02 May (9 May Free Workshop) The Moon: Your Inner Self

09 May 2016, 7.30pm @ Selfstrology Academy, 15A Bussorah St   Introduction The FIRST astrology event to be held at the new Selfstrology Academy @ 15A Bussorah St! Most people only know their Sun signs (Aries, Libra, Taurus etc), but did you know that it's the Moon signs that give you an intimate understanding of your needs and desires? In this workshop, we'll be doing • Each participant gets a free printout of your own birth chart (please come prepared with your EXACT birth time) • I'll discuss Moon signs and houses and how it relates to...

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26 Mar WORKSHOP: Your Astrology Career Profile Workshop

26 Mar 2016, 3.00pm @ Fly Rooftop Bistro & Bar   You spend more than  50% of your life at work, and work is no longer just about bringing in the bacon – but how FULFILLED are you? If you are: Unclear about your career direction Feel stuck in your current position Itching to make a move but not sure how, what to and where to Helping others to chart their career direction This workshop is for you! Find out more about: Career and Work are NOT the Same ThingCan Someone be Suited to More Than ONE Career Path?Starting Your Own Business Some lucky...

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19 Mar WORKSHOP: Your Astrology Romantic Profile Workshop

19 Mar 2016, 3.00pm @ Fly Rooftop Bistro & Bar   Relationship Needs are Complex _____ Whether you’re a) single and looking; b) attached but not 100% sure of yourself and your partner; or even c) happily married but open to improvements This workshop is for you! Astrological profiles can give you insight into your expectations of your partner, as well as what you can offer in a relationship. Find out more about: - The Difference Between What Your Head and Heart Wants - Your Short- and Long-Term Relationship Needs - Your Top Relationship Criteria and How to Fulfill Them Some lucky participants may also...

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11 Aug The Moon: Your Moods, Reactions and Need for Security

Have you ever encountered persons you thought were very steady, but reveal a highly emotional side when a crisis occurs? Or perhaps you know fragile-looking people who are surprisingly resilient when everyone else is freaking out? The Moon is one of the components in an astrological birth chart, and it describes a person's habits, reactions and the unconscious needs. The Moon shows us what we need in order to feel secure, comfortable and safe. It's irrational, and it has nothing to do with what most people know as 'your sign' (more correctly...

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21 Apr Your Career Guide In The Stars

Searching for our vocation is easily among the most pressing concerns for anyone. What do your stars say? I often get questions like ‘Can you look at my chart and tell me what industry I should be in?’ Now, the truth is, an astrologer doesn’t look at your chart and go ‘Ah…. you’re a nurse / lawyer / florist / road sweeper!’, simply because there isn’t a planet, sign or house that’s assigned to every single possible vocation on Earth. What an astrologer CAN see though, is if a sense of right...

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09 Mar Love Astrology Chat – My Second Interview

In this second interview, I talk about what to look for when using astrology for romance and relating to your partner! If you would like to find out more about the dynamics between you and your partner, subscribe to us to find out more on our workshops! If not, do email us via our contact form to book a consultation and we will get back to you as soon as we can!...

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27 Jan Valentine’s Special: Venus in Your Chart

Venus - the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity. How do you act when you're in love? Heck, what gets you to fall in love in the first place? May talks about how the placement of Venus describes your approach to the game of L.O.V.E. Note: These descriptions are not for your Sun signs, they're for your Venus signs. Don't know your Venus sign? Try going to www.alabe.com/freechart to generate your chart for free, or email me here with your birth details and I'll be happy to email you a copy...

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16 Jan May Sim the Astrologer Interview @ Fort Canning Park

It was awesome meeting up with my good friend Luke Elijah for a chat about astrology. He found us a nice spot, and right away we get, chatting everything and anything about my favourite topic! Do let us know what topics you would like us to cover and we will try to answer some of your questions via this talk! to find out more about astrology, subscribe to us to find out more on our workshops! If not, do email us via our contact form to book a consultation and we...

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06 Jan Top 5 Most Popular Consultations

Here's what our clients wanted most from Astrologer May Sim in 2014

1. Birth / Natal Chart Consultations

The classic mainstay. Most first-timers begin with the Birth Chart Consultation for a glimpse of where astrology can take you. If you've never had your chart read before, you will be amazed what planetary placements can reveal about strengths and weaknesses and how they manifest in your life. Most people know your Sun Sign, 'I'm a Gemini!' or 'I'm a Sagittarius!' but that's only just the SUN. A western astrology chart is cast for the exact time of birth (to the minute) and the map coordinates of your birth city, hence every chart is unique, and definitely totally different from the charts of the other people who happen to be born within the same 30-day period as you, even if you BOTH are Geminis.

2. Relationship Consultation

What's unique about May's relationship readings is that both parties are required to be present. If you're coming alone, no worries, the Natal Chart Consultation will suffice - it already reveals much of what your romantic and social life is like on its own. For couples, May reads both persons individually, then put your charts together to look at inter-relations between you two. The Relationship Consultation also includes the Composite Chart, which is the chart of your relationship.
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15 Dec An Astrological Look at ‘Bus’ Riots in Singapore

*This article was first published in the Dec 2013 issue of International Academy of Astrology's (IAA) Newsletter Interruptors of Peace – An Astrological Look at Riots in Singapore Singapore is known internationally for being a beacon of wealth, peace and most of all, its law-abiding population. So when a riot broke out on 8 Dec 2013, and images of burning police cars and ambulances, some flipped on their sides, appeared in newspapers, the world was shocked – Was this Singapore? The riot was apparently triggered by a fatal road accident, in a locale...

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