develop in their own unique individual ways (never mind if what they’re doing isn’t conventional or typically money-spinning), an astrological examination might be one of greatest gifts a parent can give to your child.


Going by Sun Signs is going to give you an incomplete information

Take Lindsay Lohan, who is a Cancer – it’s a sign typically associated with nurturing, sensitive, emotional children. Cancerians are usually described as quiet, retreating individuals; all well and good, but barely traits you’d associate with Lindsay Lohan, right?


How Children Learn and Early Life

The Third House in the chart will describe how one learns, communicate, and think. Planets in the Third House will give indications of the topics one is interested in, as well as conditions necessary to stimulate mental activity.

Lindsay Lohan has Venus here; she’s interested in things associated with fashion, beauty, aesthetics, art, plus this placement usually indicates someone who knows how to sugar-coat communication. Venus is in the sign of Leo, so self-expression will be the primary factor for what drives learning for her.

For children with this placement, it’s recommended to channel them to artistic pursuits, such as speech and dramapainting classes, role-playing, scenario learning. You want to make sure they get to show off, inject their personal touch and be creative. The downside of the placement is that thinking can be self-centred, so parents will have to ensure that taking into account the needs of others are instilled in their thinking process.


‘Career Indicators’ Can Be Interpreted on a Spectrum

The chart gives valuable clues about the condition of the child’s career path, and indeed Linday Lohan’s career indicators are pretty strong. Jupiter in Pisces in the 10th house (that’s the grey one that looks like a ‘4’) describes a career that is imaginative, boundless and has a sense of fantasy and glamour (appropriate for an acting career).

Achieving success should not typically pose a problem for her. However Jupiter makes red tension lines to Chiron in the 12th house (the green ‘key’) and Uranus in the Sixth House (the blue icon), and this can indicate problems with alcohol, drugs, an adrenaline-charged environment, and the typical “wild child” image. This description would fit in with Lohan’s reputation for speeding, drink driving, partying and incessant drug use.

All is not lost, however, for a child with Lohan’s placements, for an alternative interpretation could run as such: The same chart could also well describe someone in the helping professions, such as therapists helping those with drug and alcohol problems, for example, or perhaps an activist fighting for the rights of disadvantaged groups of people (that would account for the adrenaline-charged environment).

The chart will describe the conditions associated with one’s career, and a chart examination will reveal the spectrum for which the indicators lie, and parents can channel the child to use those energies, or express the conditions in positive, rather than destructive ways.

Remember, the Chart Will Describe One’s Unique Path

When parents get a chart examination done for their children, it’s important to remember that the child is a unique individual – what they want to do or end up doing may not be your idea of a viable career path (so many of us are doing work our parents balk at everyday!), and some of them have tough lessons built in to mould them into becoming the person they are.

A competent examination of the chart can be an invaluable tool for parenting and guidance, or self-discovery, if used to examine yourself.

If you are interested in an astrological consultation, get in touch with May at and use this code for a special discount: Finder_Children.



About May Sim

The first Asian Chinese person to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology with a Diploma in Modern Astrology, May offers a unique take on the zodiac. This founder of Selfstrology will write about how to interpret the stars, moons and other signs to improve your career, love life, kids’ future and more.


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Feature: The Finder – 6 Jan 2016

Your 2016 Astrology: Is Your Career Right for You?

Credit: TheFinder Magazine

Searching for our vocation is easily among the most pressing concerns for anyone. What do your stars say?

I often get questions like, “Can you look at my chart and tell me what industry I should be in?” Now, the truth is, an astrologer doesn’t look at your chart and go “Ah, you’re a nurse / lawyer / florist / road sweeper!”, simply because there isn’t a planet, sign or house that’s assigned to every single possible vocation on earth.

What an astrologer CAN see though, is if a sense of right and wrong is paramount to you. Or if you absolutely judge your career choices by monetary remuneration alone, or vice versa, you don’t care about the remuneration, as long as the job involves doing things you enjoy. We can see if you have creative talent for writing, music, design, or that you have the desire to get into such professions, but don’t have the requisite innate talent to actually succeed at the top of the game.

Here is a glimpse of what astrologers look at when doing career readings:

Example: Chart of Steven Spielberg, born on 18 December 1946 at 6.16pm in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A) The Ruler of the Midheaven

The Midheaven is the black arrow at the top of the chart, and it is one of the indicators of your “life path”, which, for most of us, determines the kind of work we end up doing. The ruler of the sign on the Midheaven indicates the kind of industry that’s most aligned with our career objectives, and also describes our approach to it.

For example, Spielberg’s Midheaven ruler is Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th house. 5th house: associated with creative product, such as the media, leisure, fun, children.
Scorpio: intense, penetrative, not doing things in half-measures

Given the fact the Steven Spielberg is still one of Hollywood’s top directors, the career indicator is a fitting one. An astrologer would describe this as someone “in the right line of work”.

B) The House Position of the Sun

If you depend entirely on Sun sign descriptions of yourself, some astrology sources may seem “inaccurate” when describing your career inclinations, for example you might be a Scorpio, described as being into investigation, mysteries, the occult, sex, taboo topics and so on, but you might be in a trade that’s incongruous to that description, say, a kindergarten teacher!


You are so much more than just a Sun sign, but apart from that, often it is the house position of the Sun, not the sign, that gives me more clues about career paths / industries.

For example, Spielberg has his Sun in the 6th house, which typically describes someone who’s quite hands-on and process-oriented. Such people are typically low-key and detail-oriented, often concerned with precision and getting things right (sometimes to the extent of perfectionism). Considering he’s not an actor, but the director/producer, that’s just about right!

