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The Fault In Your Stars – By Brenan Yeo

The Fault In Your Stars

You are real problem in your relationships.

By Brenan Yeo


Stumbling through the internet, one often finds relationship advice in abundance, which offer catharsis for, perhaps, heartbroken and jaded millennials.

Skeptics often scoff at the generalised “readings”, noting that the words could apply to anyone — and particularly those of horoscopes.

Believers of astrology are sometimes mocked for subscribing to these generalisations. “Oh, we didn’t match because our signs are different.” “He’s too much of a Capricorn for me.” “She’s a Scorpio… I don’t think we would work out”.

I cannot deny that at my weaker points in life, horoscopes did seem to make an absurd amount of sense. I sometimes ponder if there is an actual reason, to my Capricorn need for “structure and order,” according to what the internet tells me.

My curious search for the truth behind astrology led me to the heart of Arab Street. Tucked away in the lines of shophouses, stands Selfstrology, an astrology school.

May Sim, founder of Selfstrology, greeted me through the large window overlooking the entrance. Her petite figure seemed almost equal to the table she was seated at, but her air of authority was unmistakable. Walking out, she flashed a full-toothed grin, and greeted me. “Shall we begin?”


May boasts a formidable list of qualifications: 15 years of practice in the field and a hard-earned bachelor’s equivalent in studies from the International Academy of Astrology. The student-turned-instructor at her alma mater is currently working on a book on psychological astrology.

The biggest question I had was how horoscopes work. Lunar and stellar energies certainly could not derive and profile my personality. May, however, told me otherwise.

“You see, when anyone is born, the stars are at a specific angle and alignment, depending on where you are born on Earth. That’s why I asked for your specific birth time, as well as the location. This lets me digitally generate a chart to see what are the exact angles are of the stars I need to see. The positioning of these is the information I have about you.”

“Personality profiling is about identifying your behavioural patterns. So once we know what you want and how you’re like, we can see how to get there.”

I was still skeptical, but the key to understanding lies within an open mind. I decided to probe a little deeper.

She pulled out my birth chart, which was dominated by a circle, split into twelve sections. It was decorated with handwriting, obvious that she had prepared it herself, and painstakingly so. Unfolding the document, she pointed to one intricate symbol.

“This is Venus, which we otherwise recognise as a symbol for love.”

Her hand traced the circular shape, stopping at the sign immediately below it.

“And this is Pluto, the god of the Underworld. Their close proximity tells me that, unfortunately, your relationships are filled with chaos.”

Okay, my relationships have been all but peaceful. I’ve weathered emotional abuse, conflicting interests and plenty of tears, but still — it could be a coincidence.

The consultation lasted for an hour, growing more intensive with every flick of her pen. Any incorrect readings would have fed the skeptic in me. I was reading into every word she said, waiting for an error.

But there were none.

With pinpoint accuracy, the signs told her everything about me, from my latent scars of a poor childhood to my ideal career choices. All the things I knew about myself intimately, she laid out on the table, bare. I felt naked — stripped, even.
I could have been anyone, of a hundred different permutations of backgrounds and cultural differences. And yet, here I was, with a complete stranger who seemed to know everything about me, from a flimsy piece of paper to boot.

Despite my deep-seated discomfort, May’s cheery demeanour persisted.

“The charts don’t lie. But I’m not here to make you uncomfortable. I’m here to help you piece together what all of these things mean, and give you advice on how to best move forward,” she said.

That is exactly what she did for me. She pieced together my broken love life and identified this curious pattern I never would have noticed alone, especially not through convenient listicles I read through tears at night.

“Most people start their relationships like this: finding someone, sustaining the needs of the relationship and then fulfilling themselves through it. The question here is, how do you find someone if you don’t even know what fulfills you?”

She paused to give me a mental breather.

“So we work backwards instead — find out what fulfills you in a relationship before finding someone who meets those requirements.”

That felt like a wonderful piece of advice for someone constantly heartbroken. I was filled with shock and awe.

“It’s all in the charts. You can’t get this kind of detailed and personal reading from any crappy newsletter online. If you want to get a proper reading done, go to a qualified astrologist. You wouldn’t trust a friend who spent a few days reading medicinal articles and then starts calling himself a doctor, would you? Same thing.”

Astrology is a complex field of study. I could not summarise the years of experience necessary to understand how these charts work, much as I could not do the same for medicine.

Is it accurate? Spine-chillingly so.

Is it for everyone? It could be. Traditional Chinese medicine is not for everyone, but some people do swear by it.

