Basic Astrology Course

The Basic Astrology Course is designed to equip beginning students of Astrology with the basic knowledge of an astrology chart. Going far beyond just Sun signs, the objective of the course is to allow students to interpret the whole natal chart.

Put Together Chart Interpretations In A Systematic & Structured Manner

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It’s May Sim here, Founder of the academy and Chief Astrologer of Selfstrology.


Whenever I speak to people and Astrology is mentioned, people normally would associate it with the zodiac signs they see in magazine columns. While another group of people would know better that Astrology goes beyond the 12 Zodiac Signs, and it is way more complex.


Yes in fact, Astrology is way more complex that just limiting to the 12 Zodiac signs, it is even more detailed in profiling a person and his character traits. An astrology chart is similar to the DNA study of a person, with the ability to highlight individual indicators that will only apply to the unique individual.


“What if you’ll be able to understand astrology charts?”

“How would you be able to apply Astrology to help you in everyday life, such as interactions and the relationship with the people around you?”

“How does learning Astrology, improve and make you a better person?”

What You Get

#1 – How to learn Astrology beyond the 12 zodiac signs, without having to memorise keywords or planets, signs and house positions


#2 – How to get your head around technical concepts that may be difficult or challenging to learn on your own


#3 – How to put together a chart interpretation in a systematic manner every time


Having come from 8 years of trying to self-studying astrology online, I understand the challenges and constraints of having to piece everything together to have a method of chart interpretation. With the formal training and a 3.5-year Diploma in Modern Astrology from the International Academy of Astrology’s (IAA), I’ve developed this course and the Selfstrology Academy to help Astrology enthusiasts like you to streamline and structure the learning process.


Today, I’ve taught students from over 10 different countries all over the world.

The Structured Education


Beginning right from scratch, Module 1 covers the astrological alphabet of Planets, Signs and House positions. upon completion, students can put together a basic personality profile.


#Planets #Signs #Houses #Modalities #Elements


Module 2 covers the meanings of and interpretations of aspects – how planets link up with one another. Aspects are probably the most complex technique in natal astrology and is covered here in a step-by-step format.


#Aspects #Orbs #Aspect Weightages #Apect Patterns


Building on the foundations of Planets, Signs and Houses, this module goes further by exploring chart components such as Chiron and the Lunar Nodes, plus also how planetary conditions and house rulerships can deepen and modify interpretations.



#Retrogrades #Rulerships #Mutual Receptions #Essential Dignities #Chiron # Moon’s Nodes



Module 4 helps students use all the astrological techniques covered in the previous modules to build themes and put together a comprehensive and detailed chart interpretation. The course includes a review in which students practice their techniques on a Mystery Chart.Module 4 helps students use all the astrological techniques covered in the previous modules to build themes and put together a comprehensive and detailed chart interpretation. The course includes a review in which students practice their techniques on a Mystery Chart.



#Delineations #Interpretations

What Students Say

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The Course Preview sessions are usually 2-4 weeks before the course and in the sessions, we will showcase the course syllabus, student demonstrations on chart interpretation and delineation techniques. We will also introduce the components of an astrology chart and its importance, going beyond just the Sun Signs to put together a detailed personality profile.

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Upcoming Course Dates

Weekend Course (Mar/Apr 2018)

Day 1 – 10 Mar (Sat) 10am – 6pm
Day 2 – 17 Mar (Sat) 10am – 6pm
Day 3 – 18 Mar (Sun) 10am – 6pm
Day 4 – 31 Mar (Sat) 10am – 6pm
Day 5 – 1 Apr (Sun) 10am – 6pm
Day 6 – 7 Apr (Sat) 10am – 6pm
Day 7 – 8 Apr (Sun) 10am – 6pm
Day 8 – 16 Apr (Mon evening) 7pm – 10pm


*Register By: 24 Feb 2018

Weekend Course (Jun 2018)

Day 1 – 9 Jun (Sat) 10am – 6pm
Day 2 – 10 Jun (Sun) 10am – 6pm
Day 3 – 16 Jun (Sat) 10am – 6pm
Day 4 – 17 Jun (Sun) 10am – 6pm
Day 5 – 26 Jun (Tues evening) 7pm – 10pm


*Register By: 26 May 2018

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As our courses are offered with a Lifetime Free Recourse, you may reattend the next run of the course and catch up on the course syllabus that you have missed. Although, it is strongly recommended for you to block out the dates and attend all of the dates especially on your first run of the course.

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