C) Planets in the 1st House

The 1st house in a birth chart may affect physical appearance on a superficial level, but going further than that, the 1st house is all about our personal identity. Many people identify strongly with what they do for a living i.e. “I am a digital marketer” or “I am a chef”, and this could be described by planets contributing to their sense of sense in the 1st house of a birth chart.

Spielberg doesn’t have anything in the first house, but the house is ruled by Moon in Scorpio in 5th House, which we saw earlier refers to his creative product, i.e. his movies, and this further emphasises how important his creative identity is to him.

Every individual chart tells its own story, and there are a myriad of ways in which a good astrologer can discern the layers of your self-expression. When you’re in the right line of work, your natural strengths can click into place and deliver worthy results.

If you are interested in an astrological consultation, get in touch with May at and use this code for a special discount: Finder_Career.

About May Sim

The first Asian Chinese person to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology with a Diploma in Modern Astrology, May offers a unique take on the zodiac. This founder of Selfstrology will write about how to interpret the stars, moons and other signs to improve your career, love life, kids’ future and more.

For the original article, see:


The Moon: Your Moods, Reactions and Need for Security

Have you ever encountered persons you thought were very steady, but reveal a highly emotional side when a crisis occurs? Or perhaps you know fragile-looking people who are surprisingly resilient when everyone else is freaking out?

The Moon is one of the components in an astrological birth chart, and it describes a person’s habits, reactions and the unconscious needs. The Moon shows us what we need in order to feel secure, comfortable and safe.

It’s irrational, and it has nothing to do with what most people know as ‘your sign’ (more correctly known as the Sun sign), because a person with a Capricorn Sun, for example, typically known to be ambitious, steady, emotionless, can have his Moon sign in any of the 12 zodiac signs, and if it happens to be in clingy, needy Cancer, you would end up with a very different personality mix than a Capricorn Sun who has an emotionally indifferent Aquarius Moon.

So what does YOUR Moon say about you?

For starters, we could look at the Element your Moon is in.

(Tip: The Moon sign is prob NOT the same as your Sun sign. Don’t know what sign your Moon is in? Email me your birth date and time here and I’ll be happy to tell you)

Moon in Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You react to most experiences with enthusiasm, positivity and you’re ready to take action. While you’re happy initiating and creating things, or perhaps inspiring others to do so, you may be impulsive and make decisions too quickly. You could be very effective in promoting things and ideas, so you want to make sure this skill is used ethically so that your conviction is not misused.

The usual modus operandi is a strong display of confidence, though those close to you may bear witness to despondency and self-doubting moods that you suffer in private. If used negatively, your attitude may come across as self-serving and superior, which others may come to resent. Your greatest strength is the ability to inspire and motivate those around you.

Moon in Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

You’re the grounded, matter-of-fact ones, who aren’t the freak-out kind. If your Moon is in Taurus or Capricorn, the tendency is to have no reaction whatsoever (at least on the outside), and because you can give the impression that nothing fazes you, this could be a real advantage in some management-type positions. Those with a Virgo Moon may react more quickly and nervously, but nevertheless your mind still runs along organised lines.

The tendency behind an Earth Moon is to be conscious of the physical reaction that is shown to the public, careful that it should not reveal emotional vulnerabilities. Because you emote so rarely, you could majorly affect others on the occasions when you DO lose it every now and then. The pressure of knowing this can mean you generally take on more than your fair share of emotional responsibility.

Moon in Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

How you handle any incoming experience is to first put it under a filter of intellectual detachment. The keywords here are assessment, objectivity and logic. You could potentially end up with over-analysis and hence, indecisiveness. The advantage you do have over the Fire and Water Moons though, is the ability for intelligent forethought and planning.

The emotional detachment in Air Moons typically shows its challenges in personal relationships, where your lack of engagement can be disconcerting for those who expect and require more expressive outward displays. Since the Moon is a security indicator in birth charts, whenever your well-being is threatened you tend to experience mental exhaustion.

Moon in Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Emotionally intense, even everyday experience can be encountered as fear or feeling vulnerable. In the earlier years of your life, one of your challenges may be in controlling or channeling old habit patterns that may affect your clarity and objectivity. The tendency is to remember, or focus, on the negative parts of an experience. Your sense of self-protection is very strong, such that your self-containment might be an obstacle to moderation when sharing emotions with others.

Having said that, you’re also among the most empathetic people, and you could be very comforting to those who need emotional support. When you’re able to overcome personal obstacles to objectivity and clarity, you have an uncanny instinct and insight into human nature.

Articles, Work & Career

Your Career Guide In The Stars

Searching for our vocation is easily among the most pressing concerns for anyone. What do your stars say?

I often get questions like ‘Can you look at my chart and tell me what industry I should be in?’ Now, the truth is, an astrologer doesn’t look at your chart and go ‘Ah…. you’re a nurse / lawyer / florist / road sweeper!’, simply because there isn’t a planet, sign or house that’s assigned to every single possible vocation on Earth.

What an astrologer CAN see though, is if a sense of right and wrong is paramount to you. Or if you absolutely judge your career choices by monetary remuneration alone, or vice versa, you don’t care about the remuneration, as long as the job involves doing things you enjoy. We can see if you have creative talent for writing, music, design, or that you have the DESIRE to get into such professions, but don’t have the requisite innate talent to actually succeed at the top of the game.