How does this help with relationships? It is a guide, after all, a reference for us to remind yourself what we want and need. Whether you believe in astrology or not, May gave me quality
advice as a person, and it is, and will be, something I remember for a lifetime.

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How To Obtain Your Birth Chart

How To Obtain Your Birth Chart

What is Astrology?

We get asked this question a lot! And especially as with the Asian context, Western Astrology usually gets confused with Bazi, Fengshui & Vedic Astrology – which are all fundamentally different from one another. So is Western Astrology just based on the 12 Zodiac signs?
Usually, when people associate the 12 Zodiac signs or magazine horoscopes, they might just be referring to the Sun Sign. However, Astrology goes beyond that and is the study of how cosmic bodies (planets including the Sun, asteroids and other calculated points etc) affect and influence lives.

This is where it begins

Before we sound like space cadets, Astrologers are actually looking at some specific indicators which are based on precise calculations for the exact time of birth of a person or significant events. Given a specific time or an exact moment, Astrologers will be able to generate and map a chart of the planetary positions which may look like this:

Astrology chart mapped for Brad Pitt’s exact time of birth

So to have your own chart generated, click the button below:

Or visit: https://selfstrology.com/chart-generator/

You will be prompted to input the following details such as:

  • Birth Date
  • Birth Time (Exact To The Minute)
  • Birth City

Upon generating a chart, a simple auto-generated report is provided as well. Although it does give you a quick interpretation of the Planets in Signs, but it does not really give you a very accurate description of how it plays out in your life. The Basic Astrology Course, offered by Selfstrology Academy would be able to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to interpret all the symbols within the chart.

Otherwise, to have a more detailed interpretation but you find it tedious to understand what all the symbols and indications are? It is recommended to see a professional Astrologer who will be able to breakdown the chart to give you a proper analysis of your personality profile. If you are seeking a consultation, click on the this link to find our more about our consultation services.

Attend events where we cover other interesting topics on Astrology, check out the other upcoming events.

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Feature: Mediacorp’s iWeekly Magazine – 19 Jul 2018

Fun with Destiny

Curious about the future? Eager to overcome difficulties in life? Just with the birth date, you can learn a person’s character and destiny, gain wisdom, improve yourself and your life using Astrology and Numerology. two Metaphysics Gurus from our home country are here to explicate the mysteries.


Written By: Wong Mei Wen,  Photos By: Ealbert Ho
Translated By: Lovine Tay


19 July 2018


Halo Hair Extensions

About Astrology:
Using a person’s birth location, time, planets and constellations’ positions to analyse his/her character, behaviour and destiny.

About May Sim:
Astrologer, age 33, holds a Diploma in Astrology, founded Selfstrology Academy 5 years ago, conducts Astrology courses and provides Astrological consultations.
(photo at left bottom) Selfstrology Academy classroom

Q: How did you find out about Astrology?
A: My mother used to sell magazines in the past, when we helped her out at the stall, we would browse through the magazines and happened to chance upon a free Astrology website, where I generated my birth chart for the very first time. I didn’t understand the details at that time but I was enticed by it, so I began to self-learn Astrology for 8 years, while also helping my friends to read their charts. Then a friend told me there are Astrology classes in the US, and asked me if I was interested to take up a formal course? So I went online and found the International Academy of Astrology (I.A.A.), it offered a 3.5 years Diploma course in Astrology. Without a second thought, I enrolled myself into the course. It was an online course and there were assignments to be submitted every week, and it was a requirement to pass every module in order to graduate. I am currently the only Asian to have graduated from the academy, and I had joined the faculty as a lecturer 2 years ago, teaching students all over the world online.
Upon graduation, I founded Selfstrology Academy. Initially, I provided the consultation services only, then my friends started to expressed an interest in learning Astrology and asked if I would offer a course, I never stopped teaching since then. Now I have more classes than consultations, by end of this year I would have more than 100 students.

Q: In the common understanding of Astrology, is it similar to a zodiac analysis?
A: Most people know their Sun sign and that’s all they know about Astrology, but this type of “Popular Astrology” doesn’t explain much, there is around 6 billion people in the world who share the same Sun sign as you, it’s impossible that they have the same character and same attitude towards life as you.
In fact, everyone has 10 Planets in their birth chart, including the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. By using Astrology, we are looking at the location of the 10 Planets in the 12 Houses. Each house represents a different area in life, like children, career, money so on and so forth. From the location of a planet, we can understand a person’s perception and attitude towards that area of life.

