Intermediate Astrology Course

Intermediate Astrology is a program for students who have completed the Selfstrology Basic Astrology Course (BAC) or those who have a firm foundation in astrology, and are looking to practice more advanced astrology techniques.

Course Structure



The Psychological Astrology Course is a core module of the Intermediate Astrology Course (IAC). This is a fundamental course to understanding the underlying psyche of the birth chart – the fears, the inner rebel, the insatiable desires, the control principle and how people can lose, and yet redefine themselves.

  1. Antiscia & Contra-Antiscia
  2. Sun: Identity Issues
  3. Moon: Emotional & Security Issues
  4. Mercury: Mental Processing Issues
  5. Venus: Bonding & Relationship Issues
  6. Mars: Desire Issues

– 6 Days, Weekends (10am-6pm)

– Half-day Weekday (7pm-10pm)

– Max. 8pax per class

– Pre-requisite: Basic Astrology Course (BAC)

  1. Lifetime free recourse for Psychological Astrology Course
  2. Be part of an active community of astrology learners
  3. Access to Student-only Chart-Reading Meet-Ups
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The Predictive Astrology Course is the secondary core module of the Intermediate Astrology Course (IAC). This is a technical course to equip students on the identifying the indicators for transits and progressions affecting the natal chart. Popular among students as this course provides the skills necessary to predict and forecast events.

  1. Orientation to Use Professional Ephemerides & Astrology Software
  2. Planetary Cycles
  3. Transits of the Outer Planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus)
  4. Transits of the Social Planets (Saturn & Jupiter)
  5. Progressions
  6. Building a Timeline

– 4 Days, Weekends (10am-6pm)

– Half-day Weekday (7pm-10pm)

– Max. 8pax per class

– Pre-requisite: IAC Module 1 – Psychological Astrology Course

– Required Course Material: Astrology Software & An approved Ephemeris(*Not included in the course fees, purchase of materials can be done through Selfstrology Academy)

  1. Lifetime free recourse for Predictive Astrology Course
  2. 2. Be part of an active community of astrology learners
  3. Access to Student-only Chart-Reading Meet-Ups
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ELECTIVE MODULES (Min. 2 to Graduate)

The Career Astrology elective will build on previous course foundations to enhance student abilities to identify and counsel on clients’ questions on Industry, Work Scope and Personal Values.

This elective will cover the relationship profiling  for romance, relationships and sex. Students will learn to map Synastry charts to examining the relationship between two individuals as well as to understand Composite charts.

This elective will cover astrological techniques to overlay natal charts over the world map to distinguish and identify areas of potential growth in various life areas for the individual.

Traditional Astrology is fundamentally a  different system from Modern Astrology, which has been used since ancient times before the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto was found. This is a pre-requisite for the Elections Elective.

This elective will be useful for students looking to implement the option of “Date Selection” in their consultation timelines for their clients. The course will educate students on learning how to identify and pinpoint the indicators to triangulate timelines to specific dates or time ranges.

Pre-requisite: Traditional Astrology & Horary Elective

Rectification is a technique or reverse engineering to triangulate and find the specific time of birth. This technique is especially useful for individuals who do not access to or have an accurate birth time on record.

Pre-requisite:Above B grade for Predictive Astrology

What Students Say

Psychological & predictive Astrology
(Both Core Modules)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As our courses are offered with a Lifetime Free Recourse, you may reattend the next run of the course and catch up on the course syllabus that you have missed. Although, it is strongly recommended for you to block out the dates and attend all of the dates especially on your first run of the course.

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