Here is a glimpse of what astrologers look at when doing career readings: (hint: if you haven’t seen your birth chart before, email me at and I’ll be happy to email you a free copy of your birth chart. See a sample here)

A) The Ruler of the Midheaven

The Midheaven is the black arrow at the top of the chart, and it is one of the indicators of your ‘life path’ (which for most of us determines the kind of work we end up doing). The ruler of the sign on the Midheaven indicates the kind of industry that’s most aligned with our career objectives, and also describes our approach to it.

For example, my Midheaven ruler is Moon in Capricorn in the 4th house. The 4th house placement suggests keywords such as home, property, nurturing and caring for others. I was a real estate agent for many years, and prior to that I had been in the safety industry for about 5 years. However, the ruler’s placement in Capricorn (which is ANYTHING BUT motherly), meant that my approach would be more professional, technical, results-oriented, than you would expect of a nurturer. For you see, I didn’t sell condos and homes – I sold / rented factories and offices. Also, in the safety company my work included designing and building technical safety systems aimed at protecting workers.

B) The House Position of the Sun

If you depend entirely on Sun sign descriptions of yourself, some astrology sources may seem ‘inaccurate’ when describing your career inclinations, for example you might be a Scorpio, described as being into investigation, mysteries, the occult, sex, taboo topics etc, but you’re a kindergarten teacher (who DOESN’T mess with the kids…. what were you thinking, huh? Heh heh).

You are so much more than just a Sun sign, but apart from that, often it is the house position of the Sun, not the sign, that gives me more clues about career paths / industries. For example, the Scorpio kindergarten teacher might have her Sun in the 3rd house (learning, communication, data, skills), so she actually derives personal satisfaction from teaching and interacting with children, though the Scorpio sign placement may help her understand each child deeper on an emotional level.

C) Planets in the 1st House

The 1st house in a birth chart may affect physical appearance on a superficial level, but going further than that, the 1st house is all about our personal identity. Many people identify strongly with what they do for a living i.e. ‘I am a digital marketer’ ‘I am a chef’, and this could be described by planets contributing to their sense of sense in the 1st house of a birth chart.

I have Pluto in the 1st, for instance. This would describe someone who needs to regenerate her identity in order to find meaning, and hence is capable of making drastic changes to career choices – and I have done work in vastly different fields (literature and the arts, industrial safety, industrial real estate, astrology). Jackie Chan, for another example, has Moon and Jupiter in the 1st, describing someone who is in touch with his cultural roots, plus Jupiter brings humour, action and exploration to his identity. Little wonder, then, that he spent decades entertaining millions with his humorous brand of kungfu movies, while being an ambassador of Chinese culture into the West.

Every individual chart tells its own story, and there are myriad ways in which a good astrologer can discern the layers of your self-expression.

If you’d like to find out more, do subscribe to us for any upcoming complimentary workshops. Some lucky attendees will receive free demo readings during the session. Subscribe to us on the link below! 

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Valentine’s Special: Venus in Your Chart

Venus – the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity.

How do you act when you’re in love? Heck, what gets you to fall in love in the first place? May talks about how the placement of Venus describes your approach to the game of L.O.V.E.

Note: These descriptions are not for your Sun signs, they’re for your Venus signs. Don’t know your Venus sign? Try going to to generate your chart for free, or email me here with your birth details and I’ll be happy to email you a copy of your chart.

Venus in Aries

Why They Love You: You’re outgoing and you sparkle at social events. Chances are, your creativity in artistic pursuits paints you as an exciting and active personality! You’re passionate in love and romance and people won’t be left in any doubt that you’re totally into them – and who doesn’t want to be wanted?

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: Whoa, did that woman just come on to me? Competitive, direct Venus in Aries has no qualms about making the first move, but pssst… sometimes guys lie when they say they want the woman to take the initiative *hint*. Other times, though, your affections are impulsive  and unstable – the fire doesn’t burn steady for long

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): You like strong, independent, physically active types. You don’t even mind if she’s a bit loud – after she’s just so full of life it’s hard to keep quiet about it. Be sure you bring enough of your own fire to the relationship – she expects it of her man.


Venus in Taurus

Why They Love You: Steady and loyal, you would rather attract than pursue your loved one. You have a developed sense of touch, so they love it that you’re so physically affectionate. Beauty is a major factor of your self-expression – you always make sure yourself, your home, your office, looks good, and that can be really attractive.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: All that beauty doesn’t come cheap: your expenditures can get high and in extreme cases you could be high maintenance. Emotional security is so important that if it ever get threatened, you could be possessive and jealous. Comfort is #1 for you, if a relationship isn’t comfortable anymore, you’ll seek it elsewhere, but you won’t leave your relationship because you don’t like change.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): Taurus is about beauty in physical form – little wonder a pretty face does wonders for this guy and if he’ll admit it, so do boobs (physical structure, beauty, geddit?) But it’s not just sexual attraction, cos the Venus in Taurus guy is looking for someone who’s gonna be a good child-bearer of his.


Venus in Gemini

Why They Love You: You’re witty, social and conversational, and people are drawn to your agile mind and intellect. You’re an expert on artistic expression, especially if it involves word play or jokes with puns. You’re so easy to approach because you’re friendly with everyone, and you’re not difficult to talk to cos you never run of out words. For that reason you’re also probably king/queen of whatsapp flirting.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: So many choices, so little time. Relationships sound so restrictive because you can only pick ONE. Eventually you do settle on one, but you can’t always help that wondering eye because all these yummy alternative options keep showing up! You secretly think life would be easier if you all just remained friends.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): I’ll say this for these guys – they have original tastes. Venus in Gemini men aren’t into your body (yes they do get distracted by the curvy ones sometimes… but), they are actually into your brains. Their lady should be a witty conversationalist, and instead of the Scarlett Johanssen type, they probably prefer the athletic, skinny types. A perky and outgoing (even tomboyish) personality also turns them on.


