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Hi this is May Sim and I am a professional western astrologer with 16 years experience.

I am Singapore’s #1 astrologer with more than 2,000 clients from 26 countries.

I have GROUND-BREAKING news to share from my astrology calculations that I feel is really important to share with as many as possible.

It’s about 2020, and the changes I see in planetary positions that will massively shift specific industries and the economy.

It SHAKES me to realise the effect it will have on every single person alive.

For some people this could be the worst year of your life. 

For those who know understand where the world is going, this could be the best year of your life.

This is especially useful to you if you are:
​#1 Business Owner: You are the captain of your ship, and you need to know which direction the wind and the waves are moving. You will witness a never-seen-before sea-change in 2020.

#2 New Entrepreneurs: On top of the usual uncertainties in beginning a new enterprise, the landscape will change before your eyes in 2020. You will need to decide if you need to modify existing plans.

#3 Investors: Volatility is your friend… but only if you time it right. The whispers you have been hearing will get increasingly louder in 2020. Which ones will you listen to?

#4 School Leavers: Possibly the worst time to be graduating from school… but also possibly the best. You can already smell YOUR Millennium in the air – if you are willing to change your original game plan. Trust me, the Singapore dream from 20 years ago will not work for you.

#5 Employees: You are the chess pieces in the whole story, being pushed around by the big players. It is time to assemble your options clearly in front of you. You will have a career transformation in 2020, whether you choose to or not. Why not take control?

#6 Those Already Seeking Career Transformation: Now more than ever is the right time for that big leap. After all, taking a risk now is no more risky than any other option.

Those who don't know what I'm about to reveal will be blindsided.

They will potentially make wrong career moves.

Or play the wrong cards in business.

Possibly even in relationships too.

And suffer really painful consequences.

Worse, it might happen early in the year too - which means their whole 2020 becomes a massive damage control repair job.

Not good.

I know this might sound dire and serious...

Trust me, I wish that it wasn't this way.

But that's what the charts say.


In 2017, during a yearly outlook event I did for my clients and a group of property agents, the movement of Uranus and Mars that year led me to predict that property would suddenly surge in February 17.

That year, JUST new developer units sold ALONE in February and March 2017 exceeded 3600 units. To give you some perspective on how ground-breaking this is, that is equivalent to half a year’s developer sales in 2019.

In the 2017 outlook event, due to movements affecting Mercury and the Sun in Singapore’s astrology chart, I also predicted an unconventional, unexpected change in the country’s leadership in August 2017. That very month, we elected our first female President, uncontested.

The Shocking Truth About 2020

A few weeks ago, when I first began doing my usual end-of-year calculations, I knew that many planets would shift signs over the next few years, but I didn’t expect to trace these shocking patterns.

I had to retrace my steps. I thought my calculations were wrong.

In fact I went back and did 200 years worth of calculations just to confirm that I was seeing a totally new pattern that nobody alive has ever encountered before.

Even after I confirmed that the placements and timing was correct, it took me a few weeks just to even make sense of how to interpret these new placements.

I am not a newbie astrologer and I have done these calculations for years. The interpretations I had to do this time were actually difficult for me.

What I have to share is way different from anything I have ever shared before.

We are talking about new developments that change the world, just like in 1981 when the Internet changed everything.

Just like how the widespread adoption of mobile phones transformed human behaviour.

Just like how letter-writing died when e-mail was invented.


Originally I thought I would do a small event, share with my own people only. Just my students and my clients, and maybe my career transformation participants.

So my staff posted a link online for people to sign up.

Immediately they started to panic.

Because tickets sold out in 10 minutes.

Initially we didn’t even notice.

How we knew tickets sold out was because many people whatsapped us to complain that they went to the link and it stated ‘Sold Out’.

We were stunned because we only just posted the link.

I am taking this as a sign that the event was too small.

Heck, I’m an astrologer. Maybe the universe was trying to tell me that we need to bring this to the masses.


I am doing this on 18 Jan 2020, exactly one week before Chinese New Year.

It will be held in an auditorium in the Orchard area, and we begin exactly at 1pm. I will speak for the entire afternoon.

I will cover:
  • EVIDENCE that 2020 is the end of a 200-year cycle.
  • SPECIFICS about which industries may not survive this transition intact. Hint: if you are in anything involving ‘earth’ industries – construction, petrochem, retail, finance… and more – be prepared for a roller-coaster. Crabtree & Evelyn is gone, Forever 21 is gone, SaSa is the latest casualty. What next?
  • ANALYSIS on which industries are going to rise, even if they never rise before. Hint: China has gone cashless, Singapore suddenly allows multiple players in the consumer power market. What’s coming up?
  • REVELATION on why an entire generation of young people are so crucial. Hint: Hong Kong is just the beginning.
  • ​RECOMMENDATIONS on what practical options are available to you
I posted a short sneak preview online recently, and within 24 hours it went viral, with more than a thousand views. I fully expect this event to sell out.

I am doing this event only once. There will be no repeats.
I am doing this live only. There will be no online version.

For those who attend, I will share everything I see about 2020. There will be no hold back.

People have been asking me to do such events for years.

Never before has it been worthwhile for me to take this risk.

I am putting my reputation on the line by holding this event.

Because it is so important for you to attend, I have made it a no-brainer.

Tickets are only $27.

And what’s even crazier is that I will allow you to bring another 2 people at no extra charge!

Because you will want some important people in your life to hear this too.

You don’t even have to decide now who you are bringing – decide later.

Book your ticket first. They will not be available by the time you find your 2 people.

You can tell us later who you want to bring. My guys will contact you.

When you come, you will discover why you have been feeling like the world is just waiting for a change.

Like someone took a deep breath and you are just waiting for the plunge.

It’s not just you, everyone around you may seem like they want to make some major change and is just waiting for a signal.

People are scared, only because you do not understand what is happening.

I will explain it. I am very good at this. You will understand what, how and why.

I will do this over an afternoon with you.

Come with lots of paper and a pen. Come ready to listen.

You Will Navigate 2020 Like A Pro 
While Others Stumble... 

My attendees will have choices to make to navigate 2020 and beyond. It is my intention that you make smarter decisions, not react only when the heat rises.

After taking down what I have to share, you will watch events unfold in 2020 like clockwork.

You will watch others react, be shocked, take dead-ends, hold on to things that no longer work, information that no longer makes sense.

While YOU can retain your calm, because I will have told you what is happening.

This will affect a lot of people. I am trying to inform as many as I can.

So don’t even think of not coming. Trust me, this will be one afternoon well spent.

I have been correct before.

Past statistics suggest I will be correct again.

You would be crazy not to come.

2020: Dawn of the New Millennium

18 Jan 2020. Orchard. 1pm. $27

Grab your seats now – I wouldn’t miss this if I were you.
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May Sim is the first Asian to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology (IAA). She is the founder of Selfstrology Academy, Singapore's premier Astrology school with students from 12 countries. Her unique method of interpreting astrology chart for Psychological Astrology (PA) profiles was developed from applied experience through seeing more than 2,200+ consultation clients over 16 years.
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