Wonder What It Would Be Like to TRULY Understand Yourself?

The Basic Astrology Course brings students on a 5.5-day self-discovery journey to interpret charts for YOURSELF and other people around you
WITHOUT having to memorise a ton of keywords or needing to understand complex technical concepts.

[Watch this video now to discover how in 4.5 days, students are able read and interpret astrological charts!]

It’s May Sim here, Founder of the academy and Chief Astrologer of Selfstrology.


Whenever I speak to people and Astrology is mentioned, people normally would associate it with the zodiac signs they see in magazine columns. While another group of people would know better that Astrology goes beyond the 12 Zodiac Signs, and it is way more complex.


Yes in fact, Astrology is way more complex that just limiting to the 12 Zodiac signs, it is even more detailed in profiling a person and his character traits. An astrology chart is similar to the DNA study of a person, with the ability to highlight individual indicators that will only apply to the unique individual.


That’s why I’ve developed this course to answer the following questions that might pop into your mind right now:

1) “What if I’m be able to understand astrology charts?”


2) “How would I be able to apply Astrology to help in my everyday life, such as interactions and the relationship with the people around me?”


3) “How does learning Astrology, improve and make me a better person?”

Trying To Learn Astrology On Your Own Is Extremely Difficult!

Having come from 8 years of trying to self-studying astrology online, I understand the challenges and constraints of having to piece everything together to have a method of chart interpretation. With the formal training and a 3.5-year Diploma in Modern Astrology from the International Academy of Astrology’s (IAA) and 15 years of experience, I’ve developed this course and the Selfstrology Academy to help Astrology enthusiasts like you to streamline and structure the learning process.

#Astrology books are costly and I don’t know which books are good!

I’ve spent alot on astrology books and that’s why I know that this would help you get what you want effectively without having to waste alot of time and money!


The course comes with recommended reading lists of reference books for students to focus in on specific areas of astrology they seek to improve, or to build on the real-life application techniques.

#Studying from various online sources are in bits and pieces, I don’t know where to start!

There’s quite alot of information out there from the internet as well as books and online webinars. However, piecing all the information together in a structured manner may not be as simple!


Following a proven system of step-by-step chart interpretations, will ensure the accuracy in your delineations.

#I don’t know if what I’m studying is correct or accurate, and don’t have a means of applying and verifying

Delineations and interpretations are specific to an individual and the only means of verifying is to ask the owner of the chart!


In class, we use the live chart examples of students in the class and you can understand first-hand how it accurately describes the person by hearing them share their life stories.

#Its lonely to study is on my own and many of my friends don’t share this same interest

I don’t know about you, but studying alone was always boring for me!


So one of my goals when I founded the academy back in 2013, was to teach as many people to learn to read charts as well. Never did I know I had now inspired a community of astrology enthusiasts all seeking to improve their lives through personal self-discovery!

You DON’T Need To Have Experience or Extensive Astrological Knowledge Before Attending The Class!

Among our students from over 10 different countries all over the world, they come from very diverse age groups, cultures as well as astrological backgrounds levels. Some of which have studied a number of years before coming to the class, but still managed to learn much more, than in the number of years they studied on their own.

“I have been a hobbyist for 8 years, but with this 4.5 day course learnt way more than I did in the past 8 years combined. I learnt how to synthesize different chart placements/aspects to put together a comprehensive chart interpretation, and the many examples covered in class were very useful in helping me understand how the astrology manifests in the real world. I also discovered new things in my chart that have helped me in my personal growth. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would highly recommend this course to anyone!”


– Christopher Tan, Astrology Student

Featured Astrologer in various magazines, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer:


Till date, I’m the first Asian to graduated from the International Academy of Astrology’s (IAA) 3.5-year Diploma in Modern Astrology programme, and the experience gained from being under the tutelage of renowned astrologers from the USA, Australia, Portugal, and the UK has proved immensely useful in the consulting room as well as for May’s students.