Venus in Cancer

Why They Love You: You’re the marrying type – financial and domestic security – what’s not to like? Your homes are beautiful and comfortable, so partners truly feel like they’re home when they’re with you. You also like home-based dates (movies at home, dinners at home), so that means your date can usually save some money (hee hee). You’re probably a good cook or are maternal in some way – perfect if he’s looking for a mother of his kids.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: You’re sensitive, and this means you get easily hurt. Emotional reactions can be unpredictable, and less patient partners won’t have time to get over the sulks. You want a family, and tension can build if the partner isn’t ready for that level of commitment.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): Your tastes are more traditional, and perhaps more real. You’re not interested in glamour, in fact you see plenty of beauty in homely types (though she scores major points if she’s booby). Between slightly overweight and skinny, you’d probably pick the former. Between a good cook and a brainy woman, you’ll choose gastronomic security every time.

Venus in Leo

Why They Love You: You’re a lover of life, and appreciate the drama that goes with it. Expensive, lavish parties are your forte and people come forth to bask in your warmth. You know just what to do to get the admiration and attention of others. Romance and courtship comes naturally to you, and partners who make an effort in this regard are seldom disappointed by your reactions.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: There’s a snobbish streak just under all that sunny warmth, and if at any time your partner isn’t someone you’re proud to show off, beware the diva. You’re undoubtedly the king/queen, but even your loyal subjects deserve appreciation sometimes, and you can’t expect royal treatment 24/7. You’re incredibly loyal though, and sometimes won’t let go of a relationship even if they break up with you.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): Polished is the word. If a King searches for his queen, she’d better look the part, and you’re sensible enough to know that au naturel doesn’t get her there, so you prefer the made-up, dressed-up types over the homely kind. You like to entertain, so she gets extra points if she knows how to orchestrate the royal procession – with you at the head of it of course.


Venus in Virgo

Why They Love You: You have great appreciation for the intellectual and work achievements of others, so hard-working and competent people gravitate to you. People might as well get used to hanging out in your workplace, because you spend so much time there, and also because it’s more comfortable than your actual home. You’re very helpful and know how to offer just what is needed from you, plus you’re also very open to improvement tips from others.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: We know you’re trying to help by pointing out where they have room for improvement, but nobody likes hearing where they’re not perfect. When it comes to manners, personal appearance and hygiene, most people are slobs compared to you.

*On occasion a Venus in Virgo persons shows up to be the exact opposite – promiscuous, or they’re terrible slobs. If you’re one of them, I’d like to study your chart – please email me here

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): You like the quiet, bookish types who look like competent librarians, because the more dressed-up ones seem impractical and flighty. Beware – if you go for people who seem kinda lost, make sure you’re not in it cos you just wanna fix them.


Venus in Libra

Why They Love You: You’re beautiful, and marriage, social relations are extremely important to you – romantic opportunities tend to follow accordingly. You need a lot of harmony, so you seldom start fights or disagreements. Fairness is important to you, so you’re happy to carry your side of responsibilities for the relationship.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: When blissful harmony is affected by disagreements, you tend to go along with things just to restore the peace. Be careful of compromising your values, because that’s never a long-term solution. Also you like partners to be real smooth in public situations – and not all guys can meet your standards of ‘refined gentleman’.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): Pretty faces. Gets you every time.


Venus in Scorpio

Why They Love You: Hot smouldering sexuality is your hallmark, but really, your approach is passionate and once committed, there’s almost nothing you wouldn’t do for your partner. Actually the ones who get attracted to you can’t always explain why – they’re just lured in by your magnetism.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: When passions run so high, sometimes you don’t operate on reason anymore. Betrayal and jealousy kick in sometimes, mainly cos you take love and romance so seriously. On occasion you get upset enough to cut others off entirely – eliminating the possibility of reinstating your relationships. You find yourself getting emotional BDSM – it’s almost as if love without pain isn’t love.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): Mysterious, silent, controlled, powerful, confident. You can’t resist sexy ladies dressed in black.

Venus in Sagittarius

Why They Love You: You’re honest and open with your relationship – your principles and ethical standards are never compromised, though unusual relationships don’t scare you. You enjoy travel, and it’s not unusual for you to find romantic partners while on your travels. If your date is adventurous, they won’t be disappointed cos you’re willing to try all kinds of activities.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: For people who are so otherwise open-minded you can be incredibly pig-headed when it comes to beliefs (sometimes religious, sometimes not) – be careful of imposing your belief systems on your partners. In another sphere, you believe in honesty, but the bluntness is sometimes too much for others to handle. Signs that are more sensitive (read the whole article for clues) will feel unloved by you.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): The carefree wild child is your girl. Athletic is in, fat is tricky. You have strong sexual stamina ad you wanna make sure she can keep up.


Venus in Capricorn

Why They Love You: You know the right behaviour in almost any situation, so you’re seldom socially awkward. Capricorn rules the bones, and you’re typically blessed with a classic facial bone structure which confers a beauty that lasts well into old age. Significant age gaps between you and the partners aren’t uncommon, so partners don’t have to worry on that account. You’re a steady partner because you take responsibility seriously.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: Your standards are high when it comes to prestige; lesser mortals may feel keenly that you’re not too impressed by them. The emotional types may also find difficulty connecting to you emotionally, with the complaint that you’re too professional and cold in your approach. Venus in Capricorn types sometimes don’t feel that they can start a relationship until their careers are on track.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): A woman who’s worthy of queening your empire, of course. You like traditionally classy girls, and definitely can’t resist a girl in a smart business suit. If you have a boss or secretary who fits the bill, that’s the one you want. Having said that, when you’re stressed out at work, almost anyone looks attractive to you.