(Picture left) Natal chart, indicates the location of different planets in different houses
(Picture right) Which planet falls in which house? Find them in the Ephemeris according to your birth date and time


Q: The “Psychology Astrology” that you use, is this a type of Astrology unique to your academy?
A: I am not the only Astrologer in the world who uses Psychological Astrology. Astrology has always been linked to predictions, and during the first few years of providing consultations, I realised that predictions can only let my clients know what will happen in a couple months’ time, but it doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem, thus, not helping my clients by very much. By using Psychological Astrology, it’s a way to discover repeat patterns in people’s way of thinking and behaviours, and often they are linked to past experiences; only by understanding this, we then can help our clients address situations.

Q: Do you have any successful consultation examples?
A: I once saw a beautiful lady in consultation who was in her thirties, she never had a boyfriend and whenever a person of the opposite gender tries to have physical contact, she would avoid him. By interpreting her birth chart, it indicated that there were themes of “big and tall male” and “manipulation”, also it was associated with something sexual too. So I asked her directly and she told me that in the past there was a male neighbour who molested her when she was 4 or 5 years old. That incident  traumatised her, and this had resulted in her having problems working with a male authorities figures too.
Not every girl who was molested will change their view towards men, but this lady’s chart tells me that she’s not very confident and her way of thinking towards men and will be affected by this. After she understood impact of the traumatic past, she successfully went on to find a boyfriend, and even invited me to her wedding 2 years ago.

Q: How frequent do your clients come for a consultation session?
A: During a consultation session, I will provide a detailed analysis of the client’s birth chart, together with a 1.5 to 2 years forecast on major events. Some clients choose to return every year for a consultation session for the purposed of life planning.

Q: Can Astrology be used to pursue good fortune and avoid bad luck?
A: Western Astrology and Eastern Astrology are different, the former does not have the mentality of “bi” (to avoid), it emphasizes more on solving the root cause of problems, whereas the latter emphasizes on fate. For example, if your marriage isn’t going smoothly, Eastern Astrologers might suggest that the “feng shui” in your house is not desirable and you need to change the position of something, whereas Western Astrologers will try to understand the root causes of the problems in the marriage.


For a 2-Hrs Consultation, the fee is $480; a 1 Hr Topical-based Consultation on Career, Family, Money, Relationships or Self-Development is $250; if you’re interested for more information or about the Astrology courses, check them out at: www.selfstrology.com.


Trial Consultation:

“You don’t appear ‘Aries’”, my friends once told me. Only after I got my birth chart analysed, then I realised I have the way of thinking and behaviour of 2 other zodiac signs. Other than our natural character, what’s interesting is – every time that the planets in the universe moves, it affects and changes our attitudes too. For example, you might have enjoyed travelling in the past, but now you might not be so interested in it anymore, or your hobbies change over time etc. What and when are the energy fluctuations happening in near future? And what are their effects on you? A Consultation will allow you to be better prepared. When you are more conscious about yourself, you’ll be able to make better judgments and decisions.


[Advisory Notice] Misrepresentation of Selfstrology Academy As A Joint Organiser

Misrepresentation of Selfstrology Academy as a Joint Organiser of the 29th International Astrological, Bastu & Gems Conference 2018


On 23 September 2018, the Assam Bangiya Jyotish & Tantra Society organised a conference of the above name in Singapore. I was invited as a Guest of Honour, being the representative astrologer from the country it is being hosted in.


To my horror, my academy’s logo is featured on every poster, every marketing collateral item, and even on the ‘awards’ that they were giving out at the ceremony, and misleadingly presented as being a ‘joint organiser’ of the event. I was an invited guest to the conference, and most certainly was not involved in the organisation of this event in any way.




These are some of marketing material and items that the society has misused our logo and name on without permission.

Note: Event poster with misrepresentation Selfstrology Academy, being a joint organiser

Note: Certificates issued bearing the Selfstrology logo

Note: Gift bag bearing the Selfstrology logo, misrepresented as being a joint organiser

Note: Awards and trophies issued to attendees of the conference, bearing the Selfstrology name which had not been authorised by Selfstrology Pte Ltd.


Selfstrology Academy and Selfstrology Pte Ltd reserves the right to prohibit anyone from using, as a claim of proof of astrology competence, images or representations of any certificates, awards, or marketing collateral from this conference or this society that bears our ‘Selfstrology‘ name.