I’ve consulted over 1,000+ individuals and  spoken for various organisations and even government agencies on the various applications of astrology.

When People Think About Astrology,
They Think Of These:

1) Astrology is mystical, magical and practiced only by witches and wizards (like someone from Hogwarts… lol)

2) Astrology is inaccurate and superficial like the monthly Horoscope sections in magazines

3) Astrology categorises every single human into the 12 Zodiac signs

Well, it’s not really logical and quite silly for us all, to just be defined by 12 types or catergories right? Each person is individually unique with different characteristic traits. And with Astrology, it’s possible to describe a person accurately to great detail, by interpreting the indicators on the natal chart. – not with superpowers or supernatural abilities.


Astrologers are all just regular people you find on the street, the only difference is the ability to read astrology charts. Famous author, Dane Rudhyar once said that “Astrology is like a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”


Just like any language, the skill to read and interpret charts can be learnt!

Chart Interpretation Is ACTUALLY Simple!

Just Follow These Steps:

Astrology chart interpretations can be achieved with a structured system and a proven formula to deliver pinpoint accuracy each time. Keep reading because before the end of this page I’m going to walk you through all 5 steps so you can see EVERYTHING you need to put together a chart interpretation.


Not sure if you’ve noticed but, the last step is to apply the interpretations to real-life issues and resolve dis-empowering situations. Because, the true value of the course is in…

Self-Discovery & Personal Mastery!

Take a look at what some of our students have to say about the things they managed to learn about themselves and other people in their lives as well:

“The most significant takeaway I can apply in my life is to look into charts and understand why some subconscious motives are present. I am able to look myself from a different perspective and why I felt that some parts of my career is not fulfilling. It is a useful knowledge to learn about yourself and others.


 – Andrew Lim, Astrology Student (Jun 2018)

I learnt about myself in ways that I never thought I would in this course. The course brought up stuff that I have been keeping to myself. Knowing about myself allows me to better understand what I had to go through in order to set my life path, and I am very thankful for that. To be successful, i believe you need to truly know yourself; your weaknesses and strengths that will make it easy for you to develop your path. Taking this course could help you do that, and you can help others too.”


 – Sohila Biczadehtakori, Astrology Student (Mar 2018)

“After attending the BAC, I have a much better understanding of the dilemmas I face in life. Knowing these and being able to know where it comes from makes its easier to come to terms with the short-comings and move to a better situation. For anyone sitting on the fence, I’d like to urge them to take the lap of faith and invest in a new knowledge and language that will not only help themselves but also people around them.”


 – Philip Ho, Astrology Student & Client (Jun 2018)


* Not restricted by academic grades and performance in school

* Fully understand and play to your personal strengths & weaknesses

* Be of contribution to others and make a difference in their lives as well

You Are NOT Alone!

After becoming a student of Selfstrology, there are many opportunities on a monthly basis to constantly be engaged with astrology content, from attending free public event, Student-only Meetups and re-attending classes! A big part of the education is to be part of the very lively student’s community and the WhatsApp group chat, where everyone bounces ideas and support one another in the astrology education!

* WhatsApp Group chat & Be part of the astrology students community

* Free regular events for the students and public

* Exclusive access to Student-only Meetup, where basic astrology knowledge is needed

* Opportunities to re-attend classes

So Here It Is! – 5 Steps To Interpreting A Chart


  1. What exactly is a birth chart?
  2. How to obtain your birth chart from a free online chart generator
  3. The Ten Planets
  4. The Twelve Signs
  5. The Twelve Houses
  6. The Three Modalities
  7. The Four Elements


  1. Day 1 (10am-6pm) of the Full Basic Astrology Course
  2. Notes & Worksheets by May Sim
  3. Printout of your birthchart
  4. Options to upgrade to the Full Basic Astrology Course
  5. Priority access to all free events at the Selfstrology Academy

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