Venus in Aquarius

Why They Love You: You sparkle and you bubble and your sense of fun is unconventional – consequently you also seem to like ingenious or eccentric people. Romantic partners should be friends first and foremost.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: Freedom is a biggie for Venus in Aquarius, and won’t tolerate partners who get jealous or possessive easily. Your loving nature is unpredictable and it’s possible that attractions can happen as well as disappear suddenly. Marriage can thus be hard to sustain, but Aquarius being a fixed sign, is capable of commitment if the partner is someone they truly respect.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): Unique, strange, quirky – they work best for you.


Venus in Pisces

Why They Love You: Romantic and sensitive, you believe in true love, and won’t allow anyone else to tell you otherwise. You’re highly capable of sympathy and that’s why you’re the consummate nice guy.

Why Love Gets Rocky Sometimes: You need clear demonstrations of love and affection from others, else you feel lonely and disappointed. Your sympathetic nature sometimes attracts those who take advantage of you. The extreme fear of rejection means you hesitate to risk expressing your feelings, so you suffer your love in silence, hence missing romantic opportunities. Take care that you don’t indulge in maudlin sentimentality for lovers who are undeserving of your devotion.

Who’s Your Venus (If You’re A Man): You like softness, sweetness, even neediness – as long as she’s the epitome of femininity. Robustness and aggressiveness not required; in fact you’re more attracted when she’s not very confident.


Disclaimer: Each person is more than just a Venus sign, a myriad of factors determine how one operates. An astrologer will need to put degrees, houses positions and aspects into the mix to get a full picture of how anyone operates in relationships.

That’s Part 1 of my Valentine’s Special… stay tuned for Part 2 ‘Mars in Your Chart’

Questions? Or if want to get a clearer look at your natal chart, contact May at

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Top 5 Most Popular Consultations

Here’s what our clients wanted most from Astrologer May Sim in 2014

1. Birth / Natal Chart Consultations

The classic mainstay. Most first-timers begin with the Birth Chart Consultation for a glimpse of where astrology can take you. If you’ve never had your chart read before, you will be amazed what planetary placements can reveal about strengths and weaknesses and how they manifest in your life. Most people know your Sun Sign, ‘I’m a Gemini!’ or ‘I’m a Sagittarius!’ but that’s only just the SUN.

A western astrology chart is cast for the exact time of birth (to the minute) and the map coordinates of your birth city, hence every chart is unique, and definitely totally different from the charts of the other people who happen to be born within the same 30-day period as you, even if you BOTH are Geminis.

2. Relationship Consultation

What’s unique about May’s relationship readings is that both parties are required to be present. If you’re coming alone, no worries, the Natal Chart Consultation will suffice – it already reveals much of what your romantic and social life is like on its own.

For couples, May reads both persons individually, then put your charts together to look at inter-relations between you two. The Relationship Consultation also includes the Composite Chart, which is the chart of your relationship.


An Astrological Look at ‘Bus’ Riots in Singapore

*This article was first published in the Dec 2013 issue of International Academy of Astrology’s (IAA) Newsletter

Interruptors of Peace – An Astrological Look at Riots in Singapore

Singapore is known internationally for being a beacon of wealth, peace and most of all, its law-abiding population. So when a riot broke out on 8 Dec 2013, and images of burning police cars and ambulances, some flipped on their sides, appeared in newspapers, the world was shocked – Was this Singapore?

The riot was apparently triggered by a fatal road accident, in a locale known as Little India, involving a bus and an Indian national worker, after which a mob began attacking the bus involved and the emergency personnel who arrived at the accident site.

For many Singaporeans, this incident invites comparisons to another riot that occurred in 1955, known as the Hock Lee bus riots, wherein bus workers went on strike and crippled the entire country’s transport system. Immediate similarities include the fact that: a bus or buses were involved, and that the incidents were preceded by strikes by workers protesting poor work conditions and low wages.

 (Note to non-Singaporeans: The idea of strikes is so remarkable because Singapore is so law-abiding that strikes are simply unheard of. ‘Protests’ are carried out at a designated park and organisers apply for a police permit well in advance.)

Singapore’s Potential for Transport-Related Riots

Tri-Wheel Independence and RiotsThe link between both events and Singapore as a nation are unmistakeable: have a look at this tri-wheel displaying Singapore’s Independence chart, the 1955 Hock Lee Bus Riot, and the 2013 Little India Riot. (Right-click on chart to view on New Tab)

The first thing I’d like to point out is the partile conjunction at 17 Sco in the 11th house. Neptune in the 11th house in a country’s chart can indicate the potential for chaos and confusion in a mass-led situation. On both occasions, transiting Saturn, which also happens to be the Independence chart ruler, was conjunct this chaos indicator. Neptune rules the 3rd house of transport in the Independence chart, which also contains Saturn and Chiron, yet again emphasising the potential for pain and injury (Chiron), in a situation involving transport and/or roads. In the Independence chart, Neptune makes a water trine to Saturn, indicating the ease in which emotions can exacerbate the potential for chaos.