Statement issued by

May Sim, Director of Selfstrology Pte Ltd

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Feature: New York Time Style Magazine – 27 Jun 2018

An Astrologer Weighs In On Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello

By Guan Tan, 27 June 2018


Credit: Felicia Yap/ Instagram.com


“In your natal chart, Yves Saint Laurent, the ten main planets are distributed as follows — the three most important planets [are] Jupiter, Venus and Mercury,” wrote an astrology website to the Parisian fashion designer. There were many achingly poignant points in this report: “With a prominent 10th house, your destiny’s achievements may be very notable: the 10th house represents your career, your public life, and your ambitions.”  The report continues to deliberate Saint Laurent’s romantic life, “once you find your soul mate, you feel more comfortable and, if the harmony with your partner is rich enough, you may stay with [him] your whole life through.”

He did just that, and Saint Laurent passed on the 1st June 2008, leaving an indelible footprint on the global fashion industry, women’s lives, and his long-time partner, Pierre Bergé. And till death did they part.

Famed fashion designers have been extensively studied from an astrology viewpoint. Amongst them — Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Gabrielle Chanel, and Christian Dior who strongly believed in his astrology.

In this sense, astrology is a subject which maps out the planetary alignments of a person’s birth time (or natal chart) and the life that ensues. The link between planets’ movements and human life has long been shrouded in mystery. When questioned, a Singapore-based astrologer explained it in broad terms, citing the significant amount of “energy” imbued in a human at his time of birth comes from the planets. The astrologer is, perhaps, referring to the elementary particle called neutrino — a particle that made news this year for its potential to explain the universe’s state of materiality. This subject of research has been picked up by astrologers to explain the link between the material bodies of this universe — the planets and the patterns of life that occur within. On that train of thought, individuals look to astrology to make sense of their lives — stringing the haphazard events of life together in a logical, predictable and explained manner.

Credit: Astrotheme, A proposed natal chart of the late Yves Saint Laurent.


Likewise, in the fashion industry, astrologers map out fashion designers’ birth charts for fans and on-lookers to make sense of their creative intentions. Fashion designers seem to unpredictably hop from inspiration to inspiration, and style to style. Why? Surely there is a skeleton of logic behind all these creative works.

Case in point is, perhaps, the 35-year-old Anthony Vaccarello who sits atop of the Saint Laurent pyramid. He currently serves as the fourth creative director — following in the footsteps of Alber Elbaz, Tom Ford (where Hedi Slimane tenured for three years), Stefano Pilati, and Hedi Slimane, all of whom left their own fingerprints on the brand’s identity.

Vaccarello showed his first full-fledged Spring/ Summer 2019 Men’s collection earlier this month, and it was reminiscent of the artistic language of his predecessor, Slimane. The clothes were cut narrow, the sleeves ended prematurely, and the waistlines crept high up the torso. Instead of showing the collection in the Parisian hometown of the brand, he decamped to New York City. While there were speculations that Vaccarello made the move to increase the visibility and publicity of his show, the designer said otherwise in an interview: “I like change and surprise… even to surprise myself and not be in that whole routine of always doing the same thing.” And Vaccarello’s behaviour was aligned to the forecasts of his astrological birth chart.

The designer was born on the 4th September 1982, and his birth time remains unknown. On this day, the sun was in the Virgo position, which makes him a Virgo as we know it. It also happened to be a full moon that day, which sat directly in opposition to the sun, in the Pisces position. It gave rise to a striking polarity in Vaccarello’s life — he is pragmatic and enjoys control over quotidian routines like a Virgo would, but the Pisces side of him enjoys flow and fantasy. “The intention that he wants [to achieve] is at odds with what he needs to feel secure. When the sun is in Virgo, he is detail-oriented — practical details. But his moon says, “I want to do the imaginative things which are not practical,” Singapore-based astrologer May Sim, founder of Selfstrology, explains.

Credit: Saint Laurent, Look 3 from the Italian-Belgian fashion designer, Anthony Vaccarello’s Spring/ Summer 2019 Men’s collection for the Parisian house of Saint Laurent.

Credit: Saint Laurent, Look 60 from Vaccarello’s Spring/ Summer 2019 Men’s collection for Saint Laurent.


Taking things further, Sim looked at the position of Saturn — which was in conjunction with (or positioned beside) Pluto on Vaccarello’s birthday. It tells us that “his normal default style is controlled in the sense that there is a structure to it… However, doing that is his comfort zone. He’s trying to get away from that.” The signs hint that Vaccarello looking for something more imaginative and less structural in his work and life. “What he is uncomfortable is a more relational, imaginative way — books, history, personal imagination. But that is his holy grail. And that way is not easy for him. Fantasy and imagination are the exact opposite of control. This is his personal journey as well. He himself as a person is trying to let go and go with the flow.”

