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What Is A Personal Consultation?

Detailed Natal Chart Analysis

To begin with: Who Are You?

We always begin with the birth chart – your personality, motivating aspirations, talents. We are more than just a Sun sign. See how complex a birth chart is -it’s unique to every individual; cast for exact date, time and place of birth. Because of May’s background in Psychological astraology, we’ll go over the complexes that might be hindering your life – generates insecurities, fears, blocks, and identify positive and constructive use of that energy.

What You Get

Included In Your Report:

  1. A detailed explanations of your natal chart together with the symbols and indications on that chart.
  2. Transits and progressions affecting you in a 2-year timeframe.

How Will A Consultation Help?

Actionable Improvements

  • Identify personality complexes that generate specific behavior at work, relationships, at home etc.
  • Discover how this behavior manifests into repeated patterns in your life.
  • Find constructive and positive use for these energies.
  • Review which of these energies are triggered during this 2-year timeframe and what you can do about it.
  • Ask May questions about areas of your concern – no limits to topics discussed

How Much Does It Cost?

Consultation Fees

  • First-timers: $300 /2-hours
  • Subsequent: $200 /2-hours
  • Lite Version (no report): $150 /1-hour

What Clients Say

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