 In the Independence chart, Mars is in the 10th house and the most elevated planet, suggesting a strong and competitive government. Mars, however, rules the opposing 4th house of land and local people, on one hand indicating that the government has a strong hold over its people, but also that anything that challenges the might (Mars) of the government (10th house), can shake the ground (IC) on which everyone stands on.

Hence, it seems that a conjunction from transit Saturn to Neptune alone is not enough to trigger a riot; in fact, a closer study of both event charts reveal that the transits on both days also delivered planets and angles that formed a Cardinal Grand Cross to Singapore’s Mars in the 10th house. On yet closer inspection, you might notice that these transiting planets and points are either major angles (Ascendant, Midheaven) or angle rulers (Venus rules MC, Moon rules Dsc, Ura rules Asc).

Riots as a Agent of Ideological Transformation in Singapore

Another startling discovery is that the event charts of both riots contain very noticeable Thor’s Hammers with an 5th house / 8th house base, culminating at the Ascendant as the apex. Visually it is almost as if they are literally pointing an arrow at the Ascendant, saying ‘Look at what’s happening!’ See figures below.

Hock Lee ChartLittle India Chart

Also similar in both cases, the 9th house ruler plays a large role in the Thor’s Hammer pattern – In 1955 the 9th house ruler was Venus, in 2013 it was Neptune, both are found in the 8th house of their respective charts, and in both cases they also formed the 8th house ‘base leg’ of the Thor’s Hammer.

This links up with the issues that were the point of contention in both cases; in 1955 the communist supporters had made use of the bus worker’s dissatisfaction to incite violence and in the recent 2013 incident almost all the rioters were foreign workers of South Asian ethnicity – pointing to the involvement of 9th archetype themes like political ideology and foreign immigration policies respectively. The 8th house placement essentially indicates the crisis-nature of the issue at hand.

An examination of the other ‘base leg’ also proves illuminating – the 8th house base leg provided the ‘what’, the 5th house base leg provides the ‘who’. In 1955 the 5th house base leg was the Moon, which ruled the 11th house, and in 2013 it was Mercury, which rules the 12th house (and 3rd). The earlier riot was exacerbated, if not started, by communist campaigners, and was largely driven by groups of ‘comrades’ (given it was a communist group), hence the 11th house rulership. The recent riots, however, were brought about by South Asian workers who were brought to Singapore primarily to take on jobs nobody wanted to do (e.g. construction, janitorial, manual labour), at a low wage, and then expected to stay out of sight when off duty. They are the hidden, unrecognised contributors to Singapore, hence the 12th house rulership.

The 5th house placement is significant as well, since in 1955 this was a creative (albeit destructive) effort by campaigners (most of whom were impulsive male students) and in the case of the 2013 riot, Little India is basically where the workers congregate on their weekend days off (hence the name), one of their few recreation venues.

Since in both cases the apex of the Thor’s Hammer is the Ascendant (or Jupiter and Ascendant, in 2013’s case), the issues (9th house rulers) and people (11th and 12th house rulers respectively) have come together to force (square) attention on specific conditions (Thor’s Hammer) in the country.

The Angles Reveal Reactions of the Populace

In the chart of the 1955 incident, the angle rulers are locked into a closed aspect pattern connected by a square, semi-square and a sesquiquadrate, in a pattern I call the Red Triangle. Jupiter, the ruler of the local people (4th house) is in the 11th house of ‘comrades’ in a partile conjunction to Uranus, ruler of the 6th house of unions and workers. Mercury, which rules the Ascendant and MC, is in the 10th house closely conjunct the MC, represents the local government which was at the time fighting to obtain independence from the English colonial rulers. Neptune in the 2nd house rules the Descendant, which to me represents the English authorities since they are the ‘other guy’.

The square between Jupiter/Uranus and Neptune indicate the ideological clash between communist sympathisers and the colonial rulers, with the local government (Mercury) barely able to keep both within control (semi-square one and sesquiquadrate the other). The Red Triangle represents the deadlock between the three parties, and in fact, since Neptune is the only party with outlets (easy aspect) out of the Red Triangle, the English authorities manage to retain power for the time being, and denied independence to Singapore (sesquiquadrate) while clamping down (square) on the communist insurgents.

The story behind the 2013 riot is very different, however. Far from being deadlocked into a close aspect pattern, only two out of four angle rulers are in aspect, and it is a trine. The people are represented by IC ruler Venus trine Mars, which is the MC ruler representing the government, hence the people are in agreement with the government’s handling of the situation. The Ascendant ruler, Moon, while being part of the Thor’s Hammer (it’s part of the 8th house ‘base leg’) is in aspect with neither Mars nor Venus, indicating that neither the government nor the general population is compelled to deal directly and immediately with the issue at hand.

What Happens Next?

Since the two events are connected so closely with numerous associations, we may glean some valuable information on how the recent riot will affect Singapore by studying the 1955 chart.

In the 1955 chart, the Ascendant did not make easy aspect to any planets, meaning there was no actual ‘solution’ to the problem highlighted by the riot. The only ‘solution’ available applied only to the political deadlock, and that resulted in the British retaining power because its planet indicator, Neptune, was the only one that had easy aspects out of the Red Triangle. Its trine to Mars in the 10th house indicated how the British authorities simply over-stepped the local goverment to maintain status quo (Mars conjunct South Node).

If we look at the 2013 chart, the trine between Mars and Venus suggest that all is well between the government and the local people. However, the aspect is out of sign, indicating that the seeming agreement is somewhat complex. Venus is also conjunct the Descendant, suggesting that the people are aligning themselves with an alternative point of view. That ‘alternative point of view’, the Descendant, is ruled by Saturn in the 4th house, suggesting a mindset change that comes from the people and can be progressive (Saturn loosely conjunct North Node).