The planet Venus was in Leo, and it was squared (at 90 degrees) to Mars, which was in Scorpio. This resulted in a tension — “two parts of himself don’t quite work together. Venus in Leo is showy.” Mars in Scorpio, however, expresses masculinity in a discreet manner. “They express masculinity that has a sexy [element].”

The sex factor has always been a blatant fraction of the Saint Laurent business. In 1971, the late Yves Saint Laurent himself posed naked for a campaign image for his fragrance. When Tom Ford took over the reigns, he released yet another campaign of a naked Sophie Dahl for the release of the Opium perfume in 2000. Last year, Vaccarello launched a campaign of model Binx Walton dressed in a “nip-slip” dress. While he takes after his bold predecessors in the womenswear department, it seems like Vaccarello may take a reserved seat for his menswear line — hence the commercially pragmatic, trial-and-tested Slimane-like Saint Laurent Men’s Spring/ Summer 2019 collection which he presented earlier in June.

Credit: Saint Laurent, The final walkthrough in Vaccarello’s Spring/ Summer 2019 Men’s collection for Saint Laurent.


Sim continues, “Mercury was in Libra, unaspected at square Nodes.” By unaspected, it “means that the planet was not [mathematically] connected to any other planets — it was not in line.” This could be translated to his work, where Vaccarello’s artistic ideas “is often at odds with society. His work is neither conventional in a formal way nor comfortable in a more personal way. The work merely stands as a piece of art in its own [right] —  as an idea of beauty.”

The above also gives context to why Vaccarello designed those hip-high slit dresses that he did at his namesake brand, which he founded in 2008. Vaccarello once clarified that he did not see these dresses as flamboyant and sexy. Instead, they were structural and architectural. He was giving space and lines at the right places. When model Anja Rubik wore one of these dresses to the Met Gala in 2012, the tabloids picked up on it and dubbed the dress “infamous” — the general public perhaps found Vaccarello’s concept of beauty a tough nut to swallow.

Tension and conflict seem to run through his internal and external lives — the very same tension that makes him the person who is capable of standing by his notions of beauty in womenswear and menswear.

Yet, that is not all. More is to come from Vaccarello — Mercury was not the only planet that was unaligned. On that day, Jupiter was out of line too. “It’s quite unusual. It’s rare for someone to have two unaspected planets,” Sim ponders. An unaspected Jupiter tells of a Vaccarello that many might have yet to see. When circumstances arise and call for him to make a stand, “people will be surprised by how strong his ethical points are. He may surprise people by suddenly showing his very strong benchmark [in life].”

For the original article, see: https://tsingapore.com/article/astrologer-horoscope-weighs-in-yves-saint-laurent-anthony-vaccarello-fashion-designer
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Astrology Charts: Power & Influence

Astrology Charts: Power & Influence

Many people are fascinated about the accuracy of what astrological charts are able to describe about a person. I would say that astrology is a complex skill and it is definitely possible to describe very accurately various areas about a person’s life, surrounding environments and their psychological approaches.

So the question today is “Can we tell if a person has Power & Influence over others from the chart”?

Usually when we are looking at a topic such as Power, we will refer to the Pluto indicator and its position in the chart. It would describe how a person experiences: fears, power, dominance and also transformation. (To see where Pluto is in you chart click here to generate your astrological chart.)


In this article, we’ll be looking at the charts of some influential individuals such as; Charles Manson and Mother Theresa who have managed to have a strong influence over others.


Charles Manson’s Bio:

Charles Manson was an American criminal, cult leader of the Manson Family. He was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of seven people, all of which were carried out by manipulative influence and at his instruction by members of the group.

From his chart, it describes Charles as a very charming person with the ability to assert himself in relationships with people in a sexy or seductive manner (Sun Conjunct Venus in Scorpio). This corresponds to what Actor Al Lewis described him as “A nice guy when I knew him” when Charles was helping to babysit his children on several occasions. The chart also describes his ability to communicate his ideas and beliefs with intensity when relating to others on a one-on-one basis. (Mercury Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio in 7th House) This describes his influence onto other people in a way which may be intense in controlling or dominating their emotions and thoughts. Despite running a cult, it was his ability to have very close relationships with each of the cult members that had contributed to the power he had over them to commit the serial murders.


