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Intermediate Astrology is a program for students who have completed the Selfstrology Basic Astrology Course (BAC) or those who have a firm foundation in astrology, and are looking to practice more advanced astrology techniques.

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Pre-requisiteElectives (optional)

6.5-Day Intensive Programme


Pre-Requisite: Basic Astrology Course or equivalent

Module 1 of the Intermediate Astrology Course brings astrology into the psyche of the birth chart – the fears, the inner rebel, the insatiable desires, the control principle and how people can lose, and yet redefine themselves.

Going deeper into the significance behind 25 specific aspects in the chart that May calls the ‘Psychological Aspects’, we look into how to identify and determine the origins of these psychological complexes, and how a counselling astrologer can help the client address their inner journey.

The 4.5-day course will cover:

  • Sun: Identity Issues
  • Moon: Emotional & Security Issues
  • Mercury: Mental Processing Issues
  • Venus: Bonding & Relationship Issues
  • Mars: Desire Issues


PLUS! Bonus material on Antiscia – the ancient art of locating internal reflection points

Requires students to examine a natal chart to identify and interpret the individual’s complexes accurately and recommend ways to manage psychological blockages.

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(One-time Fee)

6-Month Installment

SGD$216+ /per month

(Incl. PayPal Subscription Fee)

3.5-Days Intensive Program

Career & Relationship

Pre-Requisite: Basic Astrology Course or equivalent, Psychological Aspects

No other topics are more discussed in astrology consultations than career and relationships. This course aims to equip intermediate level astrologers with the skills to apply astrology in practical areas of clients’ lives.

The course material guides students on how to build career and relationship profiles from the natal chart, and building on earlier material from Psychological Aspects, to examine how various complexes might impact these life areas.

The 3.5 day course will cover:

  • Career Profiling – Industry, Work Scope, Personal Value
  • Relationship Profiling – Romance, Relationships, Sex
  • Synastry – Examining Relationship Between Two Individuals
  • Composite – The ‘Natal Chart’ of a Relationship

Requires students to examine charts of real-life persons to demonstrate competency in career and relationship profiling

Full Payment


(One-time Fee)

6-Month Installment

SGD$147+ /per month

(Incl. PayPal Subscription Fee)

4.5-Days Intensive Program

Dynamic Astrology

Pre-Requisite: Basic Astrology Course or equivalent, Psychological Aspects

Astrology has long been associated with fortune-telling, but the positioning of this course at the end of the Intermediate Astrology Course level demonstrates that predictive astrology merely examines the triggering of the potential that the birth chart contains.

The course guides students on understanding the movement of planets and how these can interact with any chart to allow the astrologer to time events with accuracy.


This is a rigorous course and requires students to do extensive charting work. All students who do this course must be equipped with the Solar Fire software and an approved ephemeris. Materials can be purchased via Selfstrology Academy (excluded from course fee).

The 4.5-day course will cover:

  • Orientation to Use Professional Ephemerides & Astrology Software
  • Planetary Cycles
  • Transits of the Outer Planets (Pluto, Neptune,Uranus)
  • Transits of the Social Planets (Saturn & Jupiter)
  • Progressions
  • Building a Timeline

Students will complete chart preparation for a real-life client, including Timeline, conduct a 20-mins live personal consultation with the client, and will be assessed on ability to competently assist clients with their queries.

Full Payment


(One-time Fee)

6-Month Installment

SGD$320+ /per month

(Incl. PayPal Subscription Fee)

  • Solar Fire Astrology Software
  • An approved Ephemeris

* Not included in the course fees, purchase of materials can be done through Selfstrology Academy

The course program consists of 3 modules, which Psychological Astrology is a pre-requisite to either 1 or both of the electives. It is not necessary to be taking all 3 modules, however, a certificate of completion will only be presented once all 3 modules have been completed.

Upcoming Course Dates

Next Course Date: 

Module 1 – Psychological Aspects:  Mid Apr 2017

Module 2 – Career & Relationship: Mid Jul 2017

Module 3 – Predictive Astrology: Mid Aug 2017 

Can’t make it for these dates? Ask us for other upcoming dates

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Course Registration (All 3 Modules)

Full Payment


(One-time Fee)

12-Months Installment Plan

SGD$304 /per  month

(Incl. PayPal Subscription Fee)

Only existing students of Selfstrology Academy, those who have completed the Basic Astrology Course or candidate applicants who have passed a pre-requisite assessment will be allowed to register for the course program.

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