 Also, unlike the 1955 Ascendant, which made no easy aspects, the 2013 Ascendant trines this Saturn that represents the alternative point of view. I would like to suggest that the ‘solution’ to the recent riot is that the people begin to see and appreciate the ‘other guy’, and that an integrationist, rather than separatist policy towards migrant workers, could be the key to Singapore’s progress moving on from this incident.

For Discussion:

The 1955 riot occurred before Singapore’s Independence date, which is 9 August 1965.

Is it astrologically acceptable to use a relatively recent country’s ‘birth’ chart for historical events that occur prior to the selected date?

Additional Reading:

About the 1955 Hock Lee Bus Riot:

About the recent 2013 Little India Riot:


Tired of Being Judged by ‘Others’?

The Astrology of Society’s Expectations and Being Judged

I’ve studied astrology for a long time, and even after years of being in touch with the material, every now and then a piece of dry astrology fact clicks into place, and I gain a bit of life wisdom just from understanding HOW and WHY this fragment of astrology WORKS.

One of such incidents I remember well, was this:

Fact: Saturn takes approximately 28.5 years to complete an orbit around the Sun

That means absolutely nothing at first glance, but a bit of math tells you that relative to where Saturn is at your birth:

– When you were 7 years old Saturn moved to the first quarter point of the circle

– At 14-15 years old it was opposite your natal Saturn

– At 21 years old it’s placed at the third quarter position

– At 28.5 years old it returns to its original position

– Subsequently the pattern repeats itself at approximate 28.5-year intervals


In almost every culture, at age 7 you transit from being a kid to becoming a ‘big’ kid – you started going to a proper school, and suddenly homework just got serious, and god forbid… you were expected to pass tests. Welcome to your first taste of parental, teacher and society’s expectations.

Life StagesAt 14-15 all your classmates seemed to have their style, or their ‘thing’. You felt left out, unattractive, and embarrassed to be seen in any social situation because you felt that the adults were watching and judging you, and you were conscious of looking ‘cool’ in front of the other kids. Perhaps you started noticing the opposite sex, and realizing that their opinion of you was so, so important.

When you finally made the transition to adulthood (people turn ‘adult’ at 21 in Singapore, where I come from, although astrologers beg to differ on this point – see next paragraph) at approximately age 20-23, you’re conscious of not being dependant on your parents anymore – it’s time to make your own living, embark on some kind of career or path. You wonder how you’ll measure up to your peers. Maybe you took on a college degree or career that your parents chose for you (either consciously or subconsiously).

By age 28-30, most of us would have sort of settled into some kind of career, and while you feel that you still have a long way to go, there’s a sense that you completed a milestone that began with your entry into school at age 7. This time of life is known to astrologers as the Saturn Return because Saturn returns to where it was when you were born, and this is where astrologers consider the true transition to adulthood, for here you take responsibility for the choices you made at the three earlier Saturn milestone points. Where you stand at the Saturn Return sets the stage for the next Saturn cycle.


What Saturn Means

From just the analysis of Saturn’s orbit above, you don’t need to know astrology to understand that Saturn represents measuring up, structure, parents and their expectations, teachers and their expectations, bosses and their expectations, long-term plans, tradition and conventionality, responsibilities etc.

On the other side of the coin, Saturn makes you wait for the outcome, makes you WORK for the outcome, gets you stressed up and worried about not ‘making it’, and reminds you every now and then ‘others’ are constantly watching the ‘grade’ you’re getting on the tests that come your way every here and now, just like the way it was when you were 7.

How Saturn in Your Chart Can Manifest as Problems

  • You become defensive and sensitive to criticism, either real or imagined
  • You fear not ‘making it’, so you overwork, overdo, overstress
  • Because standards are high, you constantly don’t meet your own expectations, and over time your confidence wanes, creating a vicious cycle
  • You crave achievement in this area so much, and try so hard with so little results (in your opinion) that you become intensely envious of those who seem to surpass your abilities with so little effort
  • The required effort is so overwhelming that you give up altogether and reject an entire part of you

Some Examples

I’m not a believer in providing all possible placements for planets, since every birthchart is well and truly unique, and simplifying placements inevitably sounds like I’ve grouped the world’s population into 12 categories. Nonetheless, here are examples to illustrate two house placements of Saturn:

Saturn in the 2nd house (money, possessions, values) could indicate someone who works really hard for money, mainly out of an intense insecurity of not having money, rather than a need for status and power. This person could be very reliable on money matters, for they are likely to take such responsibilities seriously, and would probably have a sound, long-term financial plan in place, though if taken to extremes this person could be a stingy money-pincher. Because of their aversion to risk (because speculation is like, sooo irresponsible), ironically the accumulation of wealth may take a long, long time.

Saturn in the 3rd (communication, thinking, siblings, neighbours) indicates mathematical and scientific ability, due to the structured mental disciplines required for such fields of study. There could be talent in handicraft that takes time and skill to perfect. However this person may be found doubting almost all information coming his way, leading to missed opportunities, and might be very sensitive if his intelligence is ever called into question (real or imagined). In some cases, negative thinking and problems with siblings and neighbours is indicated.


Making Sense of What’s Happening to You Now

Transits to Your Birth Chart

Transits, especially outer planet transits, can turn your life upside down, but it can also provide you with an avenue to shake up the monotony of your life (Uranus), gain insights and lose your rigidity (Neptune), eliminate whatever is no longer working for you by sometimes addressing your greatest fears (Pluto).