Mother Theresa’s Bio:

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a Catholic nun and missionary. She founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation which manages homes for people dying of HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis; soup kitchens; dispensaries and mobile clinics; children’s- and family-counselling programmes; orphanages, and schools. Her acts of compassion were recognised and were awarded with honours such as the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize, inspiring and influencing others to contribute greatly to her causes.

From her chart, it describes her being an impactful communicator when relating to people especially on a one-on-one basis (Pluto Conjunct Descendant in Gemini). Her influence on others may be about bringing her ideas and beliefs across in a transformative manner mainly driven by wanting to be of service to others (Pluto Square Mercury in Virgo in 9th House). The way she views her society and communities is to provide a deep and penetrative way of looking and questioning ideas (Pluto Ruler of 11th House). The way she makes a difference onto people’s lives is to find healing and contribute to others, compassionately and giving selflessly (Pluto Trine Chiron in Pisces).


Written by,

Jeremy Sim
Intermediate Astrology Student of Selfstrology Academy


Fascinated about what the chart says about the area of Power & Influence that these two individuals have? Would you like to influence or make a difference to the world with some of your own ideas? Come join us at our free event next week to have a glimpse of what your chart says about your area of Power & Influence.

FREE EVENT: Astrology of Power & Influence
 12 July (Thurs)
Time:  7.15pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Selfstrology Academy, 15A Bussorah Street #02-00, Singapore (199436)


In this event, we’ll examine:
– Different interaction styles and relating to others
– Identifying ways of inspiring and motivating others
– Challenges and aversion to be in such a position of influence


Who Should Attend
– Individuals who have been trying to study astrology
– Individuals looking for a detailed profiling tool
– Individual who want to understand themselves on a much deeper perspective


Free Astrology Chart

All astrological birth charts are essentially different and have a unique signature. The charts are complex and there are many areas of life that the chart is able to describe accurately. Click here to generate a free chart and check out what your Astrological birth chart looks like.

To learn how to interpret and understand astrology charts, click here to find out about our courses offered by the academy.

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Feature: Wine&Dine – May 2018

A Journey Through The Stars: RADO TRUE STAR SIGN Launches In Singapore

By Michelle Yee, 3 May 2018

In conjunction with the launch of its new collection—RADO True Star Sign—luxury Swiss watchmaker RADO, in collaboration with Wine & Dine, presented an exclusive showcase to specially invited guests at Saint Pierre, a three-star award winner of Wine & Dine’s Singapore’s Top Restaurants.

Guests were greeted with welcome drinks from French winemaker Chateau Gauthier, and delicate pre-dinner snacks by chef Emmanuel Stroobant such as red paper crisp with smoked eggplant puree. Guests mingled, ate and drank while admiring the limited edition timepiece collection. Some tried them on and were mesmerised by the intricacies of the timepieces—each piece is crafted in highly scratch resistant plasma high-tech ceramic, and features a gorgeous blue mother of pearl dial. The design for each horoscope sign is put together with diamonds and star appliques.

Up next was a four-course wine pairing dinner, thoughtfully put together by chef Stroobant. The meal got off to a good start with the herb-crusted purple artichoke served in a turmeric emulsion, which tasted as good as it looked. The second dish of the night, the black truffle with wild mushroom and organic Japanese egg was masterfully prepared and was a hit with everyone at the table. A choice of French seabass or French capon were given for the mains, before a delightful blood orange and chocolate dessert was served.


During dinner, renowned astrologer May Sim from Selfstrology gave an insightful talk about the different traits and characteristics of each horoscope sign. The night ended with some lucky guests getting in-depth readings of their star sign by Sim.

For more information, visit their boutique at B1-86/87, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

For the original article, see: http://www.wineanddine.com.sg/2018/05/03/rado-true-star-sign-launch/

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Are You Ready for the Crash-Through? (12 May – 10 Oct) – Astrological Signs

Are You Ready for the Crash-Through? (12 May – 10 Oct) – Astrological Signs

This is a period of wanting to break free of past constraints and letting go of security blankets for many people. It may be a trying time for some as this comes as a rude shock and an uncomfortable period to be challenging the self and possibly even authority figures. For astrology enthusiasts, this is the Mars Retrograde transit, commonly known to cause issues for people wanting to take action, but finding external factors hindering the progress and preventing the native from moving forward.

In this article, we will cover and describe how would this particular transit affect the 8 signs: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn & Aquarius. (*Note: Not everyone with the signs will be affected, only those with birthdays indicated will be most affected.) If your sign is not highlighted in the article, you are not primarily affected by this transit.

