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What Is A Partner Consultation?

Detailed Natal Chart Analysis

Partner consultations involve 2 clients, usually romantic or business partners, but can be any 2 people wish to examine their relationship with each other. May will examine each chart individually, and additionally cover a detailed relationship interpretation. She will be able to help identify some internal resources that both of you may be able to use to improve your lives together.

What Does It Cover?

Consultation Report Package

Included in report package are:

  1. A detailed explanations of both individual’s natal chart together with the symbols and indications on the charts.
  2. Transits and progressions that will kick in in the next 6-12 months of your lives.
  3. Solar Return aka the Yearly Review Chart with detailed timelines and report for both individuals.

How Will A Consultation Help?

Actionable Improvements

Usually, the consultation time is also an opportunity for both of you to ask questions and raise concerns that both of you may have about your lives. May would be able to advise on the actionable tasks and steps that both of you can do to overcome these concerns.

How Much Does It Cost?

Consultation Fees

  • Partner Consultation: $600 /3-hours

What Clients Say

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