The process is never simple, and the periods of your life that are hit by outer planet transits result in events or personal changes that you never forget. These characterise job changes, new relationships and romantic separations, illnesses, saying goodbye to long-term commitments… so it’s no surprise that astrologer’s clients only show up when they’re getting major outer transits – we seldom see anyone who’s not going through one of those.

Some Facts About Outer Transits

1. They last a long time.

The outer planets are VERY slow-moving – e.g. Pluto takes more than 200 years to go around the zodiac, so you’ll never live long enough to see the entire cycle, and it’s not unusual for you to feel a specific Pluto transit for up to a year. Because you’re likely to get that specific transit only once in your lifetime, it literally is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. They can really mess up your life, or effect the most amazing transformations

We’ve seen middle-age men dump their steady, long-term marriages for a holiday fling with Uranus transiting natal Venus, people cutting themselves off from family due to suspicions and distrust with Pluto transits, and others who feel a deep sense of loss and sometimes depression with Neptune transits.

However, those who work constructively with these same transits find the courage to leave unrewarding jobs during the Uranus transit, find peace by picking up yoga and meditation during Neptune transits, and finally conquer addictions during Pluto transits. How do you want to use yours?


If you would like to find out more about astrology, join me for my workshops:

I will explain the transits in greater detail, as well as how to prepare ourselves to first accept the lessons of the transit, manage its effect in our lives, and most importantly how to use the energies to grow and take control. If time permits, mini-readings will be done during the session for participants. Most of the workshops are complimentary. 

Subscribe to us to find out more on our workshops, astrological charts, classes. If not, do email us via our contact form to book a consultation and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


In Between Signs… Or Are You?

If you were born between the 20th – 24th day of any month, there would have been some confusion over which ‘sign’ you were. Depending on where you read your horoscopes, you would have been categorised in either one of 2 signs. For example, if you were born on 22 November, some books would say you were Scorpio, others say you’re Sagittarius.

Are these books wrong? How most of the ‘cusp-babies’ deal with it is to identify themselves as being half of one sign and half of the other. Well, the answer is:

There is no such thing as being ‘half’ of a sign. If you were born 22 November, you are either a Scorpio or Sagittarius, never half of each. Which one you are will depend on which year you were born.

The Scientific Explanation

Just as it’s either July or August (there’s never, ‘today’s half-July, half-August’), there’s a clear cutoff point after which we transit into the next month. It’s possible to be late July or early August, but never half of each.

Why the exact date for the transition cannot be specified properly is attributed to 3 phenomena:

1) The Earth takes approximately 365 and one quarter days to complete an orbit around the Sun

2) The Earth’s orbit around the Sun is not a perfect circle

3) Different time zones used around the world means that if you were born 22 November, you might be Scorpio if you were born in Sydney, but Sagittarius if you were born in New York

Let me explain each one:

1) The Earth takes approximately 365 and one quarter days to complete an orbit around the Sun

If you divide a 360-degree circle by the 12 astrological signs, each sign occupies 30 degrees of the zodiacal circle. Hypothetically, if the Earth’s orbit took exactly 360 days, the Sun would ‘move’ exactly one degree per day. Unfortunately the orbit takes 5 and one quarter extra days, so the 1-degree-per-day estimate is not exact, and each ‘sign’ actually lasts slightly more than the 30-day allocation. From one year to the next, the actual transition from one sign to another will never fall at exactly the same date and time.

2) The Earth’s orbit around the Sun is not a perfect circle

As the Earth’s orbit is slightly elliptical, some signs last slightly longer than others, making it additionally difficult to determine the exact time interval between sign transitions.

3) Different time zones used around the world means that if you were born 22 November, you might be Scorpio if you were born in Sydney, but Sagittarius if you were born in New York

Unfortunately, the MOMENT that the Sun transits into the next sign doesn’t occur exactly at midnight, for whose midnight are we talking about? At any given moment, Sydney and New York may not even be on the same day, let alone the impossibility of it being the same time at both places at once.

As an illustration, based on Singapore-time, which is where I’m based, the transition from Gemini to Cancer occurred on Friday 21 July 2013, 1.04pm. A baby born that day in Singapore at 12.30pm is a Gemini, while another born the same day at 4pm is a Cancer. If they were both born in New York, at 12.30pm and 4pm (New York time) respectively, they would both be Cancers.

Are you a cusp-baby?

If you’d like to put to rest once and for all which sign you are, just generate your FREE birth chart with your birth details here.


1) How do astrologers know exactly when the Sun transits to a new sign?

Astrologers use a tool called an Ephemeris which records, according to astronomical calculations (read: the study of the science behind outer space – or what NASA does), the movements of the planets and other astrological elements. Most ephemerides are based on GMT time, so we need to be skilled in carrying out the right calculations to determine planetary placements, depending on your birth time zone, and birth location by latitude and longitude etc.

2) Based on your calculation, I’m a Sagittarius, but why do I still identify so strongly with Scorpio interpretations?

What we call your ‘sign’ is just the sign that the Sun happens to be in at the time of your birth. The Sun is just one of 10 planets (the Sun is technically a luminary, not a planet, but we’ll say so for the sake of simplicity) in a birth chart, and even if you’re a Sagittarius Sun, any number of the other 9 planets or other chart elements may be in Scorpio, possibly giving you more Scorpio traits than Sagittarian traits. I personally am a Taurus, but have only the Sun in Taurus, while I have 2 planets and a handful of asteroids in Aries, making me very Arien indeed (anyone who knows me will agree with that!)

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