Birthdays between 20 Apr – 23 Apr

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, you may find that there is an impetus to push hard for changes or to embark on a new initiative plan. However, things might not move as smoothly as expected. You or other people may potentially find many flaws in the quality or practical aspects of the plan and this may cause you to lose your patience easily. Nevertheless, this is also a reminder to yourself to slow your actions down and to have a well-thought-through plan before executing them. By accepting higher standards and quality practical considerations, it may prove to help you move the project smoothly in the future.

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, it may occur as a period of instability and perhaps chaos, which you may feel slightly uncomfortable with. Amidst the inspiration and newfound enthusiasm, you find that there is a balance struggle between catering to the needs of others, society at large or even groups and communities versus personal resources such as time, money and effort. During this period, it is important to persevere with your original intentions, while also learning that in giving, it would reap many returns with respect to personal growth and self-value.

Birthdays between 21 Jul – 25 Jul

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, it is a test of your ability to adapt to changes. You may find that it is necessary to make changes to processes for future growth, which could mean leaving and breaking free from what you thought was secure and comfortable. Learning to adapt to new environments may involve stress and it may be an uncomfortable position, resulting in losing your temper easily and finding other people to be irritable (especially in a one-on-one relationship). Other people may seem insensitive to your emotions, but it is important to maintain objectivity and putting your self-value into areas which are most productive in.

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, there is a strong sense of individuality and feeling frustrated that you are not recognised or valued for your contributions. Other people may accuse or find you to be selfish or egoistic. Despite this, the way to help cope with these situations is to shift from being too focused on your perspectives to finding ways in which your contributions may provide value to others and be more community-oriented.

Birthdays between 22 Oct – 26 Oct

holiday and festival backdrops

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, you may experience that issues to do with one-on-one relationships or partnerships may seem shaky or unstable. This may be due to non-performance of certain expectations or obligations in the relationship. A good recommendation is to have good quiet time between the parties involved to communicate clearly the expectations, committing to the different roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled in the relationship or partnership.

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, you may experience sudden changes in your environment such as people who are close to you (professionally or personally) may seem unpredictable. This may result in rising tensions, the potential for disputes and disagreements, causing your expectations of comfort and stability to be threatened. Nevertheless, these circumstances force breakthroughs and it’s an opportunity to work out the differences or to break out and put an end to previously restrictive positions.

Birthdays between 19 Jan – 23 Jan

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, there may be additional stress at work with unforeseen or erratic changes, which may involve more stringent assessments and evaluations of personal productivity and effectiveness. The effects of the stress may impose limitations on personal life such as wanting to pursue other hobbies or having work-life balance and not being able to spend more time with partners. A positive use of this energy is to objectively re-evaluate mundane and dead-weight processes that might not have been productive. Being able to pool together available resources to complete the tasks or job effectively may prove to be especially useful.

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, erratic or unforeseen changes may not be new to you, however, it is important to keep the overconfidence in check to handle the situation better. You may find the additional spurt of energy to indulge and spending resources to pursue the new project. However, this may result in wasted efforts and valuable resources which may not eventually produce the expected outcomes.  Perhaps, by clearly identifying and allocating your resources into the right purposes with sustainable objectives, only innovating and making changes to areas which require the necessary changes to avoid wasted efforts.

Not any of the above signs?

All astrological birth charts are essentially different and having a unique signature, the progression and transits that happen to us are fundamentally different as well. Click here to generate a free chart and check out what your Astrological birth chart looks like.

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Are You Ready for the Crash-Through?

Are You Ready For The Crash Through?

Rebel-Making Transits in May – Oct 2018


In the month of May, many of us will notice the level of ‘fed-upness’ maxing out around us. The combined transit of Uranus entering Taurus for the first time in 80 years and Mars retrograde hitting the same degrees is going to make rebels of many people who have, up to now, been putting up with constraints in their lives.


The Technical Astrology

Uranus, last seen in Taurus in 1942, transits into Taurus again from 16 May 2018 and will stay so for about 7 years. As Taurus is a material symbol, the world may see the economy, money systems and material structures be overturned, suddenly change directions and have new developments emerge within these 7 years.

On a personal level, most of us may experience similar changes with our income, money portfolios or even the way we see, think about or handle money and possessions.

Mars joins in the party, retrograding between 28 Capricorn and 9 Aquarius, forming a transiting fixed square with transit Uranus between May to October 2018. Mars in Aquarius can be detached, perverse, and very capable of carrying out actions that you wouldn’t normally.


What You’ll Experience

Universally, accidents may be more common, and these include road, air, train and technology-type accidents. Rebellious, anarchist and provocative behaviour is more widespread than usual – it’s driven by a high level of frustration and impatience.

People who have been contemplating a career/job change will finally make the change, or have the changes made for them anyway. Relationships that exist only in form but without affinity may not survive this transit. Businesses and other systems that are out of integrity enough to crumble in a tremor will crumble.

Many people survive life by putting up with unsatisfactory situations: jobs that don’t work, relationships that don’t do any relating, money management that doesn’t create value etc. but they give a gamut of excuses to justify why none of these unsatisfactory situations are dealt with, but typically the real reason is the need for predictability, familiarity, fear of the unknown – all at the expense of true freedom and authenticity towards the self.

All this changes in May – Oct 2018… but despite developing the will to make changes, circumstances don’t cooperate and there will be much frustration that change isn’t implemented smoothly.

The feeling is like the body having to serve a six-month notice period at work when you’ve 100% left the job heart, mind and soul.


The Silver Lining

Because there’s always the bright side. The Uranian and Aquarian influence in this transit favours experimentation, out-of-the-box thinking, technology and the ability to break from rigid constraints to express more authentically our ideas, actions and sentiments.

Businesses modernise and innovate more, moving away from operations of yesteryears. Employees find ways to freelance, or find freer ways of working without compromising productivity – indeed many will be surprised to find themselves being more creative and productive in the absence of constraints.

Adherence to traditional structures that give security reduces drastically, which can be a painful experience for those who cling desperately to monuments that no longer have a place in the present or the future.


Who’ll Be Affected

Uranus moving into Taurus will be felt universally, as is already attested to by the move into cashless systems, new methods of payment etc. (transitions to cashless/digital money will be completed while Uranus is in Taurus).

If you can read an astrology chart, those getting the full benefit of the transiting fixed square in May – Oct 2018 are any persons who have planets at 29 Aries to 2 Taurus, 29 Cancer to 2 Leo, 29 Libra to 2 Scorpio, 29 Capricorn to 2 Aquarius.

Read more on how each of these signs will be affected.



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Mercury Retrograde (12 Mar – 27 Apr) – Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn Are You Affected?

Mercury Retrograde (12 Mar – 27 Apr) – Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn Are You Affected?

Mercury Retrogrades are commonly discussed among Astrologers as these periods are infamously depicted to be “bad” or “negative”. However, it’s not always the case and it’s just that things tend to move slower, which may also give more time for you to think things through carefully before acting on it.

That being said, the saving grace is that not everyone is affected by this transit and that it may last for only up to 7 weeks between 12 Mar – 27 Apr. In this article, we will cover and describe how would this particular transit affect the 4 signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn.

*Note: Not everyone with the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn will be affected. Only those with birthdays indicated will be most affected.


Aries Birthdays between 25 – 30 Mar
For the period of 12 Mar – 27 Apr, this would be generally a period of settling and slowing down. You may experience this as an uncomfortable period that you may not always be used to. You may feel restrictive and find difficulty to speak up or express your thoughts properly. To ease and find ways to dissipate the restlessness, do maintain your patience and direct your energy towards being more productive.


Cancer Birthdays between 26 Jun – 1 Jul
For the period of 12 Mar – 27 Apr, during this period you may feel quite helpless when dealing with 1-on-1 relationships with other people (especially with people of authority), feeling that they may oppose your plans and hinder your progress. You may find that things may improve if you avoid clashing head-on in arguments, to consider new perspectives and opportunities. A tip is to understand that this may be a cycle in life and a natural flow.


Libra Birthdays between 28 Sep – 3 Oct
For the period of 12 Mar – 27 Apr, energy will be generally down during this period. You may find difficulty in trying to execute your thoughts and plans smoothly. It may be challenging to express yourself or voice your opinions especially if you feel that it might affect relationships. To help tide yourself through this period is to collect your thoughts to understand the issue from both perspectives.


Capricorn Birthdays between 26 – 31 Dec
For the period of 12 Mar – 27 Apr, you may feel restricted from performing your tasks or plans and it may stem from finding difficulty in voicing your opinions, afraid that it may affect the positive impression that you give to authority figures. You may like to consider the issues objectively and rationally without having to jump straight into nasty arguments. Do take the time to put the effort and work towards the things that are important and matters to you.


Not any of the above signs?

All astrological birth charts are essentially different and having a unique signature, the progression and transits that happen to us are fundamentally different as well. Click here to generate a free chart and check out what your Astrological birth chart looks like.


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